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When I had my speed boat The Sail Boat always had the right of way,,,We always yielded to a sail boat.


As the Ethics & Compliance Administrator for a large national company, the judge clearly has a conflict of interest. Furthermore, the "old boys club" is alive and well in the small town community of Clear Lake. It sure is nice to be a cop in that town!


I have lived in Lake County for 10 years and this is typical of the cronyism that goes on in this county with the Sheriffs Dept.
It starts at the top with Sheriff Rod Mitchel on down.
I have had conversations with people that know Perdock and they have said that this is not the first time Perdock has used his position to get out of trouble. This from people that know him and are personal friends. I wish there was a investigation on the whole department and Perdock included. This is just sad that the wrong man is charged!!

John Clemens

I have paid attention to your stories and also what the papers have written on this boat accident, and am outraged. It's time for the police and the courts to start treating police officers the same as regular citizens. This officer is the guilty party, and should be charged with murder. What do we have to do to get JUSTICE in this country???


First of all, thanks to Channel 7 for reporting this story. How could this go on in our society? Seeing the family in such grief fighting for the man that could take all of the fall for this cowardly cop shows how corrupt this whole case is. This story should get passed onto to a National News show to create a National uproar.

Randa Burrows

If you are involved in a boating accident you have to have your blood alcohol level tested. Was the police officer's blood tested and when? I used to run a DUI program and info at the time showed most boaters have been drinking so do you think the policeman was also?


It is solely Russell Perdock's actions which clearly resulted in Lynn Thornton’s death. What damage could have the sailboat inflict on anything while drifting at 1 mile an hour on the lake?

Our 'justice' system's goons are going after a scapegoat...

What if a small kid happened to have been sitting at the helm of the sailboat? (The actual skipper was below at the time of the incident) would this justice system jail this kid?

Please pursue the story as a complete & outrageous miscarriage of justice is about to be committed.

Anyone with a minimal sense of justice would be outraged!

Russell Perdock should be the ONLY one facing charges!


Lake County Sheriffs department is corrupt- plain and simple! it is very obvious that they are protecting one of there own. Justice needs to be served. A national news organization should really expose this case.


When an individual in Law Enforcement is so blatantly corrupt, it demeans all of the valiant members of Law Enforcement who serve and protect us every day. Russell Purdock was clearly at fault and needs to stand up and act like a man. If his blood Alcohol was not taken in a timely manner, then all other blood alcohol tests must be disregarded as well. I know a lady who once served on the Grand Jury in Lake County and she said that the members were told how to vote and what to say. The corruption and Good Old Boys here in Lake County is very scary. Thank you for helping to bring this to light. Our prayers are with the victim's friends and family.

SF sailor

I've posted this many times before. I was there that night - I was invited to join them though we considered on buddy boating with them ie on our boat. Had we gone no doubt in my mind that there would have been three boats involved in this accident and given our sail boat is much smaller probably more deaths.

Boat lights or no Boatlights that area is very hard to spot boats on dark nights due to lots of onshore background lighting. Completely stupid and irresponsible boating actions taken by the power boater has lead to this whole mess. I hope that Dinus gets absolved for being a passenger sitting at the helm of a boat doing less than 2knots and I hope that serious outside investigations take place looking into the Judge - procecutor and Sherrif's department in Lake County. The incompetence in the handling of the investigation and the relationships between the people involved in the accident - the investigators and the judge are all very clear conflicts of interest.


What was the outcome of the Justice Department investigation? Surely they found criminal behavior with the delay in testing Perdock's blood alcohol level. Is that why the DA filed charges against the sailboat operator? As a defensive move?


Did anyone ever seek to find out how much alcohol Perdock had at Richmond park Bar and grill. I have no clue but kelseyville people talk about it


I have a summer place at clearlake in the bay where this happen.I have never sent in a mail but after watching the news the last two nights this has made me so MAD!!!
That boat was going much faster then 45 mp. !!! We were on our patio and heard it.It was so loud,and when it hit you knew it was bad.That sound is not good. The big thing is the cop didn't have to give a blood test till the next day?? I feel for this guy It was not his fault as the sailboats up here always have lights on.These guys are boater.I have been up there for may years and you know if you are on the lake at night you go slow!!!! You never know whats in the water as for sticks or rocks this guy should not have been going as fast as he was. It was sad seeing all the lights that night after the accident. Our hearts go to the family and to the guy.This is so wrong..


