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I don't get this story, it has been extremely disturbing to me ever since you brought it to our attention.

Sounds like a small town protecting its own. No other explanation. Seems to me the D.A. and Sheriff should be prosecuted, not the innocent man charged with manslaughter.

Didn't this go to the Attorney General for an independent look at it and even he turned down the looking into it, nor did he find evidence of local law enforcement railroading the guy charged.

There's something wrong with the big picture here and someone needs to call these people to task.

It's almost like we are in the deep south of the old days and the deputy they are protecting is a member of the KKK. That's what this prosecution reminds me of. Just attack this guy and run him through the system, while protecting the real "murderer."

The moral of the story is stay out of Lake County. You might get tagged with a crime you did not commit.

Mad Dog

I do not know the people involved in this case at all. I am a boater....both sail and power. I have been on Clear Lake on a very dark, moonless night, while on my power boat. Under those conditions, I manuevered at the slowest possible speed. I had my running lights on and i used a spotlight as well to try and see ahead of me. No experienced and sane boater would move at high speed under such circumstances. Sailboats have the right of way under any circumstance. This prosecution case is just plain wrong.

Carl from San Jose

I am skeptical that the pattern of insider justice evidenced thus far in Lake County will change at the preliminary hearing tomorrow.

In spite of all the adverse publicity from the media, there have been no repercussions for the Lake County prosecutor's decision not to charge deputy Perdock even though it clearly appears that the strong weight of available evidence warranted his being charged and prosecuted, and there has been no sign of dismissal of the clearly unwarranted manslaughter charges against Bismark Dinius, who had nothing to do with the fatal collision other than being at the tiller of the "sitting duck" sailboat.

Tomorrow is the "preliminary hearing" in which the prosecutor will present evidence in support of his argument that there is "probable cause" to believe a crime was committed and that defendant Dinius committed the crime, and the defense can cross-examine the prosecutor's witnesses and present its own witnesses and evidence. The burden of proof is much less than at a trial. The judge is the one who makes the decision.

In my opinion, an impartial decision by the judge based upon the evidence and the law should lead to the clear conclusion that a crime was committed but that Bismark Dinius did not commit it, and that the charges against him should be dismissed.

Based upon the rural county insider justice that I have seen so far in this case and the indifference to wider public opinion outside of Lake County, I personally would be extremely surprised if that happens.

I would like to be more optomistic, but see little reason for it except for the admirable and exceptional professional committment and tenacity of reporter Dan Noyes and Channel 7 News in focusing the light of television news on this case study of how insider justice in Lake County can let a sheriff get away with manslaughter while the D.A. makes one of the victims the fall guy.

If anything good comes of this, it is solely due to the courage and committment of Dan Noyes and Channel 7 news to correcting the worst kind of injustice, that which infects our system of justice itself.

My skepticism is tempered with the hope that the magnifying glass of the media and the exercise of our 1st Amendment freedom of speech will create enough heat to turn this case around because "equal justice under law" shouldn't depend on who the perpetrator is or what county the crime occurs in.


OUTRAGE! The DA should be prosecuting the helmsman of the power boat who was operating his vessel at unsafe speeds at night and who himself violated the foundation of navigational right-of-way rules by not avoiding the sail boat.


Timing and delay of the testing of the the blood alcohol level of the deputy will show the prosecutorial bias in this case.

The CA State AG should be all over the Lake County Sherif's and DA departments.

Gary Killgore

And they wonder why most of us think the judicial system is a joke. Maybe in this case, justice will be served after all. Thanks to some who put honesty and integrity above good-ol-boy protectionism.


I find this a very sad indictment on law enforcement in the U.S. You have outed 2 regeimes guilty of this type of Undemocratic behavior, yet it seems to be florishing in you own back yard, time to bring your troops home, the enemy is within.
I hope that truth and justice prevails in this case.

Jim Hart

In view of the maritime laws relevent to this case and the obvious law enforcement attempts to protect the criminal in the case, I would say to the voters of Lake that it is time to make some changes!!!!!

NO Good Ole Boy

It is sad what they (the cops) can do to a person in Lake County there are more people here that are having problems. Someone should look into what goes on here. I am very glad Mr. Noyes is still reporting on this issue. Is Perdock still Chief Deputy??? Is he still using the patrol cars for his personal use and visiting Dad on the clock??

Lucky Lady

What has happened with the civil suit does anyone know??? Is Perdock still Chief Deputy??

Justice for All

I am hoping the defense's witness Wes Dodd will prevail and show the jurors just what really happened and who is at fault. The good ole boy system still exists in Lake County and other places. Hopefully the gentleman in the sailboat nightmare will end and he will have a chance to file a civil suit against the Deputy and the Sheriffs Department. However nobody but the attorneys win.


The Judge the D.A. and the good ole boys have hurt so many people that live in lake county and also the ones that visit on vacation oh ya perdock lives in kelseyville the kelseyville high school just changed its name from the indians to the knights and the kids call them selfs the kelseyville killer knights the kkk

Joe K

Prosecuting DA: I am sure you have heard of the Duke University Lacrosse Rape Hoax. For others, this was a situation where a rouge DA, Mike Nifong, maliciously pursued three college students for a rape that did not happen. Now, the DA's name has been memorialized in the venacular... "I've been Nifong'd!!!".

Prosecutors... wake up... your names will be memorialized in a similar manner. Nifong has lost almost everthing. Do you want the same thing to happen to you? To protect a hack county sheriff?

