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Bernie should get hired back by KGO. He has a loyal fan base and was the best at his job (next to Ray Talliaferro). We need Bernie back on the air. Even if he is not perfect, and even if he did wrong, he is paying the price. Bernie proved that despite all this hanging over his head, he was able to continue delivering an outstanding performance on the radio. Now that Bernie has gained greater and broader interest, KGO should let Bernie's voice be heard again. We also will get to hear his side, his experiences, thoughts, of this very out of the ordinary experience. I hear that KGO will hire him back after he gets of jail. But, is there a way for him to broadcast while serving? Perhaps record tapes to be played on the air?

patrick leddy

The above person obviously doesn't
realize Bernie is a cog in the wheel of world wide child sex exploitation. Fry Bernie.

Quacks like a duck

Permalink, your astute observation that Bernie "...was able to continue delivering an outstanding performance on the radio" is a huge warning sign. You didn't even know this guy was searching for, downloading, and distributing child pornography to multiple people on the internet. He seemed like a normal guy just out there doing his job. You probably don't have kids, but if you do in the future, be sure to keep you eyes on them so they don't become victims of scum like this.

He was doing research for a book alright, his Auto-Biography!

For those of you who think this is some kind of conspiracy, WAKE UP!!! I don't think his liberal views in a liberal area were having any ill effects on the administration.

Even if the details in his conversations were made up, he was making up sexually explicit stories about HIS OWN KIDS and HIS KIDS FRIENDS. This guy would have to have one wild imagination to come up with all of that disgusting stuff off the cuff for "research".

The pig now wallows in his own filth.


I hope law enforcement is checking out the people who post on here that appear to be supporting Bernie Ward a little too vigorously. Almost like they are defending and justifying their own conduct, if you know what I mean.

Some of you might want to take up a different cause than defending a criminal sexual deviant.

Yeah, you heard KGO will hire Bernie back after he gets out of jail. If you are going to fill your posts with BS, at least sound credible and not like Bernie's best buddy.


Hey Giovanni 3:3, you are one unusual dude. Living out their in your own world.
I mean not even Bernie's friends are on your planet of reality.
But I'm not angry at you, just curious about your mind. Or else you just get a charge out of stoking up the responses in others.
What ever rocks your boat.
Now, the question is, being such a huge Bernie fan, are you gonna visit him over the next few months or even later in confinment?
You said he lived quite near your current address.
Are we talking blocks or down the hall?
Anyway, even those of us who are 100% convinced of his transgressions don't all wish to see him confined a excessive length of time. But thats the law.
Hang in there Giovanni 3:3, you are one wacky man. Talk about alternative lifestyles, man, you've got a whole alternative planet you inhabit. Bizzaro land.
Enjoy the weekend...Get out and take a walk----If you can?----


Does anyone have any direct experience or knowledge concerning life in a federal prison for someone like Bernie? I'd be interested to hear what it would be like for Bernie. Would he be in any danger? Would he be well cared for? US prisons do not have a good reputation but perhaps that is more hollywood than fact. I hope that, if he has to go to prison--however unjust and stupid that is--he is nonetheless well cared for and safe.


Yes, Bernie lives close by, so maybe I'll see if I can visit him before he moves away to the Southern Californi area.


In response to Michael's reply to another poster about BW 'being hired back,' two things about that: (1) Karel said on the show 2 nights ago that Bernie is finished in broadcasting; he said that with great assurance; (2) the tail end of a comment I heard from Gene Burns on his own show was that Bernie said recently, "My life is over."

Regarding federal prison, I have the same non-morbid intellectual curiosity. I truly want to know. From what Christine said last night on KGO, if he goes to a place like Lompoc, it will not be violent & there will be opportunity for personal rehabilitation.

My question is, What can a disgraced public figure who is a convicted felon without a war chest of savings from previous sources do with himself when he does get out? Doubtful anybody will hire him to teach, since he'll be a registered sex offender. And his Masters' degree does not qualify him to teach in most colleges, either. He could write, but that's banking on the writing being a phenomenal success in the crowded field of published books.

Anyone know what the future could hold at age, say, 62?

What's realistic?


