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I'm saddened to see this happen to such a fine person as Bernie Ward. His radio program has been a sustaining part of my life for many years. I can't think of anyone that I'd call more of a Christian-like person that I know. I so hope this gets resolved in his favor. I'm proud to stand up and support him and his family in this time of trouble.


Take bw's advice: don't check your brains at the door.

logic of bw supporters like mellene:
The "journalist" bw was researching "in-depth" book on rape. That is why he had to...

Listen you dumb ass bw supporters: bw's attorney has admitted guilt as defined by the law. The defense is a non-defense, it's in fact rather an admission of guilt. Research does not exonerate the commision of ANY crime. If it does, & it apparently does in your sick mind, then ANY crime is OK. "I'm researching ______, so then it follows that is OK for me to committ a ______." For instance, I'm researching slavery, so I must see what is like to own & de-humanize a slave.

There is no exoneration for research. So...if you continue to "support" you are in one of the following camps:

1. Child porn is OK. This dismisses the fact that a child's emotional future was stolen by the child rapist in order for the photo to come into existence. But, that's OK in your sick little mind.

2. Child porn is OK, but only when committed by a leftist scum liberal such as yourself.

In case you were too stupid to realize it, if you are holding your breath for bw to get back on kgo, don't.

The facts above are the reason kgo has fired him (he is fired, in case you didn't know). he is fired because through his attorney he HAS ADMITTED GUILT OF THE CRIME PUBLICLY. In court he continues to lie (gee, a child porn addict who lies, whoda thunk?) & plead not guilty.

His only hope in court is jury nullificaiton (get one of you child rape enablers on the jury). Gene Burns will probably be on board w/ the jury nullification, his specialty. Hey, Gene, have you been looking at bw's computer lately?


Did you bw lovers miss the times bw admitted publicly on the air that he was a pornography addict?

Let's see, pooh bw is sittin 'round the house (financed by mickie luckoff, jack swanson, & the disney corp), he just got home in his lexus, & he spends about 10 hours lookin at legal porn. Now after 'bout 10 years of that, he's pretty darn bored. Gee what to do?

Take it to the next step.......

walks like a duck, looks like a duck, quacks like a duck...


I host an "I hate Bush blog". I always speak out publicly against this fascist regime.

Today I get a speeding ticket. I just know that Bush told Ashcroft to get me at any & all cost.....this sucks. I was barely speeding. And all those other cars that were speeding didn't even get stopped.

No justice, no peace....I know they gave me that ticket because I'm a person of color too.


It's hard to muster any sympathy for this Pig of a man who I have been listening to for years on and off.
He is rather without talent and is the king of cheap shots and snyde, with the exception of 1 other alleged personality on KGO.
However, Bernie is not without some value as he helps feed needy people each year with his invovlement in the Thanksgiving charities. For this reason I remind people that he is innocent until...
Having said that, KGO is much better off without him as is most of society.


As a matter of fact when your attorney states publicly you did it but you are protected because you are a journalist, but no journalism shield exists for the crime of trafficking child porn...if you can connect two dots right in front of your face you can see that in fact this case is N-E-V-E-R going to trial because there is no reason to have a trial.

The sum total question between now & bw being in a fed pen is "how much time will he spend there?"

I will in fact take bets on this in LV. Bring money. I'll enjoy spending it.

I'm very open to being contradicted on this, but please put something in print that makes sense.

Saying he's innocent at this point is ludicrous.

Why don't you bw enablers start praying for the kids for which bw is an accomplice in their rape?


Did you all read the unsealed indictment closely? Here is what it says: Ward DISTRIBUTED child porn in December and then RECEIVED it (twice) in January.

Here is my question: If Bernie Ward only received the porn on two occasions, as his attorney claims, then where did he get the illegal porn is is alleged to have distributed a month earlier?

Bernie: You are going to jail. You should have taken the five-year plea deal that Matier & Ross reported you turned down. OUCH.


There is a God.

A. Linde

This was a shock. Although Bernie is purported to have been a Catholic Priest, (at one time in his life)he has come across to me as anti-religious most times. He was for it, in the aspects of it feeding people that were in need & did work hard for that purpose with those institutions.

Having said that, IF he is guilty of these accusations, he deserves what justice is to allow him. I am not a fan of his, nor do I detest him. I will just sit back & wait for the outcome of the trial & let the law handle it. As of now, I do not truly know what he did, or if he did,why. The benefit of the doubt is what ought to be for the moment. That is right & just.


I can't believe so many of you are convicting him before it's proven that he is guilty of some vile thing. Why so hateful just because you don't agree with his politics? Shame on you!


After reading various news, blogs, AND the actual indictment (avl for download): Bernie had internet communications with someone about child porn, THEN sent his child porn (ALREADY possessed!) to someone, THEN received the child porn, THEN traded/sent child porn! He's a PEDO. AND for those, mostly self proclaimed progressives (sic), who say that he is condemned before proof of guilt, I can understand, however, READ the indictement, too; also, pay attention, he ALREADY possessed the child porn when he SENT it out, the indictment's first count is the SENDING of the child porn. Apparently, reading the news, Bernie had internet contact (anonymous, most likely, like most internet chats that are in the realm of perversion) with a woman in Oakdale, CA., THEN arranged sending the child porn; the local agency passed it on to the feds (most likely NOT knowing the identity of the the sender, which is later obtained via search warrants by the feds). He most likely rationalized to himself over the years (anyone else think it's most likely otherwise?) that if he ever, ever got caught he would say it was research he was conducting. Yeah, I think he's a PEDO.


