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tamie jones-tippery

I have waited all week to find out who this woman is...
My son and his friends (18 and 19 yrs old, all having had legal issues) have the card...They told her that their stomaches hurt from aspirin that they take for headaches...
AMAZING..then they head up to Santa Rosa to buy the weed for personal use or resale...
Hopefully this woman will be stopped soon...She's causing an epidemic of abuse


this is so bogus... the problem is much more complicated, Apperently, too much for the news personel or its producers to comprehend..

marijuana is a plant.. probably has been on this planet longer than humans... if your going to do something.. do it right.. Show the people the truth.. why it was deemed illigal in the first place and who profited from its ban.. Tell the people the truth on how we could help save our forests.. by growing hemp... show the people how much larger a marijuana plant can grow in one season, compared to any other 5 year old tree.. The truth will set you free.. Learn more.. Ignorance sucks been there.. Think for yourself and use Natural Laws.. Man made laws has most confused and and under control.. keeping you paying taxes and spending most your time working for a system, of which the top ten percent control and also carry 90% of the world wealth.. good luck

Richard P Steeb

The stigma of criminality is unhealthy. What more do you need to know?


Dan Noyes,

You and your producers may want to read the actual text of the Compassionate Use Act, which clearly states, "(A) To ensure that seriously ill Californians have the right to obtain and use marijuana for medical purposes where that medical use is deemed appropriate and has been recommended by a physician who has determined that the person's health would benefit from the use of marijuana in the treatment of cancer, anorexia, AIDS, chronic pain, spasticity, glaucoma, arthritis, migraine, or any other illness for which marijuana provides relief."

Did you read that last sentence? "or any other illness for which marijuana provides relief."

That means insomnia, back aches, migraines, and ANY OTHER ILLNESS for which marijuana provides relief, whether YOU or YOUR PRODUCERS want to believe that or not. THIS IS WHAT VOTERS VOTED FOR. don't accuse patients and doctors of wrongdoing, who are clearly following the law.

by the way, your i-team producers weren't exactly truthful with the doctor, so what kind of "investigation" was this? they lied to the doctor to get a recommendation. pretty poor journalism on your part.

*** Note from Dan Noyes: Of course, insomnia can be a serous illness, but in terms of qualifying for medical marijuana, it has to be a long-standing, documented ailment. In the case of insomnia, our producer would have had to have sought a doctor's care before coming to Doc 420. She should have tried to quantify the extent and duration of his problem, and required documentation from a treating physician. Not to mention that Dr. Patel was the one who suggested lack of sleep to our producer in the first place. As the deputy director of the state medical board said, "The physician actually should be asking questions of the patient to find out what their ailment is. They shouldn't be leading the patient." Further, as we reported, it appears Doc 420 skipped other parts of the six steps required by the state, when prescribing medical marijuana. ***

Stan Noydes P.I.

Glad to see the I-Team ferreting out the important issues of the day. Maybe later they'll look into the bay area murder epidemic- if they can find the time. Or Gavin's wine consumption. Whatever.


I don't see that Doc 420 is breaking the laws. If fact she probably doing society a favor and saving people large sums of tax dollars by issuing these permits, keeping kids out of jail who would otherwise be buying pot off the streets.

If I ever move to California, she would be the first doctor I would go to. Not because I have trouble sleeping, but because, I have other health related issues. I may even allow her to do an MRI, if that's in her field of work.


well it looks like spinning the news in the direction of the moral majority or the left wing republican thinking, is standard for KGOTV.

the above blggers are right, did you do your research and read the verbage of the law....

you should cover why the resheduling of this medication
(and it has been for centuries)is locked up in federal buracracy
the reasearch can not be done to obtain the data in a way that they believe. the FDA cannot do their research without the clearance of the NIDA and their approved methods. it seems this is where the story is and just like obtaining cheaper medicine from canada is now legal is many circumstances. people would not have to abuse the system to get their medication. food for thought
read Jack Herer's the Emperor wears no clothes. become enlightened Dan.