Klau!...I have never been to prison but have known a couple in my life who have....it seems that in prison...its the first time in a man's life where he can have all the recreational sex he can endure.....and it's liberal bleeding heart attitudes that can forgive almost anything(if not everything) that have given perversions such as this open access to the social surface. We do seem to be forgiving don't we?....enough! Bernie Ward was never entertaining to me(and I tried to listen), but I'm one of those truly disgusting conservatives you hear so much about....look inside your own heart and ask what set of circumstances would cause you to act in a way that Bernie has admitted to...if you cannot find the answer to that question then ask yourself whether you really do need to forgive his actions....yes forgive the man but NOT the actions!...he put himself in this position...so come to him what may!


^^ So is a federal minimum-security facility as dangerous & violent as any other?

Understand it will be federal not State. I thought that the environment was somewhat different at a min.security prison.


The federal prison system is far better than the state facilities. The minimum security prisons are more like dormitories and life is not all that bad compared to being at a maximum or even medium security prison.

Some fed facilities are not even called prisons, because they are not in the true sense of the word. They have names like "camp" or "facility."

Bernie will be given a uniform to wear, usually cotton pants and a shirt. He will be told what time to get up, when lights will go out.

Most likely his facility will have TV, three decent meals a day, daily showers, allowed to keep way more personal items in his room than he would in a prison cell, and he will probably be given some substantive chores to perform on a daily basis.

I suspect going into a minimum security camp is one of the reasons Bernie pled out. Knowing where you will do time is a big factor in making the decision and it can be a deal breaker at times, if the government will not agree to where the convict can do time.

The only bad thing for Bernie is that he will be labeled a child molester even though that is not his crime. Inmates and guards will know that his crime had something to do with child porn and they won't make a distinction between him and pedophiles.

So while he won't get "shanked" in the facility, inmates and guards may not be too nice to him. His is the lowest of the low in terms of inmates doing time.

But as far as doing time he will be OK. Recall Martha Stewart and others who have done time in fed camps. No one gets to go there if they are perceived violent or a danger to others.

Heck, maybe he will see Wesley Snipes if he-who-should-have-known-better-than-to-cheat-Uncle-Sam gets locked up for tax evasion.


I think I now know how it feels to be the "family member" of the accused murderer or other horrible criminal. You see them there all the time wanting to support the accused no matter how much they might know deep down that their family member did something horrible.

I am very sad.
I am very upset
I will miss Bernie.
I hope he gets help.
This won't have a happy ending.

One Crime against child/PRISON

I hope Bernie gets all the help in the world he needs. AFTER HE DOES HIS TIME IN OPEN POPULATION OF THE PRISON. Perhaps bernie will leave prison as BERNICE!!


I thought I saw somewhere that they were talking about the fed camp [institution] that Bernie would go to. Can't remember where it was, maybe the Herlong Camp, a nice looking place compared to San Quentin or Folsom state prisons.

But it still is a prison. As I recall it looks like some warehouses out in the middle of nowhere. Can't recall where it is, somewhere in northern California, I think.

There's not many in California, so I assume he would want to go to one close so his family could visit.

I don't think he qualifies, but you just know Bernie wishes he could do his time at home, with a bracelet. But I am not sure if the fed allows those with a long sentence to do home confinement.

But you can be sure he is trying for that.


Thank you for the info, MichaelSF.

Other Michael, I think that, as host Gene Burns said this week, this is a Wagnerian tragedy all around. To me, the saddest part (& I think Gene was implying this, too) is that these events & outcome color even all the earlier *good* work BW ever did -- for example, charity efforts, for example, being a liberal voice (despite the manner in which he often used that voice on air), starting the GodTalk show, etc. This is possibly what I am angriest at, in him: wasted talent. I'm angry that his actions removed him from being that albeit controversial voice, angry that he misused his intelligence, angry as a parent myself that he has a shattered image as a father now as well. Lucky for him that his youngest is about to graduate h.s., but very, very unlucky for his family that they now are sharing in his shame.It could have been prevented.And many people tried to get him help, which, for ego reasons, he refused.


Bottom line: he's human and that disappoints most of his fans.


As to the current crime, Bernie should not necessarily be put behind bars for a long time on that.

But the bigger concern I have is that what if Bernie has been acting out on his fantasies. We really don't know what he does when he is not around adults. We don't know what he does when he is out of town. We don't know when he might of acted out on his fantasies. At some point these kind of people do.

And while it is relevant to his character for sentencing, I am also concerned about his past and the allegations of molesting those two teenage girls [minors.]

That was a crime back then and even though he escaped prosecution, fast forward to 2005 and we see he is still committing crimes with minors [possessing and distributing child porn is a crime against those in the picture, at the minimum.]

