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Barbra Mathewson

If Bernie Ward returns to KGO I will never listen to KGO again...ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous.


Why didn't KGO radio wait until all the facts were known before firing Ward? Another example of corporate America's policy of "guilty until proven innocent" with it's employees. Heaven forbid any benefit of doubt is given - it's all about community perception!


This is the best news I've heard in a long time. We've listened to Bernie every single night for the past years & we really miss his inteligence, witt, and honest voice. We are looking forward to having him back on the air. It was a mistake to fire him in the first place!


I long for the day when Bernie Ward returns to the airwaves. I miss his insightful musings on the news of the day. I am also interested in the details of his ongoing legal troubles. I simply refuse to believe he is the hypocrite that some make him out to be. He has done so many wonderful fundraising events for the Bay Area. I think it MOST likely he is only guilty of bad judgement in this research!


I felt very lost without Bernie on the radio. I listen to him every night and since he has been off I would listen ocassionally just to hear what KGO was going to report about his case.
I am very happy to hear he'll be back.


I look foward to hearing the Lion of the Left back on the Air, preferably with KGO.


So, because he was doing research for a book, it makes it okay for him to view, download, send and receive child pornography? Humm... Who was he sending and receiving these photos to? Who was on the other end? Another researcher? A pedophile? You can believe what you want. I have my own opinions.

Bernie Supporter

I am in withdrawal without Bernie's nightly perspective. I feel that his voice is one of the most important ones in America today. His work for people less fortunate than us all is legendary. All of us who love and care about each other miss him greatly.

Yeah Right

Can we see the drafts from this "book"? Sorry, I don't buy it. Receiving it is bad enough, but sending is ridiculous.

John b.

I can understand KGO taking action before all the facts are known. It's not as though Ward got a DUI or something. What he's accused of - and has admitted to - is a very serious matter. I believe the station acted in accordance to the severity of the charges. I also don't buy his excuse. Unless you are publishing a book of kiddie porn, there's no reason to have htose images. Expect to see Bernie Ward apologists popping out of the woodwork as this case moves on. It still amazes me at what people can get away with as long as they promote the Christian right wing agenda.

Maria A.

I liked Bernie Ward but, what kind of book is he writing that you would require research of child porn? Sounds pretty fishy to me. He may not be a pedofile now but, he might of been on his way if he was viewing this sort of stuff...

Dorrit Takach

Bernie and Karel ARE KGO radio. They are one of very few talk show hosts that encourage people to THINK.

Greg S.

Where, in God's name, are people's minds? Do we live in a country where everyone is "Innocent until PROVEN guilty" or not? On it's face, Bernie Ward has a plausible reason for doing what he did, even if it may have been a mis-guided action by a reporter zealous for a story. KGO should never have fired Bernie, unless and until he is actually PROVEN guilty, which I don't believe he will be. I strongly encourage KGO to re-hire Bernie immediately and wait out the trial WITH him. It the only decent thing to do.

Greg S.

And another thing...Don't people understand that this whole issue has been blown out of proportion on purpose by Bush-ite prosecutors? It has been the unethical aim of the Bush administration to quiet dissenting voices (Bush fired 8 of his OWN prosecutors because they wouldn't cow-tow), and Bernie Ward's voice has been extremely effective against Bush. They found this opportunity to quiet Bernie...for the time being. When Bernie PROVES his innocence, I cannot WAIT to hear him on the air again, whether or not he's on KGO! He will lambaste these bastards, and I mean that in the best way.

Greg S.

Press Release: Doron Weinberg, Esq
Statement on the Prosecution of Bernie Ward

During his 23 years working in radio in San Francisco, Bernie Ward has built a reputation as an unapologetic progressive, an enemy of exploitative and insensitive authority and a champion of charities and non-profits for the homeless.

Now the United States government wants to label him as a child pornographer and send him to prison for years – all because he was doing internet research for a book on hypocrisy in the right wing’s “Family Values” America.

The government does not seriously dispute Bernie’s explanation of how and why he pulled a small number of images of child pornography from various online sources and transmitted an image by email to another adult as part of his investigation.

However, the government does not care about intent or mitigating circumstances or even about what kind of man Bernie Ward really is. All that matters to the government is that they believe that he violated the letter of the law in his investigation.

The government has been looking into Bernie’s conduct for three years. It began with the seizure of every computer in his family’s home and continued with efforts to prove that Bernie was involved in child pornography. But nothing more than the original images has been discovered, for the simple reason that there was nothing else.

The government waited three years to indict Bernie. If they seriously believed that they had a child predator on their hands, is there any doubt that they would have taken decisive steps to remove him from society immediately? Of course, not, because the government undoubtedly realizes that Bernie Ward is not in fact a child predator or pornographer, but a serious investigative reporter.

Unfortunately, the mere accusation of such a serious crime is enough to ruin a person’s professional and social standing and destroy his life forever. It is for this reason that Bernie Ward and his family have chosen to fight the government’s plan to brand him as a child predator, send him to prison and consign him to spend the rest of his life carrying the stigma of these charges.

Paul Strohm

Bernie wrote in one his post arrest messages at his support, "During the last three years, I did not have a lot of hope. I was convinced that when this all surfaced I would be alone and abandoned and have no future to think about."

You won't be alone, the federal prisons are crowded. If you survive prison, you will be tracked the rest of your life. I don't want you near my children.

If you have proof of your innocence, let's see it. Not one publisher has come forward to say, "Yes, he was going to publish a book." Where are notes, your other research (non-porn) research material.


