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Thanks to the channel 7 news team for reporting this story....I applaud your willingness to share this topic where others will not!

Oprah Winfrey has a similar show on today about factory farming methods.

How about the United Nations 375-page report on the negative effects factory farming has on the planet. Really!

Livestocks Long Shadow Report, 2006
watch suprememastertv.com to see more unreported news on the links between factory farming and global warming. This news has not hit the mainstream yet.

Once again, Good job Channel 7! More stories like these..

Sydni Moser

Outstanding reporting on such an important issue that has been neglected for far too long. As caretakers of our planet, we as human beings cannot allow these horrid conditions to continue. Animals have a basic right for ethical treatment. Everyone needs to know about the unacceptable conditions animals survive in. We buy our packaged eggs, and meat without regard for
where it came from. Now we know and we must put a stop to this cruelty. Thanks again for your article.


Thank you for covering this issue! The more awareness the better.

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Everyone needs to know about the unacceptable conditions animals survive in. We buy our packaged eggs, and meat without regard for
where it came from.

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Anyone know if the "Knudsen" brand milk comes from a reliable source?? They are distributed by "Heartland farms".
Also,what IS the most reliabe brand of milk to buy that comes from a good source????

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You should be seneig some improvement- some people take longer than others to heal. Check your diet to make sure you aren't getting any hidden gluten. Some common things are soy sauce is usually full of wheat, modified food or starch can be wheat. Something else to consider is that you might need vitamins to help your body heal. Maybe a good gluten free multivitamin and an omega complex capsule would help. It is also possible that until you heal, you have lactose intolerance and need to either take a lactaid if you are having dairy or steer clear of it for a while.Those are just some things to look at and discuss with your doctor who I recommend you get back in and see about the continuation of your symptoms.Good luck!!!


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