I think Bernie and his lawyer made a BIG mistake in saying that those kids allegations and charges were false. They are also calling the priests and bishop liars who said he had problems back then.

The lawyer should have said "no comment" rather than accuse the girls and priest of being liars.

Noyes report was spot on in detail and answering every question I had on what really happened back then.

Bernie Ward for not accepting responsibility for ALL his bad acts since the 1970s deserves hard time.

What else has this guy done that we don't know about? What children or other teens has he molested? How much child porn has he actually distributed? Has he spied on his kids when they are in bed or in the shower? Has he gratified himself while thinking about his kids? [sounds like he has.]

Although Bernie won't say this, I will. "God help Bernie if between now and when he enters his plea and gets sentenced if other victims show up."

Not only will his deal go up in flames, but he can be prosecuted separately for those crimes. By pleading guilty on this crime Bernie does not get a pass on anything else criminal he has done.

If there's other stuff Bernie must be having some pretty sleepless nights.


As a Bernie Ward fan, I am saddened at the turn of events. I feel that once he does his time he does deserve to work again, as I don't want to pay for him as a welfare recipient...so the radio would be a good place for him to work. I feel for those who did not want to believe in it or his family and friends who stood by him....WHY BERNIE???....


"Although Bernie won't say this, I will. "God help Bernie if between now and when he enters his plea and gets sentenced if other victims show up."

I think someone on air similarly pointed out the risky decision to delay sentencing until late August, for this and/or a similar reason.

"so the radio would be a good place for him to work."
^^ You have GOT to be joking. No, that is not going to happen, certainly not in the Bay Area, anyway. I don't think even KPFA would hire him.


Just a modification to my above post. It's not that he could "never" be hired in radio, but I definitely think he will never be hired to be an on-air voice. There would be major listener objections to this, affecting ratings of wherever his identity would be apparent. However, should KGO decide to be ultra-compassionate, they could hire him as a silent investigative reporter without a byline. But they may feel so betrayed themselves, and ripped off after all the years they kept him despite his visible rage & their begging him to get help, that it may be too late for him in 5 yrs.


SFNative, that's right. KGO has its reputation to think about. No way they would allow him back on the air, if for no other reason than Bernie's betrayal. [E.g., Bernie knew for three years this day was coming. He should have left KGO long ago rather than humiliate the station and forcing them to fire him.]

To those advocating his return, what are you proposing he talk about during his show?

On air talent is there for one reason, so KGO can sell ads, produce revenues, pay salaries and run a profitable business. The guy would be a financial loss to the station.

Regardless of the legality or illegality of his actions, Bernie's selfish acts betrayed KGO.

He has sullied the Station's reputation. Bernie has also betrayed the Catholic church. His current actions [which some people on here don't think are that big a deal] resurrected [pun intended] in the public's mind the stories about the Church being filled with child molesters and pedophiles. In other words, the Church did not need Bernie reminding the public about its problems of the past.

His actions also resurrected the 1970s allegations of misconduct and crimes, committed when he was a priest.

Those events were dead and buried, now in 2008 they have resurfaced. He has further betrayed the Church by breach of whatever terms of a deal he cut with the Church back then [most likely "we won't pursue this further if you leave the priesthood. And get help Bernie."]

In law we lawyers have an obligation to avoid even the appearance of impropriety. What that means is that even if we are not doing anything wrong, we are still supposed to avoid conduct that looks improper, even if the conduct is technically legal.

Regardless of the "correctness" of anything Bernie has done [e.g., nothing illegal about sex chat between consenting adults], the fact is his actions call into question everyone who has associated with Bernie: KGO, the Church, priests, friends and supporters.

Bottom line: For self-gratification and personal pleasure he ran roughshod over lots of innocent people and entities [KGO and the Church.]

He also appears not to care who he hurts when trying to salvage his own hide. For example, how dare he accuse that one innocent girl who he molested and the priest who knew him back then, of both being liars. [When Noyes interviewed both, they were obviously the ones telling the truth, not Bernie.]

If I was Judge Walker I would take into account when sentencing Bernie that he is NOT doing what he said in his plea deal, he is NOT accepting responsibility for his actions.

Character is a factor the Judge can take into account when sentencing Bernie. Seems to me that Bernie is not showing remorse and he is violating the terms of his deal by badmouthing that innocent girl [in 2008 an innocent woman] and the priests.

It startles the mind to think in 2008, just this week, that Bernie would have his lawyer tell the media that the 1970s charges were false.

