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joyce dunn

What a story Ward & his lawyer have fabricated!
Ward is, I think, guilty until proven innocent.

Joyce Dunn


Hmmmn, not sure I am buying this story. While I might be able to suspend my disbelief long enough to accept that he was researching a book, he totally lost me when the information is presented (by his OWN attorney) that he traded child porn with other pedophiles.

This is the end of Bernie Ward.

Steve M

Maybe he can call Pete Townsend for some legal advice on how to skate this one...who'd have thought a former priest would be involved in this type of stuff...


I've listened to Bernie for several years now by downloading his broadcasts and listening on my ipod. Very shocked and saddened by the whole thing. I am all about innocent until proven guilty, but his lawyer's lame comments are not helping his case. If he is guilty, shame on him. I feel for his family.


Mr. Noyes, Did you get the lawyer's name wrong? Should it be Doron and not Doren?

If so, you might have better luck contacting the lawyer here:


*** Note from Dan Noyes: Thanks for help with the typo. I did speak with Doron Weinberg -- his quotes were the basis for the blog. ***

Kathie T

I am shocked at the charges against Bernie Ward revealed today. I have been listening to Bernie's programs for years and he is nothing but straight-forward, passionate, and dedicated to his family. I cannot believe one of the latest whims of the current "government" -- that criminalizes anyone it wishes and gives medals to criminals -- has any merit whatsoever.

It sickens me to read the blogs above that are apparently from nothing but right-wingers who should move to the red states and stay there.


When it's a right-winger, everyone jumps on them..when it's a liberal, "it can't possibly be true." If this above garbage is all his attorney can come up with, then HE'S GUILTY AS SIN. PUN INTENDED.

I'm sure they have quite a bit on him, or they wouldn't be prosecuting.


I detest those who abuse children to no end. In fact, I'd like to donate the rope for those guilty.

But is he?

A lot of left-wing people DO investigate such things, and there are volumes of stuff like this in Books-A-Million and Barnes & Nobles. He'll be hard pressed to explain the child pornography.

Shame on You

He is already trying to blame Bush for the mess he finds himself in. Shame on him for a weak attempt to cover his own behind. He will find out about child porn as he will be very happy with all the attention he gets in jail


Bernie Ward has been one of the first to pronounce guilt on other bay area celebrities, while the FBI and Federal authorities were still investigating (Can you say Barry Bonds?) and even when indictments came years after the alleged criminal activities.

So, Bernie, how does it feel now?

Sure you would

Kathie T

Go ahead invite him over to watch your kids. He is OLNY being targeted by RIGHT WINGERS who want to silence him.

This will be fun to watch.

phil the irregular

I am not a Bernie Ward fan. However, he has not had anything negative to say about Barry Bonds and his indictment. He obviously knew that his own case was pending and there was no way he would have made any such pronouncement.


You know, the definition of "child pornography" is written in such broad and subjective terms that for all we know the feds could be arguing that he traded pictures of fully clothed children in a park.

I kid you not, the feds did try to argue that picture of fully clothed children in a park were inappropriate because the venue could arouse pedophiles. This was shot down by a judge but they were well within the definition when they argued that.

will segen

I wish bernie well whatever the outcome. The story is a shock, but after checking the web, dan noyes is the only person to use the phrase (as doron's quote) "he exchanged them with adults who do the same thing." the key of course being "the same thing" . This phrase made it to wikipedia like instant mashed potatoes. All other accounts so far refer to to "adults" period. Is Noyes trying to squeeze a bit more juice from the grape?

*** Note from Dan Noyes: Please. The above was a very simple blog written quickly and accurately after a phone conversation with Ward's lawyer. I merely conveyed what he said. Just the straight story. ***


What goes around does eventually come around, Bernie. Interesting that the "book project" was never finished. His cyber co-author is probably preoccupied as well at the moment, trying to come up with similar "research" excuses.