"If you have proof of your innocence, let's see it."

You don't have to PROVE your innocence, dumb____.

If and when these partisan prosecutors PROVE their case then AND ONLY THEN will ignorant fools like YOU have room to gloat.



"Why didn't KGO radio wait until all the facts were known before firing Ward? "

Because KGO's new right-wing owners have been looking for ways to void Bernie and Ray's contract. They seized on this opportunity.


It is amazing to me that there are actually people who would justify downloading Child Pornography and sending to others? A normal person who "accidently" came across Child Pornography would alert the authorities and HOPEFULLY they could identify these sites and shut these cretins down. Did Bernie let the police know where these illegal sites were as soon as he found them? Did his wife know that he was downloading and sending Child Pornography? That would be hugely telling - because if it was so on the Up-and-UP then I'm sure he told his wife, right? And if his wife DID know that he was downloading and sending Child Porn, she should be arrested too. There is NO excuse for having anything to do with Child Porn. He obviously wasn't horrified and disgusted by it like the rest of us would be.
Research for a book? I'm sure he had that excuse laid out way before he went searching for horrific pictures of children being abused. It is amazing to me the things that people will excuse and blame on others. It is funny to me that people are blaming Bernie downloading and sending Child Pornography over the internet on Bush and the right wing. LOL. Any moron who doesn't know that Child Pornography is illegal and completely horrific in any context, deserves what they get. One less child predator the better.
Oh gee, I think I'll write a book on bad behavior - I think I'll go beat the crap out of my kid, drunk drive and kill animals for my research????? It is ludicrous to say you have to do horrible things for research.....Lame.

Paul Strohm

Poor clueless Trent wrote

"If you have proof of your innocence, let's see it."

You don't have to PROVE your innocence, dumb____.

If and when these partisan prosecutors PROVE their case then AND ONLY THEN will ignorant fools like YOU have room to gloat.


Trent, I did not state the facts clearly. Ward is guilty by his own admission. See is posts on his support site.

I am no ignorant fool. Ward has presented no mitigating evidence. Absolutely none. His violation of the law is not in question.


He was fired because he broke the law. He looked, kept and shared illegal material -- plain and simple. As a public personality his contract stipulates a certain professional demeanor. Keeping illegal items means he broke that personal service contract. Plain and simple. Just because people think he is a good talk show host does not negate that he broke the law. That is like saying,"Sorry officer. That Meth Lab I have back there is for research for a book -- I really am an upstanding person -- I just was baking some meth, keeping it here and sharing it, for my book." No, I don't think so.


gee officer why did you stop me for driving over 100 mph on the highway? - I'm just doing research for a book about speeding and don't worry about the heroin and crack on the back seat, I am also doing research for a book about drugs!

John Majeski

Bernie Ward has been a ferocious and tireless advocate of free speech and a champion of an unfettered press for his entire adult life. I deeply believe his independent journalistic investigations into the darker, less savory elements of our fetishistic, hypocrisy-riddled, sanctimonious, pseudo-moralistic and violence-driven society were absolutely justified, book or no book. It is the nature of hydra-headed Capitalism itself to distract, distort, conflate, manipulate and commodify everything and everyone (i.e. Britney mania). We are swamped and drowning in 'pornography' of one form or another— from the cruel objectification and exploitation of women and children, to the relentless, wholesale, factory incarceration and rendition of a generation of young men of color, to the harshly-violent theatricality and atrocity of war, perhaps the greatest form of pornography in which our society engages.
Ok, Bernie screwed up, he believed that his action to forward certain damning and objectionable images to a colleague were somehow protected under the aegis of investigative journalism.
Unfortunately since the tragedy of 9/11, the executive branch of our government has consistently packaged, embraced and 'marketed' to its citizens the most powerful weapon in its entire strategic arsenal, a single four-letter word— FEAR. As long as we buy, sell, eat, drink, broadcast, inhale, share or disseminate that most toxic word, we will continue to be victims. This is why I choose to ardently and passionately support and defend an uncommon, thoughtful, outspoken and deeply-caring man like Bernie Ward. Because he is FEARLESS.


Why did ABC7News/KGO Television go to such great lengths in the days after Ward's indictment to make it clear that KGO Radio had been sold off from Disney, yet fail to mention that at the time of the alleged crimes, KGO Radio and TV were VERY MUCH part of the same corporate family?

Looks like a "triple standard" to me! "Hey, we at channel 7 can cut the rope here... never mind the fact this 'whole other company' operates one floor above the newsroom... but let's leave out the part where the alleged crimes happened while Ward worked for the same company!"

Either do disclosure or don't KK, but don't play chicken little with us. And for "little" please substitute another word which -- as the late Pete Wilson once said -- is an organic material involuntarily dispensed by all living things.

Greg S.

People like "Sue" and "Paul Strohm" are hopeless. They should be ashamed of their inexcusable lack of decency and real ignorance of the American Constitution.

Pre-Trial - Anyone accused of anything is still innocent!!! As a bona-fide member of the free press, Bernie's admissions re breaking the "letter" of the law are reasonable. If he is right, he was trying to do something good about something bad. INVESTIGATION requires some covert behavior, OR YOU CAN'T EXPOSE THE BAD BEHAVIOR.

Has anyone seen the MSNBC show about exposing predators??? They hunt them covertly too!

People who cry "off with their heads" before a trial only prove what unforgivable, un-American imbeciles they are, as do "Sue" and "Paul." Just wait until THEY are under fire. They'll cry "Constitution" as fast as Marion Jones on steroids.

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