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Not being from San Fran or knowing the first thing about the mayor or the reporter being ignored, I must say that the mayor is anything but professional considering the camera is rolling. What a jerk. I understand at the end that he feels the reporter hasn't been fair in the past, but to act so childishly while on camera makes me feel like I wouldn't particularly like his honor the mayor very much. Is he trying to hide something or is he always a jerk?


Noyes is an irresponsible reporter just out for a story. He is only out to benefit himself. I have no connection with any SNF in California, but do have extensive experience with ones in other locations in the US.

Accidents will happen, supervised or unsupervised, anytime you are dealing with patients with Dementia. Their cognitive function does not allow them to view factors affecting their care or safety in a realistic manner. Patients can not be handson supervised 24/7 as this would require 1:1 staffing for each. Facilities do manage proper staffing:patient ratios in properly run facilities.

Even then, accidents can and will happen. Patients try to ambulate, stand, perform independent bed transfers, or fall during toileting/bathing both at home and in facilities. There are documented cases of hip fractures which occur naturally and result in a fall. Often, these are attributed to a fall when they actually caused the fall and facilities blamed without cause.

Even with monitoring devices, Dementia patients can remove themselves from a facility, just as they can in a family member's home. I've been called into a facility where a patient watched visitors punch the code buttons on a locked door before leaving and was able to unlock the door using them. In another, a patient who appeared "normal" was allowed by visitors to leave the facility and was almost hit by a truck. Both times, I was called to review facility policies and assist the homes in tightening their security for patients. `

They can be quite inventive in efforts to remove themselves from a location often due to the wandering effects of Dementia related illnesses, but also because of confusion or delusions.

From reading his blog and his articles, this reporter is simply on a witch hunt and using this poor woman's death to catapult himself onto a larger media scene (aka garbage news) "reporting" the news..or the so-called garbage we receive daily via print and visual means.

His type of reporting preys on people's sympathy, particulary those who believe what they see or read on the media instead of actually having knowledge of long-term care facilities. After reading articles for over an hour, I'd say, Noyes needs to start answering questions addressed to him instead of hounding others. Seems like once again the media brought about the death of an indidual through relentless persuit of a go no where story. It's about time the shoe was on the other foot and he answered some hard questions of his own.

Queen Concious-bar-none

Your Majesty is truly pathetic...

Please visit my blog, pleeeease. Look, I have all this neat stuff about how I hate Dan Noyes. You can hate him too. Then we can be friends. Won't you be my friend? Pretty please?

 Queen Concious-bar-none

Wow, are you ever the narcissist. No, I didn't visit. I will continue to deny the gratification.


"Newsom acted inappropriately but in the grand scheme of human sickness, it is pretty low"

Speaking as an outsider from the 'other world outside of San Francisco' one could say he traded his credibility very cheaply for an adolescent thrill that would have gotten him smacked on the side of the head in classrooms of yore.

I can think of many controversial public figures, politicians, rappers, movie stars, but I can't remember any simulating anything with a mike. Not even public figures who choose a lifestyle that would harmonize with this.

The equivalent in the heterosexual world would be humping the mike and then smiling to the press.

Not done, not by snoop dog. or baldwin, or sharpton or Clinton.

Clinton. Could you imagine either Clinton having so little understanding of their public currency to do anything similar?

They aren't that stupid. Or that jaded. Or that full of themselves. They at least love their situations enough to wish to increase, not decrease, their circle of respect beyond the small circle this mayor caters to.

And he was obviously 'catering'

Room service anyone?


It's kind of amusing I have to say.

It wasn't too over the top ... and at least he has a sense of humor.

Marc Bruno

Dan Noyes is just doing his job. That job of course is being a prick. Gavin is just rightly playing snub the jerk.


Why is there so much information on the news that allow our enemies to know how to attack us? I don't need to know all this information, just that everything possible to keep us safe is being done. Please stop giving sensitive information that allow us to be more vulnerable.
I appreciate your concern and respect. This comment/question is for the Channel 7 news team. Thank you.


I’d prefer reading in my native language, because my knowledge of your languange is no so well. But it was interesting!

ELois Poole-Clayton

Mr. Noyle, I'm back again, not about Chester Mental Health Center,(even though patients are still being abused, in every way), but about the misconduct that exist in the CPD.
This time, I'm asking for help at getting my case to the supreme court. I must appear on May 27, 2008, at the Daley Center, for I was in a physical altercation with two other individuals who's responsible for that altercation, I injured my hand in defense of myself, the arresting officers arrested I only, lied on I, saying that only I was being arrested because I, was the aggressor and to boot, I was deceived into believing that I was going to receive a trial, which I asked for, for that was the only ay that I could secure my credentials,(Certified MT, Coding Specialist and CADC). I have it all mapped out for questioning on the witness stand and now the state, has filed a motion to strike and dismiss my civil case. (I know that once I question them on the witness stand, I would prevail), but the case was dismissed, so now I'm suing them civilly because I'm enduring therapy for my lifelong injury to my hand, that was caused in defense of myself. Illinois Attorney General, Lisa Madigan, is representing the judges and PDs' and arresting officers and tenants and landlord, who's involved in my civil suit on one hand, (according to the documents that I received from her), but on the other hand, just representing the judge, Keriogos. Lisa Madigan, is also the person who threatened a lady that use to be a nurse employee at a mental facility. This lady was tired of watching patients be abused and reported it. Whan she did, she was fired and threatened. This poor lady, practically had a nervous breakdown and now, I'm concerned that she's attempting to intimidate I because my civil suit, involves, judges, PDs' CPD officers and others. I want to take this matter to the Illinois Supreme Court, but I can't get any lawyer to take my case. PLEASE HELP!
PS: I must appear in court on May 27, 2008, at the Daley Center. That's only a few days away. I can be reached at (&&#)622-2906. PLEASE HELP!
PS: I can barely use my fifth phalanges now, because of this injury that was caused by this altercation that I was not responsible for.
Thank you.


We often overlook the criminal activities of "sticks and stones", "sit and lie", organized nuisances of; noise campaigns, vandalisms, street theater, illegal surveillance, smearing of character, well orchestrated entrapment..etc...

When these activities become organized and for hire, it can and will destory a lot of innocent people...


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Careful with this story... the left is currently invloved in a systematic attempt to destroy Michelle Rhee in any way possible, and the best way to do that is to destroy her accomplishments in DC. If it can be proved that DC did not improve under her, that proves that changing the educational system does not work. Just be careful you aren't helping this effort.


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