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james henderson

"Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely" Lord Acton God help us.

Justice in Lake County

WHy am I not surprised? I hope that the jury pool is aware of the slanted way our 'justice' system works in Lake County. If the DA has nothing to hide, and are confident in there investigation, one would think they would welcome a special prosecutor to be assigned...and what in the heck is work with the Attorney General's office...to bad we don't have an AG like they did regarding the Duke case.

Maybe it is time for 20/20 to come in...Dan has done great work, but maybe national coverage would get our AG off his butt and do his job.

Also falsely accused by DA

I have ridden with Perdock both in his white truck and his boat, he drives like a fool, and enjoys the adrenaline rush.

Kevin Waddle

Response to 'Justice in Lake County':

It takes very little courage to make incendiary claims and hide behind a pen name.
When did you ‘ride with Perdock’?
What, specifically, made you think he ‘drives like a fool’ or ‘enjoys the adrenaline rush’?
If you have specific evidence that Perdock has a history of reckless driving you should contact the Lake County District Attorney’s office.
He can be reached at (707) 263-2251 from 8am to 12pm and 1pm to 5pm or you can write him at:
255 North Forbes St
Lakeport, CA 95453

If you have no evidence and are just expressing opinions or trying to make your self feel important, you should probably keep your mouth shut and stay hidden and quiet.

P.S. unlike your weak nom de plume, that is my real name.


there is a younger crone in the D.A. office


There is a deputy DA named Susan Krones who is assigned to prosecute crimes of domestic violence. She is not related to Judge Crone.

Lorraine Simmons

I know both Mr. Russ Perdock and the Perdock family and I know what they are capable of doing to other people. It is not pretty. Bully is the word used for the boys in the family from 2 generations when they were in school. Mr. Perdock senior uses his son's position in the SO to harrass people by telling them what he can get his son to so to them. So I do believe that Russ Perdock may be able to get this covered up and come out smelling like a rose. The persons on the boat may have been over the legal limit but I have seen Russ Perdock way over the limit and wondered how he ever made it home. This was a terrible accident that has hurt a lot of people. Speed kills on the road and the water. Mr. Perdock should step up to the plate and admit he made a terrible mistake by going way to fast. By the way can one person handle a saliboat of that size??? Or does it require one on the sails and one on the tiller??? Also everyone says the boat was hit from behind but from the looks of the bost it was hit towards the rear of the boat on one side not direct in the rear.


We could only hope something like 20/20 or 60 minutes would pick this up.

On most sailboats, the sails can be cleated/fastened. I know... I've been on a "few" (sarcasm, sorry). Most likely that was the case. I've been in these situations before.... lazy evening, nice weather, go for an evening sail. Everyone just sitting around and someone steering the boat.

At the speed the sail boat was likely traveling, there is NO WAY they could have gotten out of the way. Not to mention, you can barely hear a powerboat (even with a large engine) from directly ahead. My father used to sneak up on me behind the sails with his 23' power boat with LOUD 454.

Assuming they both had their running lights on, it would probably be difficult to distinguish a slow moving sailboat from lights on shore. Your eyes have a way of playing tricks on you at night especially at speed on the water.

The law is VERY clear on several points. 1 - boats under sail almost always have the right of way (a few cases they do not, but this was not one of them). 2 - a boat over taking must stay clear. The rule specifies an angle at which they consider it over taking. I'd say from the pics that he hit them in the quarter at ~30 degrees. This is over taking. Had he hit them broadside, then he would not be over taking, but rule #1 still holds.

Now, I'm not saying that boating under the influence is ok, but... in this case, what does it matter if the sail boat helmsman was drinking? Now the sheriff on the other hand... the improprieties in his "testing" seem fishy to me.

Also as the son of a boat dealer who has spent a HUGE chunk of my life on the water (both small and large power and sail boats during the day and at night), I've used the switches they have images of in the sail boat a million times. They're EASY to trip... I don't think an image of them taken by the police after the accident means anything. The default position is off and they're easier to move on --> off than off --> on. The impact could have switched them... or a "good ole boy" if you get my drift.

Same old song and dance

Too bad, it looks like the good ole boys will get away with another one. How many people must lose their jobs, or lose their lives before the Good ole boys get shut down around here. BTW, people use a nom de plume Kevin Waddle because of the fear of retaliation. Not because they are afraid you'll kick their ass dipstick, lol. Intimidation is most effective when one's livelihood and family get hurt, and this is what is promoted at the highest levels in Lake County administrations.

Broke in Lake County

The good ole boys have a way of wearing you down with intimidation and harrassment. You become afraid to sleep and afraid not to watch out. They wear at you until you have nothing left--no money or peace of mind--I know I am in that position and can get no one to help me--they are all afraid what I am going thru will happen to them--

Sick of the crap

To Broke in Lake County:
What the hell does your sad story have to do with Lynn Thornton or this case at all. My guess is NOTHING!! But back to you!!!!
People think this is where they should air their dirty laundry. My feeling on all of this is that most of these people have probably committed some kind of crime or been in trouble in some way and now want to blame what they call "the good ole' boys" for their stupidity.
I know the real story and the jury that will be picked in this case will too! I am not sure what Dan Noyes is getting out of this other than TV ratings but he swayed this so one way by purposely leaving out really important issues.
I could respond to every one of these posts with info. Why don't you all just wait for all of the facts to come out at trial instead of rehashing, over and over, the same crap. Nobody even reads all of the previous posts or the other 3 blogs about the same thing. It has all been covered about a thousand times already. Find something else to do with your time, like spend it with your loved ones.
The truth will come!!!

