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Amos Magothy

When I listened to Gavin Nuisance speak, I was reminded of an old book titled "Gobbleydegook has Gotta Go." The book was about bureaucratic-ese, or double talk in our language. Apparently, Newsie has mastered the lingo. I'd swear he said Dan Noyes couldn't get anything accurate, or words to that effect.
That's odd. Every time I see this guy, I see Slick Willie's head on his body. Don't get me wrong. I like Willie. Anyone from Arkansas can't be all bad. However, Gavin Siebel is no Clinton. He is a guy who is likely to define "is" as "was" or "might be some time down the line," or "never was." He spoke a little bit about "crime," but if my memory serves me, no one in his administration, including himself, gave a single thought to the possibility that disbursing a heck of a lot of money without an authorizing signature to back it up was somehow unethical at best and God knows what at worst. I sincerely hope that Timesheet-Gate sticks around for a long time. I guess an investigation is ongoing. Who knows? Investigations are a neat dodge, classic political and bureaucratic gobbleydegook. "Sorry we can't comment on the matter. "It's under investigation." Five years later someone will relrease a 2-page report and the case will be closed. Sorry, Taxpayers. If you tolerate this, you get who and what you deserve.


This is pretty tough to watch, kudos to Mr. Noyes for continuing to do the work few others in this town will do, trying to hold the mayor accountable.

This video gives an example of our mayor's approach to those who try to get at the truth, his lack of maturity in dealing with this reporter offering revealing insight.


Take a look at the first couple of seconds of that tape. What is Gavin doing to that Channel 2 microphone? It looks like he's "going down" on it -- that's kind of weird for a mayor.


That mayor is a dirty sicko.


WHAT A MO !!!!!

Kudos to The Invisible Reporter

Dan Noyes - You've always done a superb job with objective reporting. Stay the course. You're an excellent investigative reporter.

Btw, if Mayor Newsome is reading this: Act like a professional in public 24/7. This isn't the first time, sadly I doubt it's the last.

DR. Ruth

If you want to hold his attention strap a dildo to that mic.


It is so lame to imply that he is going down on the microphone. He took one joking bite at it. So stupid. If he was going down on the microphone I think all the reporters would have said something about it. Morons.


What is up with the Drudge Report's headline on this:


Matt Drudge is a total fraud.

First he falsely accuses a CNN reporter of heckling John McCain (Disproved by the videotape).

Now he makes another false accusation, again disproved by the video. The Mayor was clearing just joking around, pretending to bite the mic.

The conservatives that believe Drudge's reports really need to get educated.




So, SF Mayor wants to perform oral sex on a mic? This man is one sick dude.


Democrats are finally learning to avoid Fox News?

Poor baby Democrats.

Yet Republicans continue to subject themselves to CBS, NBC, MSNBC, ABC, PBS, CNN ect.

Terry Gill

You people in San Fransisco are getting what you voted for- a pervert. Why couldn't he answer the question- what is he hiding? Michael Savage will have a lot to say about that.

Ron Yochum

For years I have traveled to San Francisco for business and pleasure. I've spent tens of thousands on hotels, meals, conferences, you name it. However, I am beginning to wonder why when my experiences are getting worse.

Over the last few years, I have seen more hostile bums and homeless on the street than ever before. In the past, they would just panhandle. Now they demand money and are threatening to the point that I almost had to beat up one that was close to assaulting me. It almost reminds me of New York City in the 1980's.

When I wrote the mayor to complain about the lack of concern for the visitor, I received no response.

This person is a complete idiot; a stuffed-shirt, a pretend mayor, and egomaniac. He is less concerned about the condition of the city than his own empowerment, ego inflation, and hair-doo.

I really feel sorry for everyone that has to live under this bozos lack of leadership.


yeah...it hit the drudge. haha


Chris, so you support disgusting behavior by left-wing sickos? Are you a left-wing sicko too? Tell me, sodomy, YES OR NO?


typical liberal nut job. hes a loser and a cheater. who did he learn the "going down" thing from Bill Clinton?


Gavin is a disgrace. He's not just a horrible mayor, he's a despicable human being. He takes the old mantra of "never surrender" and twists it into "never resign," even when you've done something absolutely horrid. That the people of San Fran tolerate him is very telling of the sort of mentality that is bred in that amoral (heck, immoral) city. The man had an AFFAIR with his campaign manager's wife, for crying out loud, and instead of resigning over it, THE CAMPAIGN MANAGER DOES! What is wrong with him? And what is wrong with those of you that support him? Unbelievable.


This is why we moved out of the Bay Area and into another state. The "Leaders" are corrupted!!!!
What a sicko!!!!!!

Tony J.

Nancy Pelosi now this boob, thanks for making this country look foolish.


"The Speaker has every right to reach out and try to advance a different approach as it relates to international relations".

What a fool. The Speaker does not have either that right or authority. Do you Dems even bother to read the Constitution any more? You guys are so powerhungry that you now are unsatisfied with controlling the Congress - you now have to run the Executive.

And to Conchobar - wake up. I agree that the Mayor is within his right to refuse to speak to that reporter but for you to defend the coward dems afraid of FOX news is truly sad. If Reps were to follow your advice we would never appear on ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, NPR, CNN, MSNBC, etc. The only difference is that FOX is fair and at least attempts to be bipartisan where as the list above make no pretentions about being liberal or being fair.


How arrogant.

Scott Yates

That's pretty special, even for a politician, to specifically say that he will do one thing, ("Happy to answer any questions") while doing the exact opposite.

Robert Kingsley

The mayor was rude! There is simply no excuse for a public official to act in this manner. It never hurts one to take the high road; alas, the mayor chose the low road.

Ralph Johnson

Liberal Democrats are ruining this nation.

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