I read all the blog comments from prior to the unsealing of the indictment; and, since there are more details in the news about how Bernie's actions came to light: Appears that the self-proclaimed progressives (NOT) are very, very quiet today. Put the sequences together, tie in all the details now coming to light, and it is Bernie the Pedo. Bernie the Hate Speech Extraordinaire, whose points of view would fit in very, very well with how Hitler would have run his government (Remember Bernie's comments about Jews and Judiasm? Remember Bernie's vehement trashing of the Catholic Church? Remember Bernie's words after the 9-11 attacks, when, after a tirade against Bush, Bernie responded to a caller, paraphrased, but the links are via ASK.COM, "It's people like you that caused these attacks." Oh! Oh! Remember Bernie's CONDEMNATION of Senator Looking-For-Love-in-Airport-Bathrooms Craig? Remember Bernie's CONDEMNATION and Hate filled rhetoric against Rush about Rush's illegal prescriptions? (Before you self proclaimed progressives label me a fascist, which is a leftist ideology,by the way, look it up, anyway, Rush L. is an idiot, too). Bernie was using CHILDREN for his own personal gain, lust, and perversion.


He was only doing research. How come that didn't work for me when I got caught with a bag of weed? It was research sort of. I was seeing how high I could get.


well it looks like goes around comes around. thank GOD bernie the complainer will be able to whine with fellow whiners,thru cellbars. goodby bernie


An indictment consists of claims, not proven fact. Basing judgments on an indictment only is illogical. Otherwise there would be no need for a trial!

Mere possession cannot be a crime; else the authorities cannot hold the evidence. So, the issue must be the purpose of holding (and/or distribution).


Yes, mere possession IS a crime -- except for law enforcement, and only if it's part of an investigation. The only way someone who is not in law enforcement can avoid legal trouble is if that person accidentally downloads a couple pictures, immediately deletes them, and then immediately notifies the police about it. Bernie has already admitted that he intentionally downloaded and traded the material, so he's got real problems.


Suppose someone else does the download without your knowledge?

I know the "law" in question says possession is illegal; that does not make that "law" constitutional. Reporters receive/solicit stolen property in the course of their profession; that does not make them liable.

A "law" that in effect says ONLY law enforcement can investigate certain crimes (including possession of stuff it is 'illegal' to possess) is problematic at best.

Mere passage of a "law" is not enough: a "law" that you cannot be critical of the US President does not work in the US legal system.

I am not a finder of fact for this case (nor are you and I would venture anyone posting comments here). There is a serious situation here, but it seems many of the posts here represent people who could NOT serve on the jury for this case.


For all you that continue to say "He is innocent till proven builty" - please note it is more accurate to say "He is innocent till proven guilty OR until he admmits he's guilty" (which he has done). It scares me to see how many people here love this guy. He is interesting to listen to, but then again so was Hitler - at least too enough people to get him into power.


If they are going to trial and charges have not been dismissed and he has not entered a guilty plea, he has not admitted guilt in a legal sense.


Just goes to show you how stupid our government is. Instead of wasting their energy on an innocent person like Bernie, why don't go chase down the REAL child molesters.


Feel free to keep throwing up hypotheticals and smokescreens, but out in the real world there are some real hard facts staring Ward (and his defenders) in the face. He knowingly and intentionally traded child porn with others online. No, his kids didn't hack his email password and trade the porn without his knowledge. The cat didn't jump up on his desk while he was out and inadvertently click "trade child porn". The neo-cons didn't set him up with a Kiddie Porn Trojan Virus. Elvis and Bigfoot didn't force him at gunpoint to do what he did. He did it, and he admitted it.

The law you keep putting in quotes -- as if it's just a figment of someone's imagination -- has put real people in real prison. You want to have some pointless academic discussion of whether it may or may not be found unconstitutional at some future date? No thanks. If you have a problem with the laws governing possession of kiddie porn, then fight to change them. Putting the law in quotes isn't going to do anything to help Ward. Nice try there with your attempt to minimize the seriousness of child porn possession by comparing it to a reporter receiving stolen property. Just wow.

For all I know, maybe Ward will get off scot-free. Maybe he'll be able to get back to "researching" child pornography to his heart's content. However, if his research defense is successful, there will be nothing to stop any first-time child porn trader from deploying the "Ward defense" and calling himself an aspiring author. That is why the law is so restrictive.


Just as long as Karel does not take over for him, I am fine...


When you do research on anything on the internet there's always a risk that you'll download pix that you thought were of something innocent. This to me smells like republicans going after liberals. No body believes that Mr. Ward is a child porner. If you do you are insane. Maybe we should look into these prosecutors' (and we all know most prosecutors are republican) hard drives and see what they have and you'll probably find things that they themselves didn't know they had. Try clicking on videos on youtube.com and sometimes you'll get like a female undressing or talking stupid when you thought you were clicking on something innocent. This case will be dismissed and an apology will be given. Mr. Ward will be vindicated.


Also keep in mind that Mr. Ward has sons and his sons who are underage who don't know the laws, trade nudies of girls their age, what are they teens perhaps, over the internet and so Mr. Ward takes the blame because otherwise it might affect his sons' future. It's like a young kid having a porn mag and trading it with his friends. You don't know all the facts but I'm betting this is what happened. Because no body in this world would believe these allegations of Mr. Ward unless of course you're a republican with much experience in child porn.

Gershon Luria

First, Bernie did write books and receive prizes for EXPOSING porno etc. Of course, if one is engage in research - one has to see what he or she is researching! KGO should either return Bernie to work, OR should explain why an innocent journalist is not allowed to work: Are we in the USA or Idi Amin's Uganda?

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