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Jim Thomas

I'm a Transit Bus Driver in a rural county (Lake Co.) and our company does not in any way condone this type of behavior of any driver, and I believe we do pretty well up here, BUT!! I feel you should look at the picture from BOTH sides, although our drivers are courteous and attentive to our passengers, we still even in a rural/remote area as Lake Co, drivers even here receive a whole hell of a lot of verbal and sometimes physical abuse on the part of the passengers...there's 2 sides to this (and every) story.


Until 25 years ago, I used to ride the MUNI everyday. I said hello or good morning to the drivers and they would respond with "Shut UP Mother Fucker, don't fucking talk to me" or "Shut Up Mother Fucking Cracker". So, I traded in my $18 monthly pass for a car. These videos helps justify my latest car purchase. I know that it does not cost too much to ride MUNI, 50 cents or so, but just because you don't pay much doesn't give the city employees the right to cuss.

I live in North Beach, and would never venture outside my area. My family now shops mostly in Chinatown, Costco, Wal Mart and Daly City. There is no parking anywhere else.

Thank you for this story. It needs to be repeated again and again to warn newcomers not to take MUNI. I always warn them to avoid MUNI, and purchase a car as soon as possible.

Some people argue that you lose the convienence of not having to find a parking space. True, but I answer when safety is factored in it negates any convienence issue. MUNI looks good on a map, but fails in customer service. Looks like things have not changed

Alan Hsiao

Dan, yet again, your free speech privileges are going beyond your capacity to understand the world. Obviously, Muni (again) has a shortage of drivers; the city government cannot afford to listen to your one-sided rants, firing most of their drivers, but you only want publicity. Of course Muni has to put a façade of angelicness so that more people who dont understand its mechanics won't complain about nothing.


Aside from the drivers... With Dan and his spindle of Muni surveillance videos, I wonder if Dan sees any vandals doing their damage on the bus. Dan should ask how often Muni uses their videos to catch vandals?


As a driver from another county, I know just what these drivers put up with on a daily basis. The abuse that we deal with can make us weak in our customer service skills. That being said, the union/company need to EFFECTIVELY teach their drivers about common courtesy. They should work in the customer service area for awhile to learn about how to deal with the public. In my county, the drivers learn that safety is FIRST and it means stopping if there is a problem brought to our attention. If it was a false alarm, them we go on our merry little way. The videos are viewed randomly and we are disciplined as needed (sometimes harsh but always fair). The union is there to represent us but it will, also,tell us if we are wrong. I hope the union for the MUNI drivers will earn their money (paid by monthly union dues) and not keep making ALL drivers look this bad. Come On!! Remember: You are being watched!!!!!


I don't see a problem with Muni bus drivers having colorful personalities, as long as they maintain safety on the bus as first priority, and otherwise do the job they're paid to do. For example, if the rule is to exit through the rear door, then passengers should shut up and do that, and not act like the bus driver is their personal chauffer. Bus drivers have a tough job, and should be given some slack.


I think the I-Team needs to stop. Muni is doing their job, they work in rough conditions and need to put on a bold attitude. I would like to see the I-Team work for the city and see how it feels. Getting harassed by the public, people yelling at you because the bus is late, people know they are to enter at the front and exit at the back. Maybe the I-Team needs to focus on how the passengers need to be taught how to follow rules, have Muni put more police officers on duty to prevent these happenings. Let not forget that "Dan" must drive a nice car or have people drive him around! He doesn't have to deal with the crazyness of public transportation! or the public in general hes just here to bother other people and how they live their life. Dan I'd focus on other things besides MUNI Drivers. Find a real story to tell.


Driving for MUNI is one oth the toughest jobs out there. Navigating the city streets trying to anticipate the mind boggling things that pedestrians byciclists and motorists are going to do is a daunting challenge. But even more challenging than that is dealing with the public. the hateful homophobic and racist language that is directed at myself and other passengers as well as other passengers is a very distressing part of the job. As a driver, I try always to be professional and courteous, in the course of my job, I have been hit, thrown cigarettes thrown at my face and called hateful names. I have maintained my professional demeaanor at all this incidents but the stress does build up. Dan's reporting is so slanted against the MUNI operators, I can feel his contempt and disdain for the hard working men and women that operate MUNI coaches every day in this very difficult city. When the last report aired on chanel 7, the next day while waiting to make a relief, I was subjected to verbal assaults from the public walking by. I believe this was a direct result from his one sided reporting on MUNI operators. I would love to see Dan behind the wheel of of a MUNI bus navigating through our congested city dealing with angry and sometimes dangerous passengers. I bet you he would last 20 minutes before he would walk off the coach. Thank you for making a tough job a lot tougher



You think being a MUNI driver is tough? Try being a MUNI 'customer' trying to get to work on time. You wouldn't last ONE DAY what with the drivers stopping off at their favorite liquor store, arguing with wheelchair bound passengers instead of boarding them, or drivers who simply won't board passengers at all? How about the genius LRV operator who almost dragged me down the street? When I complained to MUNI about the above actions (including vehicle #, run # and badge # where possible) all were deemed non-actionable. Today I called 311 about an LRV operator yakking away on his cell phone. What do you want to bet that no disciplinary action will be taken?

If you want respect you need to EARN it. I can empathize with not wanting to be lumped in with the bad apples. However YOUR union refuses to clean house. How can we as paying customers differentiate between the competent employees and those that kill or harass us if your own representation can't make that distinction? If you want respect, you need to get rid of the bad apples.

Take a look at Cecilia Hariston. She ran a red light, killed a pedestrian, pled guilty to criminal charges... and still works for MUNI. Bad drivers aren't the only problem at MUNI, but they are one of the most significant problems. At least Mr. Noyes is willing to stand up for the riders.

eric williams

as an operator,I knew what this job was about,when i singed on the line to accept the position.that being said the issue is much bigger than operators or th riding public,it's the over paid managers not doing there jobs in setting up transit lanes or anything that would help the system operate better,muni cannot and will run on time if half of the morning rush hour fleet are stuck in traffic headed into the downtown area,the last time i read the state of california's labor laws it noted that all california's workersarte protected from on the job harrasment,or any other type of intimadationfrom any person.not looking to make any new friends ,but both sides of the story should be looed at.

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