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As usual, the delay tactics, abuse of public records, shady and corrupt behaviors and status quo, "no comment" answers are all that anyone can expect. They both, Newsom and Fong, need to go! I also think that an outside investigation into their illicit and corrupt improprieties needs to be initiated.

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Oh get over yourself Cohen! Of course the sky's falling and everyone should go. This coverage sounds like it has an undertone of a witch hunt with pre-conceived comments. I'll agree Fong's not been the best Chief, in fact down right horrible but this whole issue comes down to the way things are in today's life - tons of criticism and hate. In simple terms, he's our mayor, he's entitled to safety and protection which is way different than back when Mayor Agnos was in office. It'd be different if we were talking about liquor tabs and stripper joint bills. We're talking about a vehicle alone in expense! Mayor Agnos' comments were almost stupid when included in the investigation - maybe he should have had an extra horse and buggy on his security detail during those times. In a grander look at the issue, we're talking about $15K. I bet this investigation by ABC7 and the trouble it's causing will cost a lot more than that! I say leave him alone and stop this witch hunt! I smell "Yes on 8" witch hunters!


Oh please, RJP. From a "No on 8" homo who lives in Civic Center, every detail of Noyes' report sounds about right. Newsom's security detail is ridiculously large. You'd think he was the president of the USA or something rather than a crappy, ineffective mayor of a smallish city.


Another witch hunt by Dan Noyes. I am not surprised at all that the Mayor will not speak to you. I wouldn't either. What you do in regards to the Mayor is not at all investigative journalism. I will be penning my own blog post in regards to this matter. What I will say here Mr. Noyes is do your job and investigate the stories which are important.

smell a rat

This administration is flawed by ill behavior and cover up. he did not need his suv in montana on a private ranch that nobody could get too. he will be out of a job soon..he has no shot at govenor of this great state

Zahira Cortes

I would like to know why when chief fong uses money for personal business why is she allowed to say its okay, but if a police officer was to use a police car for personal business chief fong would be yelling and screaming at the police officer. the funny thing is the chief is a liar and has been caught lying under oath and a memorandum had been written regarding the lying under oath and the chief had the investigation stopped. chief fong is the worst chief in history. chief fong has done nothing her entire career except collect a paycheck

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What about asking Is it good for me? Then the anwesr would be different. Vegan is good and great and definitely how I roll, but healthy is just as important. Look at those ingredients. Sugar is second on the list. That means it's theirs a ton of it in there. And what about potassium sorbate and sodium bisulfite? My rule if a product has stuff in it that I know is bad for me, it's out. If it has stuff in it that I can't point to in nature, it's gone. If it's got stuff in it that I don't know what the hell it is, can't buy it in the store, or can't grow it . . . . it ain't going into my body. Let's not just be vegan. Let's be healthy!!! +2Was this anwesr helpful?


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