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Humane California

It is cruel and inhumane to confine animals in cages so small they can’t turn around or stretch their limbs. It’s like being forced to live in a middle airplane seat for your entire life. All animals deserve humane treatment, including those raised for food.

Vote “YES” on the Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty Act this November to protect animals from this kind of unacceptable abuse.

Jane Garrison

No one would ever dream of keeping their dog or cat in a cage so small they could not even lie down, turn around, stand up and extend their limbs. Egg laying hens deserve the same respect we give to animals we call "pets". The only way to stop this type of cruelty is to vote YES on the Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty Act. Go to humanecalifornia.org for more info.

Nora Kramer

Thank you so much for covering this important issue, and for informing people about the terrible ways that animals raised for food are treated.

The suffering of these animals is incredibly disturbing and totally unacceptable.

Unfortunately, a growing number of investigations have revealed that the cruelty and neglect found at this farm seems to be the norm rather than the exception. This farm should be prosecuted to the fullest extent possible to send a message to all farms and farm workers that animal abuse and neglect will not be tolerated.

California voters are fortunate to have an opportunity to make a huge difference in how these animals are treated by voting for the Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty Act. This Act would mean improved conditions for 20 million animals in California, who would have to be given enough room to simply lie down, stand up, turn around, and extend their limbs or wings--basic movements they cannot currently engage in.

Thank you to ABC and Dan Noyes for continuing to be a leader in exposing the way animals raised for food are treated.

Melissa Elliott

Wow! Thank you for covering such an important issue & exposing the cruelty going on inside egg facilities. It is dire that the public know the conditions of the items they utilize & financially support. I applaud you ABC7 & I hope to see more stories like this exposing the sad world of animal abuse.


Intensive factory farming harms animals, people, and the environment. We too often feel powerless to change problems in society. The vote is in November--let's not turn our backs on those who suffer; let's move forward knowing we did what we could to set things right a little bit.


We can do something about the cruelty involved in the egg industry. Please VOTE YES ON THE PREVENTION OF FARM ANIMAL CRUELTY ACT THIS NOVEMBER. This law requires that animals should have enough space to stretch their legs, spread their wings, and be able to turn around comfortably; a modest right that billions of animals are lacking. Please vote yes this November!

Mike Sage

The cost difference between battery cage eggs and barn system eggs is only one cent per egg. This figure is from the referenced cost analysis from the U.C. Davis poultry specialist (http://animalscience.ucdavis.edu/Avian/WelfareIssueslayingHens.pdf). Specifically, in Table A-2 on page 4 of that document, the total difference in estimated egg production costs between the cage system and the barn system is 11.75 cents per dozen eggs (see last line of the table). 11.75 cents per dozen eggs equals one cent per egg. Wouldn't you be willing to pay one cent more per egg so that the hens would be able to spread their wings?

And the UEP's contention that the one-cent extra cost would force California egg producers out of business, causing eggs to be trucked into California from other states, is ridiculous. Gasoline costing what it does, that would not be economically viable.


How fitting. A California factory farm which is one of the leading opponents to the Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty Act is caught abusing animals itself. No wonder why it doesn’t want legal protection for farm animals.

Thank you ABC7 for exposing the cruelties afflicted on animals inside the closed doors of California’s factory farms that confine hens in tiny battery cages. This November, let’s send a message to farm animal abusers that Californians don’t tolerate animal cruelty.

Robert Anderson

Bravo! Thank you channel 7 for covering such an important issue. So many claim to love animals but don't give much thought to where "their" food comes from. Seeing this may awaken some to think twice before supporting those who abuse animals for profit.

Once again, thank you so very much Channel 7 for showing this and mentioning the Humane Califonia initiative on the November ballot.


Thank you for bringing this to your viewers' attention. I would have appreciated more emphasis also on the dangers to humans when eating foods from animals raised in such conditions. That helps to sway those folks who might not identify with animal rights as much as others. It is what worked so effectively in the breaking news about mistreatment of the cows which provided beef for CA school children.

Also, please make sure to point out the loopholes in the labeling of eggs as "cage free" or "free range." Those terms oftentimes still mean chickens packed wall-to-wall in factory farm sheds, trained NOT to use the small little doors to a small dirt-only outdoor enclosure. They in no way ensure chickens freely roaming extensive fields! Unless the eggs say "pasture-raised," you truly do not know what you are getting!!


I absolutely believe in the humane treatment of animals but come across so many people that could care less about the inhumane treatment of animals. For these selfish people, I use the argument that animals feel stress due to such deplorable conditions, and this results in these animals producing excessive stress hormones that end up in the food we eat. Hopefully, turning the argument to how it impacts these people, I am hoping that we can still win this fight for humane treatment of all animals rather than try to tug at someone's “heart.”


That is an excellent piece, thank you.


Does anyone know where we can purchase truly cage free eggs?


