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Thanks for doing such a great story!

We all knew this pot medicine thing was a sham from the start!


Medical FRAUD Marijuana. enough is enough. Time to get a vote on to reverse Prop 215 and rid our state of the Lib's who allow this to continue.


I am a fully disabled veteran who is a patient of this docotors organization. Chanel 7 News is handling this story in the true tradition of the Hearst media. This story started from the complaint of a ex-employee. They do not bring out one case where a patient was harmed by the doctors treatment. Nor do they bring out one case of a patient harm someone as a result of the Doctors treatment.

h. brown


Would you suggest the doctor told the pot head to try heroin?



"Restless leg syndrome"? Since when is that a problem? I hope the treatment is not turning people into numb zombies.

Glory Kennemer O'Rooney

Kaiser only alots 8 minutes per patient, but Kaiser is not the flavor of the week. I am a patient and I am thankful that Medicann offers alternatives to your average prescription pusher/doctors. You really are misrepresenting a good thing.


In response to disabled veteran. It shows that he did harm a patient. The six year old child with Autisim. If he never takes patients vital signs or requires medical records then he is breaking the law according to the CA guide for physicians recommending marijuana use issued by the state medical board. This is common practice at all 19 of his locations and this company is responsible for most of the people using marijuan legally in this state. Now when you see a story like this you know how easy it is to get and that no medical exam was done to get it. It makes you think????Should the law be changed? So that any other illness is excluded? If so I bet this money hungry doctor and his company would not be in the pot business anymore.

Peggy Ryan

I also have a letter of recommendation for cannibus from a different Dr. He withheld the recommendation until he received and reviewed my medical records from Kaiser.

Frankly, I'd rather see marijuana sold for recreational purposes and taxed just like alcohol.

The revenue would FIX California's $$ problem.

However, the feds can and do still storm in and raid dispenserys. Obama needs to clear this up.

Stephanie Scheetz

Medical marijuana is a scam! All it does is give potheads a way to get their "fix" without risk of being arrested. It turns people who might have gotten stoned on occasion to full blown addicts who can't quit. My boyfriend of 25 years received his "certificate" several years ago for a bogus ailment, and since then he's become depressed and suicidal. Nothing can be done to get him to stop smoking. Certificates can easily get renewed, and the vicious cycle starts all over again.

Gerald Graczyk

My 18 high school senior son is being charge with a felony by the San Mateo D.A. for being the middle man in a 2 joint pot transaction without anyone ever seeing the pot.
These are high school kids who know no better. He is enlisted in the marine early entry program and has passed drug testing as he is not a user. This was his 1st time buying pot for a school friend because he does not understand the law. I think the DA is wasting our time and tax money on HS kids that are no harm to society.


Don't you have something better to do Dan Noyes. You let your bias opinion taint every story you do so no one will take this seriously anyhow. Besides its just marijuana and if no one noticed its just as easy to get a prescription for Vicoden. And how can you say restless leg syndrome is not serious enough to get marijuana are you a doctor Dan? oh I didn't think so!

Anna Markov

Medical marijuana IS a sham, so are federal alcohol and tobacco subsidies. And so is the legal amphetamine industry. People can get insurance to cover their d-amphetamine (to slim down) and Methylphenedate (for their children's hyperactivity) but they don't get persecuted by self-righteous do-gooders.

Anyhow, chances are this goofball hippy "doctor" who's made off with $10 million is a much more decent person than the CEO of Pfizer or Merck and Co. He is probably very kind to animals and minimizes his carbon footprint. I'm kind of rooting for him, and I think all you haters are just mad that you didn't think of his idea first (oh wait, you'd have to complete medical school first...)

Anna Markov

Hey Stephanie Skeetz: isn't it YOUR BAD for dating a depressed, pot addicted looser for 25 years? I mean, if he's that much of a looser, and an addict, couldn't YOU do better and get A BETTER BOYFRIEND?!

gosh, co dependent people... the worst addicts of them all!


most of you are all stupid fucks. Marijuana should and will be legalized, it is just a matter of time. It has been proven that marijuana has very little impact on health conditions. Everyone who hatedly says, "Potheads" need to kill themselves because what is the difference between taking a hit and drinking a beer? If anything, alchol has worse affects on the body. While people are using marijuana, they are capable of functioning and driving, unlike alchohol. People who have no understanding for marijuana all need to dig their own graves.


Hmmm. You can freely by MJ with a doctor's note in California, but try to exercise your Constitutional rights and purchase ammunition for your privately owned weapon and you have to submit to invasive questions. Man, you gotta love the liberal left.


I have enjoyed pot in my past. But I don't want my young boy to be out in the street when a stoner decides to drive to the store for munchies and kills him. I dont want my son to flunk his exams because weed is freely available for him and his friends to smoke.

That said I would rather it regulated by the same laws as alcohol than watching all these wasters cirumventing the real law by pretending they need it for pain and doctors abdicating their responsibility by acting as dealers. Most of these people are also claiming disability welfare because they are so ill - wasters doing a bit more wasting.


Safer than aspirin, alcohol and tobacco. The fraud is the status quo.


this anna chick sounds like a real peace of work jeez

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Kaiser only alots 8 minutes per patient, but Kaiser is not the flavor of the week. I am a patient and I am thankful that Medicann offers alternatives to your average prescription pusher/doctors. You really are misrepresenting a good thing.

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