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Thank you Channel 7 for the report, which I saw telecast Monday. I am a Bakers Dozen alumnus. My wife and three children enjoyed watching the group perform on January 2nd for the SF Yale Club, clueless of the assault they suffered two nights earlier. True to the spirit of BD singers over the years, they did not let that incident trouble their wonderful performance, albeit with a smaller ensemble. They were simply great people -- articulate, friendly and musical.

When our school-age children saw your report, they were utterly shocked that these same likable young men had become victims of unprovoked violence. We have since learned the alleged hooligans were graduates of a well-known, parochial high school in San Francisco.

I am proud of these Yale men for their self-control and refusal to be dragged into a senseless fight with their cowardly assailants. They represent the best in the tradition of Yale and the BDs.

I trust the police department and the district attorney will do their duty. There should not be preferential justice based on class and background, but the suspects should all be treated fairly.

This incident has not received any coverage in the SF Chronicle, so I am very thankful of Channel 7's report. I have been told that news of this incident has spread across the country among Yale alums.

Cindi Van Dorn

"I would just like to say what a wonderful group of young men the Bakers Dozen are. I have had the previlage of hosting the group in years past at my home in Danville. My nephew was a member of the Bakers Dozen in the past as well. This incident is a travesty, and should be considerd a hate crime. The boys who ambushed the group should be held accountable and prosecuted to the highest level. SFPD should also be held responsible for thier sloppy investigation. Thank you for the forum to express peoples feelings"

A Mother

This type of behavior is unacceptable. It's not like there was a hit and run, the young men responsible for this need to be kept accountable. NO MATTER who their parents are or aren't. And I seriously doubt that an officer who attended this incident really recognized who the kids belong to, and if they did, horse on them. Not making them accountable only lets them continue this UNACCEPTABLE, violent behavior. For God's sake, it's not like the SFPD doesn't know where to find them! These young men needs to know that for every action, there is a reaction! And actions like this should be getting LARGE reactions.

Lucy Vaughn

Please phone the attackers at their home and at Dr. Aicardi's
office: 415.388.6303

The attacker's home AND the home of his mother, Dr. Eileen Aicardi:


Why are people in SF shocked over this, when it is the culture of how they are raising thier kids there? The article says it all when they stated:

[ The trouble started at midnight after The Baker's Dozen sang "The Star Spangled Banner." ]

Remember SF is the city that has voted out the military in thier city time and again. I have a friend in the city who had his flagged pulled down and then put back upside down. If you go to San Francisco and take pride in America and our country you will get harassed every time. The violence by these people is nothing new and it happens at almost every protest they have there if someone says or does something in support of the US.


Willing to bet it was also members of his baseball team??


Bill Dukas

This woman has certainly done a terrible job raising her own child. I would not understand why anyone would ask her for advice on their children.


I'm sure if they had been waving a mexican flag that would have been just fine with these degenerate thugs. For a city so devoted to avoiding offending anyone it is a wonder to me that there was even a police response...one wouldn't want to have the bad manners to offend someone in the middle of them beating another human being. I'd say it's another vote to wall off SF and forget about them.

Terry Moon

I'm not shocked by this at all. This is exactly the kind of pond scum that is raised in liberal San Francisco, not only the city that voted the military OUT of schools but also decided to rip up the Constitution by banning guns inside the city limits. Lets also not forget that this is also the city where 75% of all murders that take place go completely unresolved, mostly due to a prosecutor that refuses to go after the death penalty. Criminals think they can come to San Francisco and commit whatever crime they want without fear of accountability because THEY CAN.....so no one should be shocked by this whatsoever. Taking bets that the boys that did this are never prosecuted either, any takers?

Mr. Skippy


keep your preppy bullsh*t on the East coast

Manny America

I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area five years ago from southern California and can say one thing is very true for most of the Bay Area’s law enforcement is the practice of selective policing. I personally sadly doubt that anything will happen in this case regarding the savage beating of the Yale singers group after singing a patriotic song. From my observation, San Francisco is not a patriotic place and the simple singing of a patriotic song like "The Star-Spangled Banner" is enough to get one hospitalized or worse. Further conservative looking businessmen are frequently attacked either by gangs of rich kids or mobs that frequently result in no convictions or in some cases zero police reports recorded to track the trend. It is no surprise that these men were attacked while in San Francisco as they were out of place on several levels; singing patriotic songs, looking conservative, etc…

Civil rights in San Francisco are a joke and only protect those the police, DA and mayor’s office feel is worth it, forget about federal intervention it simply just does not happen in the 9th District court area for matters concerning the protection of white, middle-class and conservative looking men. Equal protection, equal investigation just does not happen in SF. The professionalism at all levels is lacking in many of the bay areas police departments and courtrooms.