Great pasture-raised (truly "cage-free" and "free-range") eggs are available at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market from Marin Sun Farms. I believe Rainbow Grocery also carries truly pasture-raised eggs. They have a wonderful chart on the outside of the dairy case which differentiates the eggs, milk, etc., among the different suppliers. You also may get eggs labeled supposedly "cage-free" or "free-range" at Whole Foods, Trader Joes, and most Bay Area supermarkets.

However, as I said in an earlier comment, those terms are plagued by loopholes. "Cage-free" and "free-range" chickens can also just be jam packed into a factory farm shed by the thousands. They are often trained without outdoor access so when a small door is opened in the shed to allow them to go outside to a small dirt-filled pen, they will not. The label still applies since technically they still have access to "free range." I'd investigate online through CUESA or Eat Wild to determine which ones are the real thing. Remember, even being labeled "cage free" or "free range" does not guarantee those chickens are being treated humanely, enjoying the outdoors or ranging a pasture. This is why buying locally is such an important part of ensuring your food safety.


I am absolutely shocked to see the barbaric treatment of these animals. As someone who eats eggs, I know first hand how easy it is to forget that much of the food we eat comes from animals. To see how egg-laying hens are treated all so I can have my omelet in the morning makes me ashamed and outraged. These animals provide us with so much, the least we can do is treat them humanely and with respect. I for one don't think I’ll be eating eggs again any time soon, and I’m looking forward to voting in favor of the ballot initiative in November. Thank you ABC 7 for this informative and important story!


No amount of money can justify the immoral inhumane cruelty to sentient beings such as is implemented by todays corporate food animal industry. The only way to stop it is if consumers cease their financiai support in conjunction with passing law changes such as in the November initiative.

I don't think it is commonly known that animal abuse laws do not apply to the food industry. They can do just about anything they want to animals with impunity.

How many parents would want their children to go to the facility in your report and many others like it as part of a field trip? How many parents would want their kids to be aware that they knew about these facilities and haven't done anything to change them? And that millions and millions of cattle, sheep, fowl, etc suffer similar nightmarish conditions.

Thank you for showing this piece during primetime. Hopefully people will look in the mirror and into their children's and pets faces and ask themselves is this type of treatment of helpless harmless creatures what we want to consider the state of the human heart?

William Mills

Didn't this issue come up a couple of years ago, and a number of supermarket chains agreed not to sell eggs from battery-cage hens? I don't remember which stores were involved, and I hadn't thought any more about it until this story.


Thank you so much ABC7 for covering this story. As someone who cares deeply about ending suffering for all animals, human and non-human, I am heartened to see that the horrifying conditions on factory farms (from which the great majority of our meat and eggs come) is being brought to public awareness. Billions of animals on factory farms suffer intensive confinement and abuse their whole lives. We must end this horrible practice. Now every voter has a chance to make a difference so PLEASE VOTE YES ON THE PREVENTION OF FARM ANIMAL CRUELTY ACT THIS NOVEMBER.


Thank you, thank you, thank you ABC7 and the I-Team! Animal abuse rarely is perpetrated in the public's viewing. Your investigation shines a spotlight on the dark world of factory farming and uncovers what those who oppose the Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty Act don't ever want Californians to see. Dan Noyes - you deserve a metal for this one!

Hopefully, this investigative report will help put an end to the cruel factory farming practice of restricting hens in tiny, wire cages.

Adam Durand

Thank you so much for airing this report!


Thank you for showing the public what goes on daily on factory farms. There is no justification for abuse to any living being, even those raised for food. Thankfully, in November, California voters can make a statement that this is not acceptable by voting YES on the Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty Act.

Kansinee Adsanatham

Thank you so much for putting this issue in front of the public eyes. People need to be inform of the pain and cruelty that these peaceful animals are going through.


THANK YOU! for reporting on this important and informative story. I will not buy a single egg from now on unless I am asured that it did not come from from a battery cage situation. I thought this was settled months ago when channel 7 did a story with undercover activists filming crewl and deplorable conditions concerning hens in battery cages. I remember Trader Joe's quickly responding by announcing that all eggs sold in thier store where battery cage free, Whole Foods also posted signage that they had been only offering battery cage free eggs for sale in thier store. I strongly encourage voters to support legistlation on the next ballot to make these practices illegal. Thanks again Dan Noyes and Channel 7 News for bringing us these although disturbing, but very important and need to know stories through your I-Team segments.

V. S.

Thank you for bringing us this story of unbelievably horrible abuse of chickens. I thought that as a lacto-ovo vegetarian that I wasn't contributing to the abuse of animals. I had no idea of their suffering, and I have just sent an email offering to volunteer to help the passage of the legislation to protect farm animals. Thank you.


This video shines a light on the hidden animal abuse happening on factory farms. Even animals raised for food deserve to be protected from acts of cruelty. Fortunately, people who care about animals can vote yes on the Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty Act this November to help reduce this type of animal suffering.

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