In the Nifong case, his police officers and investigators, who protected him, will soon loose everything in the on-going lawsuits. In your case, you will eventually loose everything by protect a rouge sheriff or sheriffs.. Are your families security, your homes, and your reputation worth this? What will you do when you loose your law license like Nifong did? Not possible you say? That's what Nifong probably thought also. He forgot that at some place in the political pyramid there would someone who does not have chips on the table, or found value in betting against him. In the Nifong case it was the state attorney general Roy Cooper. He played his hand against Nifong and won big time. He will never again face an uphill election battle because he can claim that he was the one to stamp out Nifong's corrupting influence on the office of the prosecutor; he was the one to restore dignity to the office of the prosecutor. Are you friends with your state AG? You better be really good buddies because he/she can make political hay out of the mess that you are making for yourselves. And frankly, you could make political hay out of rooting out corruption in the sheriff's department - now there's an outcome that would shine a political spotlight on you! Congress? The Senate?

You're out of your minds if you continue down this path. Dinius is ruined, like the three exhonerated lax players were ruined, but there is no turning back on this - what is done is done. Dinius will be compensated when the conspiracy is ultimately exposed, but he will continue to go through hell for years. Why do you want this same outcome for yourselves? Think of your families. Dinius will be able to sue and get compensation, like the lax players did, but who can you sue? Nobody - because you are the only ones who can stop this hoax before the AG or the fed's step in. You are now responsible. And if you are disbarred, where will you work? As a para-legal in the city? You have the chance to stop this. And if you are under political pressure to proceed in this hoax... HARDEN [expletive deleted] UP as they say in Australia. It may be too late for you - only you know.


I haven't heard anything more on this case by Mr. Dan Noyes since he aired it on May 20th.

I can only hope that Mr. Dinius manslaughter case was dismiss due to lack of evidence, and that he was charged with a DUI. He had been drinking that night and was at the wheel of the sailboat, California law states that if your drunk and behind the wheel of a boat you can be charge with a DUI and have your driver's license taken away.

The courts have to prove that Mr. Dinius was innocent of the crime of manslaughter, cause he is the one that the Sheriff Department and the DA charged. Then they will charge Mr. Perdock will murder.

Remember Mr. Perdock justice is not so bind. By you getting your boys together to cover up evidence is only making alot of people look at you alot closer.

We must remember that this isn't the only case that the Sheriff Department and DA has covered up.

Remember when the Sheriff's and the DA positions were elected positions. When the elections come up again we can only guess who won't be re-elected and will be looking for work.

Steve White

The fact that the Attorney General did not step in to end this case against Dinius and charge Perdock instead shows they are corrupt. In theory the AG has control over all other law enforcement and can step in any time, but in fact, the politicians who are AG, and want to become Governor or whatever, will not risk offending the law enforcement lobby, and so they do almost no true oversight.


I was at Clearlake the night of the accident where Perdock ran down the becalmed sailboat being steered by Mr Dinius in 2006 and although I didn't witness the actual collision, I can say that based on my 35 years of sailing experience that there is no way whatsoever that the death caused by being run down by a speeding powerboat could possibly be the fault of the sailboat driver. The sailboat would have no way of avoiding being run down at a boat that was speeding toward them at a rate that would allow it to cover the length of a football field in 5 seconds. The burden of safe vessel operation lies with the skipper and in this case the skipper that ran down the becalmed sailboat was not operating his boat safely. The argument being put forth by the prosecution is akin to saying that if I run over a cyclist that I didn't see while driving my car too fast on the road, it's the cyclists fault for not wearing brighter clothing.

There is a seriously wrong cover up of the true guilt in this unfortunate accident and a man is being wrongly dragged toward a possible murder charge. This can't be happening in California (we're not in some backwoods good ol boy state are we?) Please continue to hunt down the facts in this case and continue the coverage as this is a mans life at stake - not to mention the hundreds of thousands of dollars of legal fees he's going to incur.

This is just so wrong in so many ways.


If it is so wrong in so many ways why wont somebody do something about it?

Steve White

I think the folks who are puzzled by the fact this can continue do not really understand the politics of law enforcement in California. To make it very simple, the Attorney General's office is a stepping stone for lifelong politicians to become Governor. As Attorney Generals, most of their actions are not covered much by the press. The game then is, don't be "soft on crime" and keep your constituency, which is the law enforcement community, happy. This means you NEVER DO ANYTHING WHICH THE DA's DON'T LIKE. It doe not matter that a more honest DA would not have prosecuted Dinius, all lobbies protect all their members, even the worst, as a matter of institutional policy, and that is why the AG will not stop this travesty.

Gregg Rennacker

Clear Lake is the largest lake in California. The California part of Lake Tahoe is smaller, yet, they have a U.S. Coast Guard Detachment. Shouldn't they have a station here? I have emailed them, but like most government agencies, if they don't like the question you don't get an answer. GR

Gregg Rennacker

Additionally, why isn't the Coast Guard involved in this accident? Or, are t GRhey secretly?

Randa Burrows, Livermore CA

Was the policeman's blood alcohol tested also? If you are involved in a boating accident, you must be tested. Was he tested and what was his BAL? The majority of boaters drink and drive the boat. Is there a chance that the policeman was impaired also?


Many of us are getting impatient The real criminals are still cashing their pay checks. Justice delayed is justice denied.

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