Robert K

Poor Dan. Do some homework, PLEASE.
Re-read the above posts ten times and think, just think.
We have all been 'conditioned' for all our whole lives that Marijuana is a 'drug'. For God's sake, it was put on this earth for a reason, not limited to the 37 cabbinoids that have so far been isolated (in Europe, certainly not by our lobbyist owned FDA) proven to be of medicinal worthiness for a myriad of ailments, insomnia included. There is even one that curbs appetite, although I still want Ben & Jerry's after my evening puffs. Imagine Dan, a natural, herbal remedy to Mac attacks.
Go and study hemp science & history, the most efficient cellulose producing plant on earth (replacing fossil fuels sound beneficial?).
And next do a story on how easy it is to get wonderful man made chemical drugs for any ailment the drug companies can invent, my restless leg syndrome is killing me.
And then a story on alcohol & violence.
Enough said.


Why would it suprised you that it's easy to get MMJ for insomnia and depression. Aren't medications for those symptoms the most widely prescribed medicines?

Sleep aids are often prescibed with very little follow up or the need of a long history.

Millions of voters have spoken, and there was no hidden language on the ballot then, it clearly stated it's for any medical condition for which it provides relief. That's what we voted for so why not do a story on oxycotin and the numbers of people it's killed.


I am so glad there were other viewers of your show this evening that were as upset with you as I was.
I was especially surprised with your length of story on medical marijuana, compared with your length of more important items like LA’s continuing fires (and more upcoming Santa Ana winds), and a young girl being murdered. So glad you have your priorities straight, and research all your stories before you embarrass yourself on public television.
I sure hope Doc 420 keeps her job, and in turn, you have given her and other doctors like herself more clients. It’s not an easy job to have because of ignorant people like yourself trying to “uphold the law”. I appreciate your petty attempts, but before you try to convince other ignorant people of your beliefs, make sure you have some substantial research on the topic. Hopefully next time you won’t make this mistake again.

Freedom First

How about covering a story that really matters?


The media sickens me, enough to want me to check in and see if that is enough to qualify me for a prescription. So many more important news stories. As mentioned the duration focused on the mj segment was way too long, compared to more important issues. Rather than try to get people angry at one doctor trying to provide relief, why not carry on a longer segment upon the details of the shooting in Alameda, and get people angry and start speaking up on who saw what.


You get paid for this?
Shame on them for paying you and shame on you for cashing the check.
KGO, you coulda been something.


All more reason to fully leagalize, seriously now.

Go chase after underground meth labs or something else that deserves and needs extensive exposure. This is nothing new to San Franciscans, nor is it appauling nor offensive.


Dr. Patel is my medical marijuana physician. I use medical marijuana for complications from AIDS, mainly nausea and vomiting. I have an oral approval from my main physician, but he works for an AIDS clinic and is not permitted to sign a recommendation. I chose Dr. Patel because she only charges $80 since I have previous recommendations from brave physicians going back to 1996. And the hot pants, she was dressed conservatively in the interview, and being gay, I don't care what she wears.


hey, all you smokers, don't you know MJ is damgerous stuff. Don't believe me? Check outthat old Hollywood movie "Reefer Madness." bad stuff, man. r.r.


I support Dr. Patel and her desires to heal the world in a compassionate way. The media is a tool of pharmaceutical and drug companies that want to kill business for doctors who medicate through herbs and nature. Shame on you Dan Noyes!


Dr. Patel (Doc 420) is a DISGRACE to the medical profession. As a physician myself, my job is based on helping and healing people who are sick. What Dr. Patel is nothing more than a white collar drug dealer hiding behind the two initials (M.D.) and that is pathetic. With any patient that I see, I make sure that I do a full physical examination with OPEN ENDED questions. She needs to be stripped of her license and admonished from the medical profession for good. For those of us physicians that practice GOOD and APPROPRIATE medicine, it gives us a black eye.


I am a physician who complies with the California Medical Board guidelines on Medical Cannabis.

Her marketing campaign and ethics are questionable, and probably unethical.