I have heard Bernie's lawyer is a decent fellow. So I am dismayed he would tell the public that the girls and priests are liars. That speaks to the lawyer's character or competence. If Bernie told me that the 70s charges were false, I sure would not believe him and I would tell him that I am not going to go on TV and say the 1970s charges were false. At best I would say no comment.

I digress. Sorry.

Wyatt Burp

Gio33, better go stand guard at the Golden Gate Bridge. It would be great if Bernie jumped, but the tsunammi his fat lard ass would cause would wipe out the Bay Area. This really concerns me since I have relatives in San Leandro. Plus, all the K-Y Jelly in S.F. would cause an oil slick that would make that last spill look like nothin'. And they'd just blame it on Bush anyway like they did in New Orleans where those retards were too stupid to put down thier crack pipes and get to higher ground. So think about the gulls and fishes, Giovanni33! Only you can save us!!

Wyatt Burp

Gio33, You wondered what it's going to be like for the baby raper in prison. The prison is already stocking up on Jenny Craig meals and all the other inmates are getting bags of flour so they can roll Bernie in it to find the wet spot before they turn him into Ned Beatty in Deliverance. Bernie will also get the whole McCaully Culkin video collection and a big supply of vasoline. They'e also giving him a crucifice, replacing the bottom part with a rubber casting of his son's, well, you know where I'm going with that one. So, Giobernie69, I'm sure he'll be OK. PS fellow wiseasses, Giovanni33 is a chick! She's not a "dude" like someone mentioned before. Can't you tell?


"On air talent is there for one reason, so KGO can sell ads, produce revenues, pay salaries and run a profitable business. The guy would be a financial loss to the station."

Excellent point. (About the ad revenue) I was thinking additionally about the fact that were he to return, the show would be stalled: there would be little interest/ entertainment value since about 50% of the callers, minimum, would call in about him & his actions, not about the topic he was introducing. The show would essentially be dominated by obscenities & provocative comments from callers, with BW muting them every few seconds. Also, in line with MichaelSF's excellent summary about responsibility & public image, there would be an outcry from most of the public except diehard fans. Listeners would interpret a re-hiring as a reward, & would boycott the station. No high-profile operation like that wants to have a free-fall in public image -- both for ad revenue & for general PR reasons.

As to the betrayal (his keeping quiet for 3 years, while colleagues wondered out loud, in alarm, at the level of his anger & dark moods), I look upon this as an economic betrayal as well. I listened closely most nights during those 3 years, not always liking what I heard, but fascinated by what I observed as an utter failure to prepare a single new topic. For three years he did not earn his salary, i.m.o. For 3 years he dragged out tired topics and repeated himself about 9 times more than usual. Mostly he did one of 3 things: Read verbatim from salon.com, rehash his feelings about the war (with zero new opinion or fact), or inappropriately discuss aspects of his family in a way that did not invite general discussion or lead into common issues of interest. On the Sunday morning show, it was even worse, if that was possible. Absolutely NOTHING topical or theological. Zero, zilch. Absolutely every moment, *not* during the T-giving drive, btw, was about homelessness, homelessness, homelessness, about how everyone rich was evil, about how the only virtue was found in those of poverty. (Hmmm: Was he thinking about his own future?) He shamelessly relied on Amanda in Chicago to provide 10 minutes of intellectual substance to the very program he himself inaugurated & for these 3 years refused to contribute to. At my own work, I could get away with that for maybe half a day before being called on the carpet by my boss. I.m.o., KGO was *way* too lenient on him, actually. Obviously his work behavior was a reflection of his fatalism about his future; no need to invest in something that might extinguish. Nevertheless, it was a major dishonesty to his bosses & disrespect to his listeners,while collecting 3 years of salary. (KGO didn't raid his house & take his computers! It was not KGO that deserved his selfishness.)

Long-winded way of my saying, MichaelSF, that I agree with you that he should have been upfront with KGO management that December. (I just wanted to add some other observations as well.)

Wyatt Burp

HEY MICHAELSF. I THINK I FOUND GIOVANNI33'S PICTURE ON ANOTHER WEB PAGE! I'm a computer retard so I might be wrong. Google Giovanni33 then the one with the site www.plentyoffish.com. If it is is I was completely off base about Gio33 being a chick. But I wasn't too far off, obviously. I don
t want to seem too obsessive here but this person trips me out! What does a person that thinks this twisted look like?! MikeSF, write back and tell me if I'm right. Your thoughts are always great to hear.

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