Many Bay Area police officers make LAPD’s Rampart Division look like quire boys so it is no surprise in the case of the Star-Spangled-Banner singer’s case is getting very little attention. Simply put the bay area is more about an underground drug culture whose profits prop up the elect, anything that threatens that system appears to be harshly and swiftly dealt with, as witnessed in this case by street thugs stomping out any appearance of mainstream America from the streets of San Francisco.


It seems to me, that it's probably a clumsy attempt for the San Francisco police to keep crime stats artificially low. If this was truly an assault, which to me seems that is was, it will not go reported as such. One more reason for San Franciscans to feel good about their second rate city posing as something other. And yes, I am from the East coast.



Why don't you take your twisted little liberal head and shove it up your gaping arse?

New England Gangsta




Yale! it dosnt get any slimier the that, but come on assault is assault if that is what it was ! From what I heard the Bakers dozen thought they were tough guys when they had the numbers. Yale students just don't understand that their daddy's money can't win fist fights for them.

Star Spangled Banner is a racist song and anyone who would insult others by singing it gets a punch in the eye. Sweet


Question... shouldn't the police have detained these guys if the Yalies wanted to press charges? If they did not want to press charges, then I can see letting them go.


Stop commenting on a situation you all know nothing about save information from a few news clippings and a half assed abc investigation. The Yale singers aren't all quite the saints the media portrays them as.


re-read my post moron, I'M NOT A SAN FRANFREAKO LIBERAL


Godless-ness always leads to lawless-ness. SF is a Godless town, and now its lawlessness is even permeating the SFPD. Why is anyone surprised?
Remember Sodom and Gomorrah, I wouldn't live in SF you paid me.


That's what they get for coming from Bush's college!


Beautiful city populated by liberal elitist, hypocritical, unpatriotic snobs. Lived there a long time and have never met such narrow minded people who have somehow convinced themselves they are so enlightened. Funny thing is, so are most of the Yalies I know. Good job, Nancy Pelosi!! You should be proud.


Mr Moon... My sincere apologies... that was meant for Mr Skiptard below your post.

As for your post, I agree wholeheartedly.


The varsity squash player? Only at yale! These Yale collage tough guys got into a fight with some local high school kids and got their A$$es kicked. End of story!

They were acting strong until it was an even number on each side. Were they officaly representing Yale? If so, why were they doing illegal drugs?

Brian Reichelt


This has nothing to do with Liberals or even San Francisco. Please don't use this as an oppertunity for your Red State/Blue State non-sence. Seriously some people are so daft it makes me sick. My parents live in San Francisco and are as conservitive as they come so take your liberal hate somewhere else.

This attack was based on perceptions of how college alpha males view A Cappella singers. They see the talent and they see how it attracks the girls and they lash out at it becuase it is something they don't have. The easy insult to make about someone who is a good singer is that he is gay. That is what started it. Hoever I can assure you that gay bashing is not an attubute of the liberal left, by and large it tends to come from the other side. But I digress.

Please don't turn this into some silly Anti Americana thing. The truth is it didn't matter what these guys were singing they were going to get jumped no matter what. I was a member of an A Cappella group in college and it has not been so long that I have forgotten what it is like to be at a college party.

Here is what went down: This Aicardi guy was having a few drinks and macking with some girl. The Yale guys show up and start singing. Suddenly Aicardi isn't getting all the attention he wanted from the ladies. Perhaps even a spacific girl he thought he was close to hooking up with started talking to one of the Yale guys. This does not bode well for Aicardi's ego or the rest of his night. So he lashes out at one of the Yale guys and calls him the only thing he can think of that might sting a little. He calls him gay. The Yale dude, not being a push-over retorts back to him in a way Aicardi's small mind can't keep up with so Aicardi calls him a homo again.

At this point the rest of the Yale boys see that one of their own is in trouble and give him some back up. They are soon joined by the host of the party who tells Aicardi that he should leave. Aicardi now humiliated, leaves the party and calls his baseball team who are all drunk as well. He tells him a bunch of singing fags gave him trouble and it's time for a rumble. They show up in a van "20 deep" and the rest is history.

Please don't be silly, this has nothing to do with Anti-Americanism or San Franciso. This has to do with drunken jeliousy and small minded people.



"Fag"??? Sounds like a hate crime to me. There should be some stiff penalties that follow. The city and the mayor won't be able to cover up a crime against a bunch of rich kids from Yale. They have money and they aren't going away. This is going to cost SF and the families involved a lot of money.

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