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angry woman

How can his wife be so stupid! The man is responsible for destroying his family. Not the courts! He deserves every minute, and MORE to be behind bars.

Does she think that child porn does not destroy a child's life?


Wow, Bernie Ward's wife is clearly drinking the cool-aid. Her husband repeatedly sent sado-masochistic images of pre-pubescent children to other pervs. But I guess because she disagrees with the war in Iraq, he should be able to do as he pleases.

You can only imagine the lies Bernie Ward has been feeding her in private about why he did this. She obviously believes these lies, or is still in such denial that she is accepting the falsehoods.

I have no respect for Bernie Ward, but I am shocked and saddened to hear his wife come out with such crazy talk.


You want to hear something REALLY SCARY?

Bernie Ward's wife Colleen Halloren is a PEDIATRICIAN!!

That's right -- the woman is a doctor who cares for children who sees NOTHING wrong with what Bernie Ward did.

There should be an investigation and her medical license should be revoked. Any parent who sends their child to her for care should have their head examined.

Paul V. Simpson

The sentence fits the crime. Ward is a viacrious child rapist, he is a an aider and abettor of a crime against innocents notwithstanding his devastated spouse's understandable hysteria. Ward has proved himself a sexual predator and hypocrite . The "Lion of the Left" has become the "Monster of the Bereft". Where does Mayor Newsome stand on the subject? The silence is deafening.

Amazed again by the media along with his wife

BW is a sick human being. His wife....well she's has a lot of anger to work through. Bernie created this hardship for himself. Not the courts. May be his kids will have a chance at a normal life now. Bernie, I have one thing to say to you. You lost this one, and grand one at that. If you think you'll be forgiven for this Bernie, think again. So long Bernie.

Hollerin Halloran

How utterly predictable of his pathetic wife! It's everyone's fault but Saint Bernie. Anyone who takes their children to this pediatrician should go straight to a psychiatrist. Her job is to protect the health of children, but when her husband is found to have traded in the sexual exploitation of children, all she can do is rage about gas prices and war? This is a profoundly sick woman.


It's Thursday night at 9:23. Wonder what he's doing right now?? Those poor kids. All of them.....including his.


I hate that no one remembers all the good things Bernie Ward did. He raised millions of dollars to help the sick and the poor; he gave voice to countless people who were in search of answers. He exposed the corruption of the Catholic Church and he was against the war in Iraq. He was a fierce debater and caused many a caller and listener to stop and think. I don't condone Bernie's activities with child porn at all but I think locking him up is pointless and unnecessary- I would rather have him see a therapist and quietly overcome his problems in private.


Bernie may have done a lot of good
with his charity work, but it does
not excuse the crimes that he committed. He plead guilty and has been sentenced and must now serve the time.


Bernie may have done a lot of good
with his charity work, but it does
not excuse the crimes that he committed. He plead guilty and has been sentenced and must now serve the time.


Dear Bernie....BOHICA!

john harris

State sentencing for childporn convictions are more lenient than fed standards. This prosecution was driven by the re-engineered Washington DC DOJ who were able to go after their political enemy using recently passed federal legislation "PROTECT" passed in 2003 which now allows up to a min of 5 years and a maximum of life sentences to be awarded for those trafficking/passing childporn. I didn't find out until the sentencing pdf was posted on abc7's local website.

Ward is serving more time for passing around some childporn pictures to a small email group (none of whom will be prosecuted) than most first time child abuse offenders receive for first time physical assaults on children.

Spending 7 years in fed prison does no good: Ward desparately needs counseling for his sick interest in childporn dating back to his own sexual abuse he received (or so he claims) as a young boy.

Well bush-rove must be celebrating, whooping it up now that've nearly destroyed the last liberal talkshow host on any major mainstream radio station. Not to mention destroying the lives of 4 children, wife and depriving them of a breadwinner.

Yes what Ward did is inexecusable and he needed to be stopped but still adult sexual predators should receive much longer sentences than he did.


The law ruined Bernie Ward and his family? No, Bernie Ward hurt his family by sending harmful messages about his own children and their friends. He may have passed on pics to "a small group" (see John Harris comment, and, Mr. Harris, please define "small group") users, each one of whom who may have sent them on to another "small group" of users, each of whom may have sent them on to more. Do the math. The law is prosecuting people who disseminate child porn. The pictures were found in messages in Bernie's sent folder. He is guilty.

It is sad that his wife does not care enough about her own children and their friends to see the harm done by this man. It is not the press, it is not the law that has ruined lives. It is Bernie Ward who has ruined lives. Perhaps Bernie will heed the advice of his friend, Michael Pritchard, and make use of his time in prison to redeem himself by getting therapy for himself and ministering to others.

Does no else see the irony that Bernie used his radio show to expose the huge problem of child sexual abuse by priests when he himself has two accusations against him?

Hmmm...that might make for a good book about hypocrisy.


Who only knows what other monstrosities this deviant committed that he wasn't dumb enough to share with a brave stranger who exposed her own personal life to stop this truly ugly fiend?

