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No surprise there. Doped up idiots.


That magnificant tiger should be alive today . . . but for the stupidity and harrassment of those three idiots, she is no longer with us. God Bless the Tiger!


I don't understand why people assume these guys are idiots. No matter the circumstances, and the events that led up to the mauling. A life was taken, and for the people who are making comments that these three boys are idiots etc. Lets just hope one day that you and your family will not have to go through what the sousas had to.


What was supposed to happen that day has already happened. Get over it. What we need to do is learn from this tragedy and make sure that both humans and animals are in the right places and not doing anything that could lead to anyone getting harmed.


> I don't understand why people assume these guys are idiots.

Because that's the reasonable response when you discover that someone taunted a giant carnivorous animal into killing them. The cat didn't just wake up and decide it was bored. These idiots basically asked the cat to do it's worst, and it did.


I would say that there is truth to the "idiot" comments. Actions do have consequences, and the behavior of the three young men on that fateful day was abusive towards Tatiana the tiger. The big cat area of the zoo should have been continually monitored, and the young men's taunting behavior stopped immediately. Yes, and a higher fence (now in place) would have been a good idea since obviously humans cannot be trusted to act in any humane manner. I also think it is a terrible needless tragedy that the Sousa family lost their son.


The boys got what they deserved. Alcohol and drugs and tigers...What a mix! The only one I feel sorry for is the tiger. The boys should have acted their age, instead of like some preschoolers. (Even preschoolers have more sense than these idiots.) They should not have been allowed to enter the zoo under their condition. Someone should have refused to let them enter the zoo.


Whether you think these boys were idiots and got what they deserved, bottom line is the fence was not high enough.


I have lived a half block from the SF Zoo for almost 15 years. The fence and grotto walls were plenty high enough up until Christmas Day when a few crazies decided to taunt the tigers. Tatiana probably would have clambered over a 20 foot wall to get after these boys. They should be ashamed of themselves to even think of bringing up charges against the City or the zoo. Of course my heartfelf sympathies go to the deceased's family, but even the primary school kids that visit our zoo everyday have more sense than to torment caged beasts.


I have worked in Zoo's across the United States for years and it is no suprise to me what happened at the SF Zoo. People are horrible and very disrespectful to animals, for no reason at all. Being a Large Mammal Carnivore Keeper myself, I am here to say without a doubt, no animal would attack a human for no reason. These boys were obviously prevoking the animal. What is a shame is that the animal, and it's species has been compramized in this situation due to the immature behavior of a few unrespectable "idiots".

Ellen Petty

Unfortunately, the only cure for being young and foolish is to outgrow it.


First of all it is really sick to see the day has come when the "other idiots" start placing a higher value on an animals life rather than a human life. Just sick!!


The tiger was taunted? I don't know if you've ever been to a zoo, but I don't think I've ever been to a zoo anywhere where there wasn't someone roaring or waving at the lions and tigers. There is a constant commotion around those animals - that tiger was yelled at for years by lord knows how many people. It's a shame the tiger is in a zoo and has the deal with that, but the simple and ONLY fact that matters is that when you go to the zoo, the zoo has an obligation to keep the animals, especially the man-eaters, in cages from which they cannot escape. So, personally, I don't care if the kid yelled "Hey tiger, I dare you to bite my head off." That's his right to be a royal jackass. But the tiger should not have been able to jump out, no matter what some kid yelled.

Alpha Romeoe

The tiger died because some stupid kid decided it was cool to taunt a wild animal. Had he gone to Oakland and taunted some gang member he would have been shot. Had he gone to East LA and taunted someone there, he would have been knifed. He taunted a wild animal which only goes to show the stupidity of the child and the disgrace in how he was raised. The tiger had the satisfaction of a kill before getting killed. And if there is a heaven, the roles will now be reversed.

I do not teach my kids to cross the freeway with their eyes closed. I do not teach my kids to point guns at cops. Taunting a tiger is a sure sign of stupidity. End of story.


I grew up right up 46th Ave. from the zoo. My Mom worked there. I spent my weekends there. I was never attacked by any animal at the zoo.


@ "Glad Tiger Is DEAD": You haven't a clue. Those three kids were a bunch of turds. Numerous noise annoyance calls to their residences, etc.. Drunk little rich punks that over-stepped their testosterone levels.

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I grew up right up 46th Ave. from the zoo. My Mom worked there. I spent my weekends there. I was never attacked by any animal at the zoo...

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Whether you think these boys were idiots and got what they deserved, bottom line is the fence was not high enough.

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