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Thank you abc 7 news and thank you Mercy for Animals. Animals raised for food deserve humane treatment. Take action to stop these cruel practices by visiting www.humanecalifornia.org!


Thank you so much for covering the animal abuse taking place in the majority of egg producing facilities.

The reason so many organizations declined to view or comment on this is due to the amount of $$$ behind the industry. They wouldn't dare touch something like this cause they could lose funding.

But, thank you ABC 7 for rising above and airing the truth.

Marie Downer

Thank you ABC and Dan Noyes for this report! It is so easy to just assume that the food we eat every day comes from animals that are healthy and treated well. That is unfortunately not the case. Shining the bright light of the media onto this issue, especially with the Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty Act on the November ballot, deserves a medal! PLEASE VOTE YES ON THE PREVENTION OF FARM ANIMAL CRUELTY ACT THIS NOVEMBER!!!

Thank you Mr. Dan Noyes!!

Marie Downer


Thank you ABC and Dan Noyes for reporting on the plight of innocent farm animals and also for letting voters know they have a chance to do something about it this November by voting YES on the Prevention of Farm Animals Cruelty Act. Most people do not know what is going on "behind the scenes" and stories like yours can open their minds and hearts to make positive changes. THANK YOU AGAIN!


Wow now that was a cruel video. We own cage birds but they don't look that bad. we are even at this time switching to cage free.

Charlotte Levin

Thank you Dan Noyes and the I Team for giving a voice to these sentient creatures. Although painful to watch, it gives your viewers an opportunity to become aware of the cruelty these animals endure. Please vote YES on the Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty Act which will be on the November ballot. I hope Channel 7 will continue to bring this awareness to your viewing audience. Thank you again


Why don't they list some of the brand names and stores that sell eggs from these factory operations? I'd like to know who in the entire chain is profiting from the abuse. ABC news you should have taken it one step further.


I applaud you for reporting on such an important issue. With factory farms' inhumane practices hidden from the general public's view, video footage shown by the media is necessary to remind people where their food comes from and encourage people to advocate for kindness towards all living creatures not just domesticated pets residing in their homes. Thank you for taking a stand against the exploitation of animals used for food.


At a consumer level you can support your local independent retailers who in turn support small farmers who have a committment raising and farming humanely. Spend a little more for free range eggs or pastured eggs and you ensure that you are not personally contributing the vicious cycles like the one exposed in this case.

Cheryl Emerson

ABC new Channel 5 in Boston just did a story on backyard chickens, maybe they should see this story and everyone else should see theirs!!!! As said, it is the norm, it is just not in CA, even free range chickens can be just as packed, but in a big barn. Too many people don't think of chickens as anything but breakfast or dinner, they don't want to know the details!

Ben Hillyer

We can ALL vote against institutionalised animal abuse right now, with our wallets and our shopping baskets! GO VEGAN!!! ALL egg laying birds, including "free range" birds, will be slaughtered at a very young age for the pleasure of people who choose to eat meat. Even if you don't eat meat yourself, buying free range eggs will not end the suffering of animals.

The only way you can be 100% certain that no animal has been neglected or harmed in any way for your sandwiches, pizzas, cakes, chocolate bars, vegetarian sausages etc is to buy vegan! The potential health and environmental benefits of a cruelty-free, vegan lifestyle are also extremely enticing! And if you've never tasted vegan ice cream before, trust me, it's amazing!

Thanks again for bringing the suffering of farmed animals to our attention. For more information and lots of free recipes google the word "vegan". Many thanks.

Robin Tierney

Thank you for reporting on the cruelty of battery cages and for exposing what most media (mainstream and otherwise) ignores.

Megy N.

Thank you very much for reporting on the cruelty abuse. It's very important to show these undercover investigations to the general public. This is a very good use of the power of the media.

Andrea Herz Payne

Farm animals give their lives for our sustenance. Let's treat them with dignity, respect and gratitude.

ABC 7, THANK YOU for taking the time and attention to report on these horrific conditions. THANK YOU for giving the people of California the opportunity to be informed and take action.

Bea Elliott

Great story! My husband and I were vegetarians till 6 months ago we discovered the horrible cruelties to factory farmed animals. Since then, we've both gone Vegan and have never felt better. Everything necessary for good health can be found in a plant based diet. This cruelty and suffering by animals for "food" is totally unnecessary. Eliminating animal products is better for health, better for the environment and certainly better for the animals. For health & heart - Go Vegan!


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