But some feel the issue is the loss of some liberal talk show radio host who opposed President Bush. He can be replaced easily enough.

And there is no room in the therapist's office to "help" him. He had 50+ years to get there. Now the waiting room is full of young people whose lives were ruined by his deviancy.

There are slots for him to avail himself of therapy now in prison, the most appropriate place for this sick fiend.


You're clueless, John Harris. The DOJ prosecuted over 2100 extremely similar cases last year alone. It was an effort that began before BW's descent into the chat room, but included him. The other 2099 were not talk-show hosts with a particular political viewpoint. I consider myself a liberal: the differences are, I'm neither a pervert nor am I paranoid. I don't see all of life through a distorted political lens. I also don't (unlike many Bay Area liberals) believe that a political viewpoint entitles one to avoid prosecution for "the cause." As for denying him a future as a breadwinner, he did that to himself; no one did that to him. The family won't suffer, so actually the one really good thing he did was to wait this long to lose utter control. They're all in college or professional school now. The wife is a pediatrician & doesn't need his income. The kids can make it through college with loans; the youngest can transfer from comm. college to a 4-yr if need be, like millions of the middle class in the rest of the country. When he gets out, since --hey, he loves those charities so much -- he can provide his actual LABOR for those, not just his mouth. That can be his income. Plus, he might learn an add'l trade in prison or discover a legitimate talent. (Some prisoners do.) With fewer "political" distractions & less media, & no internet porn, he'll have a chance to face himself & be motivated to get therapy once he's released. Just don't expect him anytime after release to be back on KGO.

Jerry Fletcher

According to the articles on this very website: "The judge also ordered that Ward be given psychological treatment while in prison" So for all of you whining supporters of Ward: There; he's getting the "treatment" that you want him to get.

Personally, I think they should hang him, so he doesn't do it some more when he gets out. (Yes, he will!)


I have read the email transcripts between Ward and the woman who eventually turned him in. They are the sickest conversations I have ever read! He talks about having sex with his own children! And his wife is defending him?! His wife the pediatrician is defending a man who fantasizes about having intercourse with his own children. WOW!


Anyone who ever listened to Bernie knew he was a piece of human garbage. He abused callers, and used "sharp" debate tactics to tangle up nervous callers, rather than have a sincere discussion and try to help them make their point, then offer the reasons he thought they were wrong. He would use debate school tactics to try to make people look stupid, combined with cutting them off when it was advantagous for him, and it was disgusting to listen to. Good riddance to this piece of filthy trash


No one can take away all of the good Bernie has done but this is a sick, sick man. He put his thoughts and actions into play...drinking alcohol to drown his pain, frustrations, dirty secrets and lies from his wife, children, family and community. How his wife could be concerned about the price of gas, the war in Iraq or anything other than her sick husband and wounded children is beyond me. He deserves to serve his time and I wish he would have asked his God for forgiveness for these poor children that had no voice in what was being distributed by sick adults. As for his wife, please, please get some help so you can help him.


john harris,
You actually believe that Bush waited until the last year of his administration to imprison an "enemy" talk show host who is only well-known in the Bay Area? What danger did he pose to them when compared to other lefties with nation-wide radio or TV shows? Why didn't they go after someone on Air America or Keith Olbermann? If you really think they were just trying to silence a local late-night AM talk show host, you're completely lost.

Also, as Jerry Fletcher pointed out, the judge ordered that Ward receive counseling while he's at the Lompoc country club.


Replace the wooden man at
Burning Man. Use Burny Wort instead.

His wife should be in prison .



Burny didn't do any good. That is a myth and a lie.

Burny is evil and evil only dresses up in "good" to fool people like you.


Christine Craft says he got a bad rap. She's one pathetic soul.

Eric von Schonberg

Child pornography is a serious crime, which needs to be punished.

My main problem here is the disparity of the sentence in relation to other crimes. Child molestors get fewer years in prison. Also, Reiser, who was just sent to prison for 15 years to life may end up spending only twice as long as Bernie in prison, and Reiser murdered his wife!

My other problem is that the apparent political motivations. It was admitted by the prosecution that 100 other individuals did the same crime that Bernie was convicted of, but the prosecution chose not to go after them. Could it be because those other 100 distributed child pornography, but were not critical of the Bush administration. The message here seems to be: You should not distribute child pornography if you have been critical of the government; but if you have not been critical of the government, go ahead and have fun with your collection of kiddie porn.
Eric von Schonberg

Wyatt Burp

Re; John Harris, 8-28, 11:39pm, John, how did Bush and Rove get Bernie to pull his pud in front of a female co-worker and Brian Copeland while he was on the air doing God Talk? How did they get him to become obsessed with his son's penis? If they're capable of doing that wouldn't they have been able to "plant" WMD's in Iraq? Rush Limbaugh get's a 400 million dollar contract and Bernie's life gets ruined by his own doing! Thank You, God!!!

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