It hurts my legitimate patient who I require lengthy medical records from and typically spend 40-45 minutes on intially and are required back for intermittent followup. As many consider all recommendations as "for sale".

I could never see 30 patients a day 7 days a week. And I have 8 years more experience than doctor Patel. But hopefully the medical board will decide if she is in compliance.


I do not work with Dr Patel, but I do work with other recommending physicians as well as many of the dispensaries and vendors themselves.

There is no question that there is some "tightening of the belts" needed; like with everything there are always bad apples in every bunch and they need to be weeded out (pun intended).

Most dispensary owners desire more definate and certain guidelines and most disapprove of people bending the law too far; it just makes it that much harder on those who are following the letter of the law. The ones we work with are strict and do not allow the shinanigans that sadly and so often make news headlines.

Personally, I am not in a position to comment one way or another about Dr. Patel's practice, but I certainly disapprove of her advertising techniques. We all know that sex sells, but there is really no place for it here, this is a medical issue.

Unfortunately, the public is only seeing what is put in front of them, they are not privvy to the entire story or the underworkings of the industry itself. The public does not get to see the individual victories over pain and discomfort that I do from so many patients who are helped by medical marijuana.

Noone can argue the fact that the plant has been on earth for 5000+ years. Noone can argue the fact that it has been used medicinally and spiritually for just as long. Further, noone can argue the fact that more deaths occur because of alcohol, tobacco and abused prescription medications than marijuana. The facts speak for themselves. The argument and the problem medical marijuana faces is because of the stigma that has built up around it, completely enveloping it. But the days of Cheech and Chong are long gone, the past needs to be put to rest so focus can be placed on the future.

There are many large businesses that stand to lose a lot of revenue if marijuana, let alone hemp, become nationally legalized. For a politician to propose such, is surmountable to political suicide as far as campaign contributors.

Religously, the Church turned its back on marijuana centuries ago. Before that, it was Jesus' Holy Annointing Oil, now it is a path to Satan.

When making a cost-benefit analysis regarding medical marijuana, the people that can be helped and the revenue to the State that is possible far outweigh the potential detriments.

It is sad that people can not step outside the system and the structure that is placed before them and see the world through their own eyes and see past society's blindfold.

Be informed. Read the research that's out there. Ask questions. Our office is always available. We're at 420Lawyer.com.


Get a Life ABC!! Medical Marijuana is Legal and helps with many conditions people suffer from. It doesn't have to be only Cancer, AIDs, if you knew anything, you'd know people are using it for the pain and nausea of these conditions

If I go to your Dr.s office and tell him I am depressed, and we have a chat about it, He will give me an anti-depressants, which may have Side Effects that I DONT LIKE!!
Marijuana is a plant, and it works!! The people voted it legal 12 years ago. Why is ABC torchering physicians? ABC uses sex to sell all the time!!

Are you that bored?? You owe this DR. and apology!! You should be ashamed!!


I sure hope that person who recommended seeing "Reefer Madness" to prove to us that marijuana is dangerous had their tongue in their cheek when they wrote that. I can't believe that anyone in this day and age would still believe that movie. How funny!


i am a medical marijuana patient,and i find relief from my ulcer and add/adhd,and anxiety...it clearly states in the senete bill 420....yes dan,its s.b.420...that any illness that ''limits the ability of the person to conduct one or more major life activities as defined in the americans with disabilities act of 1990''.with that being sad its clear that californians have a right to use m.m. for those needs.so dan get alife and go look for the real criminals..i do think that doc 420 should be more professional and use sex to promote her buisness.


sorry,i meant to say i dont think she should use sex to promote her buisness


So what if she is using her legs in her ad. It is her prerogative, and really just a product of our image obsessed environment anyway. She also seems to be doing very well as a result (3 clinics at age 31?). As far as her selling "weed", if there wasn't a market, she wouldn't have customers. The i-team "bust" is hardly legitimate. It is just the media, once again sensationalizing facts. Why don't we save our judgment for when she has truly broken the law or hurt someone.

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