I'm on the right

Heh, heh, heh. So, the fat blowhard finally got hit. The Lion of the Left is down. This man has been a wacko during all the years he's been on the radio. Only Ray Taliaferro is more insane than Bernie. Sorry for his family and kids though. I remember him spewing his venom against President Reagan when he passed away. Bernie, I hope they give you a little special lovin in jail.




I think the lawyer's contention that the book was killed because of the FBI investigation is lame. What, you can't do a book on hypocrisy in America without including a chapter on child-porn?!?


Hey StemCellGum,

How could you make such a statement without reviewing any of the evidence, which is not available to the public. I personally don't care what his polictics are, as if they define guilt or innocence. It must be a huge government conspicacy, right? And about giving metals to criminals, the CONTRACTORS are not awarded metals, stupid. I was recently discharged from the Navy, and have first hand knowledge of militart affairs (enlisted AE). It is easy to point fingers at 18-30 soldiers the MUST obey by the USMJ. You have not one clue execpt what you see on TV and in movies. Please don't get me wrong, I don't agree with the war ( couldnt say until I got out!) but if you knew what was happening, you would be mad the person in charge...Mr Bush, Mr Cheney, and the private contractors making 5 times the soldier for the same job. Back to the subject. To draw the conclusion that he MUST be innocent is not possible until the evidence, and the trial take place. If he is truely innocent or guilty, he will be tried by a jury of his peer's, non of whom will have anything personally against him. Nobody can truthfully say he guilty or innocent at this point, to make the assertion is illogical.

donna noe-murdock

I don't believe it for a New York minute. I think it is just the (expletive) bush administation who don't want progressive talk show hosts telling the truth about what their doing, but we already do!!!!!!!!!!

David Kennerly

It's worth remembering that, believe it or not, child porn was once LEGAL. Then, in 1975 it became "somewhat" illegal, i.e. you couldn't buy or sell it or produce it (or reproduce it) but you could still "keep your stash" and show it to others. Then, it became illegal to show it to others, but you could still "keep your stash". Finally, it became illegal to possess it, regardless if it had been purchased when legal and, of course, the penalties have steadily become greater. So, if one had bought such a collection back in 1974, put it in the attic and then forgot about it (and if it were to remain there to the present), then one would now be guilty of a very serious felony/ies.


I will take my right wing pill popper over this leftard pedophile any day. What goes around comes around!


Hey 26yoVET,

Double-check to whom you're attributing posts. 'kaaayyy.

But back to the story, did the original 2004 "raid" ever make the press?

And how is it that the feds go through a lag of three years between raid and indictment?

Buddy Buddyfoocko

Interesting.. Because this Bernie fellow (whom I have never listened too) is obviously a big shot. He may be the OJ Simpson or Michael Jackson to put a prosecutor in his place. We all forget, that when the founding fathers founded America, if they had debated the concept of erotica (and it did exist back then) they would have absolutely forbade the state from invasion of privacy. The founding fathers where so high minded that the discussion of such subjects was below them. Now an entire branch of the USA economy (the government) makes its living off of thought crime. A lady taking pictures of an electric tower is arrested (she was a meek little artist) You discuss weapons in a chat room.. it goes on and on. You either like the idea of thought crime, or you don’t. If you say you’re in the middle…some things are thought crime.. you are not in the middle.. you believe in thought crime. When you tell your neighbor, "I will help lock you up, for what your read or say.." you just keep going down that slope. Guilty or innocent, who cares, for it is thought crime by definition. I hope he writes his book. Janet Reno the spinster, kills a bunch of kids... to save them from thought crime. What a country. Careful citizens.. for you may just get Hilary Clinton for president. Thought crime = more raw power for those in office. Me.. I’m voting for Ron Paul


Doesn't it always seem like it's the people who do the preaching that end up with the skeletons falling out of their closet? H Y P O C R I T E S !

Innocent until proven guilty yes, but my women's intuition says he's probably guilty.

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