For anyone that lives in lake county it is well known the the DA and the sheriffs department are in bed. When they get caught doing wrong they circle the wagons and take down anyone in their way. They only put the what they like in their reports and everyone knows it. Then they go after anyone that cross's them. If you watch the people that saw the sail boats lights they will start having problems with law enforcement and code violations on property. Also anything they file against anyone will be pushed aside thats just the way it works up here. like in this case they put aside anyone that saw the lights on the boat anything they say over the next 5 years will also be put in a file and never looked into it happens all the time up here. Some one needs to come back and talk to the people that saw the light in 5 years and ask how their life has changed if the DA loses this case. There are also problems with the time line on Perdock's blood test. Thats just the way it gos and everyone knows its best not to write the paper because then you become a target.


To those who have suggested that this can all be solved by a jury, I ask the following questions: Shouldn't Perdock have to face a jury? Lynn Thornton's family members believe Perdock is responsible for her death. Why is Dinius the only one who has to go to trial?


This is only the tip of the iceberg. The corruption of Lake County is well known thoughout the state and it is a disgrace!!!
This needs to be addressed and NOT by the local cronies! There are SO many people with information on this and other atrocities and have felt the wrath of the Lake County Sheriff's department it is unbelievable! Perdock is guilty as sin and SO are his "buddies" who are covering for him. They all need to get thrown out and not rip the taxpayers off any longer.


I encourage all to become familiar with the California Penal code in regards to vehicular manslaughter.

Once you do, you will see that this is all a delay tactic.

When the trial date arrives, the statute of limitations for charging Perdock will have run out. At that point, no amount of outrage will ever put him on trial.


Delay tactic, "Analyst"?
There is a case where someone who turned in a LCSO for child porn and then through the courts was terrorized and by LCSO for reporting it!
When this person after years of stress was diagnosed with cancer the LCSO effectively delayed medical treatment of the disease for over five months using the courts to destroy everything this business owner and community activist owned literally abusing this person physically, emotionally and financially so that this person could do nothing about the injustice.
Now THAT was a delay tactic.
This person is still alive and Perdock's good buddy who tainted the evidence in this recent story is one of the people involved in the porn who helped make this happen. This is criminal behavior at its worst.
Perdock, with the help of his good buddies, may escape with this penal code requirement you speak of (having the delay work in his favor) but the regime WILL come down.
Murder without intent is different than murder with intent and the victims were on the sailboat, not the other way around. There isn't ANYONE who believes differently...
The evidence is mounting AGAINST the "good old boys..." and their self made entitlements to mayhem and now that it is National News we need to press to have this happen as soon as possible. With a fairly large poll of the county residence showing 99.3% of the population think that law enforcement there is corrupt, well, the evidence is in for the taxpayers!...
Perdock and his "buddies" won't get away with this on this world or in the next... their days are numbered. They are the worst kind of criminals they are the terrorists on home soil and dispirit us all.
Perdock should fess up and get it over with and start on the road to being human. Then our community could heal.


It has been said, that officer Beland, who was instructed (or ordered) not to breath test Perdock has been fired in December 08.


Is there any new information on the recent court hearing? Wasn't it with regards to DNA and the validty of the specimen?


Saw article in paper that there are missing police reports and officer Beland was fired in Dec., and says he was ordered not to breath test Russ Perdock who is the 2nd in command with the LCSO.
Bismarck Dinius is expected back in court ??April 24th.
After the 29th of April, what really sucks is Russ Perdock can not be charged with anything he gets away with operating his boat negligently in causing the death of Lynn Thornton. I wonder if the County planned these delays out inorder to make sure time ran out before the trial started so Russ Perdock escaped free.

Juan Dominguez

The lates is that District att. is asking for a gag order.
It's this another way to stop our citizens from knowing the truth???
Enough is enough, let us know the real truth.

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