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while we are on the subject of Striving to disclose accurate information, not to hide it from the public...maybe you can tell us why abc7 keeps putting cookies all over our computers.....




BoS again is forced to act due to a mayor (and staff) that is too inexperienced for this city.


Keep up the good work, Dan. Don't let the Gavin apologists scare you off. I think the current pathetic state of journalism in the U.S. has made people forget what real investigative journalism looks like.

Naomi :-)

This guy is bad news... He's obviously lying when he says he's not posting messages - just look at his body language. He forces himself to look Mr. Noyes in the eye & is vehement to cover his nervousness...

It's so bad we could get really ugly and make comparisons to the White House & it's tendencies to feed us a bunch of slop just to pacify the masses.

Mayor Newsome is surrounded by some questionable leaders so maybe we need to look at alternatives later this year...

Erika McDonald

Score another one for Dan Noyes and the I-Team!! I could tell Ragone was lying to Dan Noyes. At least he is now fessing up. I think PR folks use all sorts of unethical tactics, such as using fake names, setting up front groups, and of course, lying. This is unethical but not illegal under most circumstances. When such behavior involves a taxpayer funded press officer such as Ragone, however, it really crosses the line. People post anonymously on blogs all the time, and most do so in order to endlessly sling mud and attack with vitriol. Notice how Ragone used his "John Nelson" fake name to PERSONALLY attack posters on SFist who were critical of Newsom. Ragone wasn't just disagreeing with a blog post - he was trying to intimidate mayoral critics. People posting anonymously on the I-Team blog have viciously attacked me before, but I don't care because in my heart I know that I have the moral high ground and they are just cowards!

Cookie Monster

Dan Holly,

Why not do a modicum of research before you post. You're so anxious to say "Aha, I gotcha" that you ignore simple facts. ABC does indeed disclose that they use cookies, and why; they're explained in their privacy policy, to wit:

"Our Web sites also use cookies. Cookies are pieces of information that a Web site sends to your computer while you are viewing the Web site...."

It's probably too much to ask, but try clicking on the Privacy link at the bottom of this page: http://abclocal.go.com/kgo/front


I'm so angry w/ Newsome's lack of action on Ragone. If Newsome has any desire to run for Govenor or President, he needs to FIRE Ragone immediately!! Let me guess, Gavin can't fire him because he supports Ragones anticts or knows Ragone will release some "dirty little secret"like partying w/ underage women- SNAP!


It would be a good idea when Mr. Newsome returns from his "working vacation" that he send Peter Ragone packing on his own, with a one-way ticket to the land of terrible liars! Anonymity is one thing when internet dating etc. Using fake handles to stoke the mayor or attack Dan Noyes?? This type of behavior can only be described as spiteful and juvenile.


Well I've been waiting for the new blog but all of a sudden it doesn't seem so important anymore....


More Ragone:



More Ragone:


No Wonder

Well, what do you think Dan Noyes's next line of questioning is going to be for the Player-Mayor? Everyone's been talking about how Newsom's behavior has degraded, the drinking, the attitude. Now it's all coming to a head rather suddenly.

I guess "former insider" in the "Ragone on the Blogs" blog was right -- Tourk is SO the guy to watch!


In the end who cares. Everytime these bozos do s story like this and spend 100s of people hours "investigating" whether some doofus posted emails under different names it takes away from the time they have to spend doing real reporting on the streets of san francisco. with the homeless situation, parking, traffic, crime, etc. out of control, wouldn't their time be better spent on those issues?

you caught him. now grow up and start reporting the news that affects people.

Mark Eichman


What makes you think this doesn't affect people? When you see someone acting suspiciously, don't you want to know why? When your elected officials behave in an obfuscatory manner, either directly or through their agents, there's certainly a reason behind it.

Someone said earlier (maybe in the previous blog), where there's smoke there's fire. Are you honestly that incurious about what's burning or are you part of another contrived attempt to distract everyone from what's going on?

Generally speaking, the personal attacks on Noyes seem to have disappeared, being replaced by these "pay attention to what's important instead" posts. Another attempt to sway public opinion? I wouldn't be surprised if *this* is the lesson Ragone says he's learned.


Peter Ragone comes from the nation political scene and he is versed in the larger workings of national politics. Why is everyone so taken back by what is really the way politics is played and how it is played out on all fronts both national and local. You all should be ashamed of yourselves for being so naive. This is just the reality of how things work and to accuse Peter outright is worse then the old Salem witch hunts because in the end that's all you are doing (Dan and the media) is trying to burn him at the stake, just because it is opportunistic. Peter's job is not only to inform the press with informative truth, but he also has a responsibility to protect his boss. Anyone else would do the same thing. Today's media is to blame they are vicious mongers looking for appeal and notoriety (Dan) this is what makes careers, but don't forget as this is your job, Peter has one to do himself. I should also say that Dan has it in for Peter and the Mayor, what he is doing is out of spite and self advancement. Lets call a spade a spade this all started back when Dan took a personal approach to his journalistic tactics and got into it with Peter a while back. Then the cheap shots he took at the Mayor about the drinking comment, I find it funny how no one commented (Blogged) about this about Dan. In the end Politics is an adult game played by real adults and there is truth and consequence for the politician, the staffers and the media and journalists that report on them as news. In my opinion everyone should take a chill pill and the city and the people must forget about "sock Puppeting" and deal with the very real issue about this new information that has rocked city hall. Mind you now one went after President Clinton's press secretary when he committed adultery and lied to the nation. This is no different. Peter is not the issue here Mayor Newsome is. After all Mayor Newsome is in charge of the city not Peter. All things start and end with the mayor.

Just as President Clinton took responsibility for his MULTIPLE cases of adultery and President Bush will take sole responsibility for the lies and the war, so to Mayor Newsome will go the way of the fallen Presidents.


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