Sick of the crap

Oh, and by the way, I'll save your typing fingers.
NOPE, I'm not Perdock!!! That always seems to be the next post after someone isn't of the same mindset as the "Cop Haters".

Justice in Lake County

Mr. Waddle:

I never posted that I rode with Mr. Perdock, that was another poster.

Since you are so easily confused on a blog, I can understand why would believe the DA's shoddy investigation stills.

Mr. Waddle, though you did respond to another poster, that you now accuse me of being, I have to ask, was this a threat?

"trying to make your self feel important, you should probably keep your mouth shut and stay hidden and quiet."

Are you aware that the first amendment gives us the right to freedom of speech?

And if you really are Kevin Waddle, are you the same Sheriff officer Waddle?

Do you often confuse those you investigate as easily as you confuse whom make statements on a blog site?

And really, you may be Kevin Waddle, or you may be DA Hopkins,or someone else this is after all a blog/message board, where most are not using their names.

You have a nice day now.

sick of the good ol boys

I am so sick of the the "good ol boys' getting away with , well let me be frank- MURDER! I think it is time to clean house. Kevin waddle is making threats to posters.how dare you- let me guess you work under Perdok !People want to boycot lake county what will that do for are economy? people can write there opinions(that is what a blog is for ) ignoramas!!!!!!!

I.P. Freely

Everybody needs a big hug......Why can't we just get along!

Also falsely accused by DA

Ohhhh...Kevin you got spanked!!! Next time put on your school girl uniform so you enjoy it more.

And next time you want to accuse someone of lying make sure you know who you are accusing.

If you are an Officer, you just gave all these posters a clear picture how some of you 'protect and serve'

Thanks a bunch for proving the point.

Broke in Lake County

TO: Sick of this crap!!! If you know my case you must be a part of the good old boys or Perdock. For your information I have done nothing wrong and am having trouble getting the proof into court due to the good old boys--but in time the truth will prevail--in the mean time the good old boys club is making my life miserable--they can do the same for Bismark and other people. I am in hopes this story by the I-team will make a difference for the people of Lake County and a change in the good old boys system. From: Broke in Lake County

Sick of the crap

Well, Broke in Lake County,
I guess I hit the nail on the head. I don't know anything about "your case" or you. I was assuming, and I was right. You have a "bone to pick" with law enforcement and you have chosen to use this situation to air your dirty laundry. You say you did nothing wrong. Maybe true, maybe not. I don't really care. This isn't about you. This is about a woman who went on a sailboat ride with two men who were drunk, used poor judgement because of alcohol and killed her, inadvertently.

I.P. Freely

Every one needs to stop attacking each other...It's not getting anyone any where...An opinion is one thing and personal attacks are another....

goodie two shoes

Please Please Please, Don't loose interest in this case!!! there are a lot of people who want to see justice. We NEED a light to shine down on Lake Co. So maybe the people in charge will develope a scence of right from WRONG!!!! I also wanted to let everyone know there are good officers in this town, and they are stuck in the middle, remember Russ is there BOSS.

Mark T.

This is why I don't vacation in Lake County anymore. I used to go there in my 20's, but what was once a pleasurable recreation area to get away from the city has become a hick backwater for the likes of Boss Hogg and his ilk.


"This is about a woman who went on a sailboat ride with two men who were drunk, used poor judgment because of alcohol and killed her, inadvertently."

The sailboat was run down by someone going too fast for the conditions. It can't even be proven that the sheriff had not been drinking b/c of disparities in his testing. The state of the men on the sailboat is really a non-issue. If the lights were on and he didn't see them... they couldn't get out of the way if they wanted to.

E. Jacques


I never saw the stories you originally broadcast until I viewed them this morning online. The witness statements about the lights being on and the obfuscative actions by the Lake County Sheriff's dept. and DA are disgusting.

But this notion of "proof" that the running lights were off doesn't hold merit. Let's discount the possibility that deputies working for Perdock could have flipped the breakers. Just look at the charge meter hanging next to the panel. With the damage inflicted by the crash, how can ANYONE conclusively state that those switches weren't toggled by the collision???

This whole thing stinks, and as a sailor, I get an actual pain in my gut just seeing it all.

Hopefully, the truth will come out, and the truly responsible parties will be prosecuted.

E. Jacques
Atherton, CA

Steve White

I really think, if there is a lot of dirt on Lake County officials that various people know of, they should get together and talk to the reporters, to document the corruption, and organize a complaint to the Attorney General's office.

I think it will be a lot more effective if everyone does it, not piecemeal, but everyone who has a complaint, leading with the worst, most easily explained incident. You need something kind of simple for the TV news.

You need proof, and you need to be careful, but not hide completely. You can't accomplsh anything if you are not willing to tell your stories.

Steve White

Another quick comment, the claim that the judge is related to a prosecutor in the local office, or might be -- someone said they are not related, but that seems like a big conincidence, the same relatively rare last name, in a small office. Does anyone know for sure?

Also, that story of Judge Crone handling Perdock's wedding, has anyone verified all those details, to make sure Judge Crone just happened to be there, not a friend?

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