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The AG certainly should have sent someone to observe the hearing or better he should have charged both Perdock and Hopkins with obstruction of justice two years ago. It has to be obvious to anybody but a landlubber attorney who was at fault.


why is it that Dinius can't bring Perdock up on charges of some sort since he along with others on the sailboat could testify along with the others at the Harbors outdoor bar also were aware of his being there & not in his garage working like he said. Making a point that maybe Perdock may not be all as truthful as he would like everyone to think he is. Maybe one of the others in the sailboat can make these charges if Dinius can't. Don't the family members of Lynn Thornton have some say so in the charges that the DA brings up in the wrongful death. Isn't he suppose to represent them or Ms. Thornton? Perdock is lying why is it that anyone else lying raises suspicious. But if it is a person of the law, no one even bats an eye to the fact that he is being deceptive.


The DA's Office will prosecute a case whether or not someone wants them too. Example: Spousel Abuse, Woman gets beaten by husband, calls the cops, he gets arrested. She states she wont testify against him and doesnt want to press charges...The DA's can continue on to prosecute whether she wants him to or not. Same with the Thornton Family. They could have pressed charges but they didnt. Maybe they should have it would have made this case alot more difficult. Instead the DA decides to go after Dinius. I believe at this point that the final outcome will rest in the hands of a jury. I sat in the courtroom today and listened. I do feel comfortable with the judge, he sounds like a resonable man and even made the comment that being such a small town that he wanted to be on the up and up and wants the people to be aware of what is going on so not to add to the appearance of the case..I took that as he understands why the citizens are questioning it all and he wants to keep things open so that there isnt any question as to the why's and how comes and so forth...we can only hope the jury finds in favor of not guilty for manslaughter on Dinius, and with Perdock and Hopkins having to take the stand to testify that the line of questioning will prove how wrong this was from the start!


How exactly could the Thorton family have pressed charges?


Oh, and Dan? Kick down some bucks for a decent camera phone eh? Or at least clean the lens once in a while please. Your pictures suck

Dr Phil

Perdock should be ashamed of himself for dragging his kids into public and making them hold Signs stating that "Daddy is Honest"... These poor kids are going to have to spend the rest of their lives in Therapy! (Or maybe Dr. Phil can fix them!)Seems that the only Pro-Perdockian's were family and a smattering of friends. 99% of the Dinius Supporters had never even met the man, and 80% of the Dinius Protesters had never participated in a Protest until this case...That Speaks Volume.. and it says that something really stinks, and its not the Lake!

And AG Jerry Brown.. You need to grow a pair and follow up on this case, as you promised.

Actually, it will be rather entertaining when this case goes to trial.. watching the GOB's trying to shove all of those Skeletons back in the closet...MITCHELL: Hey Hopkins..quick.. grab that skull, its rolling down the stairs! PERDOCK: Oh Shhiitt! I thought I had buried that Femur 3 years ago! Catch It Quick! HOPKINS: Help Me! All these bones are falling out of the Closet! I don't think I can hold this door shut much longer! HELP!! You dumb aaasss's, next time cover your tracks better!

There is going to be some very DIRTY Laundry (GOB's Skid Marked Underware) hanging out for the World to see ^o..o^ *


Jerry, don't go for the top spot, there is a lot of coastline and a number of boaters who will remember for a long time to come.

Personally, all I can do is avoid Lake County et all. Not a dime of mine will ever pass through there. I may only stop long enough to take a dump in a public restroom and pass on through.

What a shameful abuse of power this is, and it will be talked about for years to come. Bunch of good old boy cowards hiding behind loopholes and discretion.

I am truly ashamed of all of you. It isn't any wonder why this state is decomposing in it's own septic tank.

Sasha J.

Thank you Dan for keeping us updated on this travesty. I've been at the edge of my seat, waiting to see updates on the case.

I saw this article: http://lakeconews.com/content/view/9307/764/

It has photos of some of the people who were holding signs in support of Perdock. Why do people need to show up in support of that guy. Even though he should be on trial, he is not. And, their signs make absolutely no sense. "Russ is a wonderful dad." What does that have to do with the fact that he killed Lynn Thornton. OJ was a good football player, and his kids may think he is a good dad. But he killed his wife. And, the other sign says "sober sailors support Perdock." Do they care about the fact that he wasn't sober? Do they care about the fact that he is lying about being at a bar just before the accident.

Supporters of Perdock make me sick.

John R. "Beau" Vrolyk


Thank you for taking the time to attend, something Mr. Brown did not, despite promising to on his own Facebook page. I know it takes a lot to stick with a drawn out trial like this, but you are exhibiting all the very best of what journalism has to offer.

Can you tell us if you'll be able to get any of this covered on TV?

Also, for your information, there are 957,463 boats registered in California and tens of thousands of those boaters are following this trial. Most of them know Mr. Brown didn't show. Odd in an election run up don't you think?


*** Note from Dan Noyes: Thanks for the message, Beau. We did a short clip on TV after the latest hearing. We'll be covering the trial and televising the important parts. And, I'm always looking for followups. I also have a separate, different investigation airing soon from Lake County. ***


Under California law criminal charges have to be filed by District Attorneys. They are usually "Law and Order, Support Your Local Police" types and this is what it leads to. It is called thinking blue.

Judges are good about talking about how fair they are but they usually eat lunch with with the prosecutors certainly not with out of county defenders. He did not even read the defense brief.

Some great dad Perdock was, leaving his son's birthday party to drink and and drive his boat his boat around the lake at high speed. If that is not a crime what is? Well, maybe tampering with evidence.

The county is the largest employer in Lake County. Seating an unbiased jury there might not be easy.

Where's Jerry????

Dan - Have you tried to contact AG Jerry Brown directly (and not one of his minnions?) In addition to the reported 1MM boat owners who are watching this trial, there are millions more non-boat owners who are following it as well. Those are not small "voter" numbers, so you would think that Jerry would see the writing on the wall to get involved (and not just with words, but action.) He has issued false promises and failed to show any leadership in this "keystone cop" prosecution. If he cannot stand up against obvious wrongs, he certainly does not have the character to be governor. I will not vote for him and I will tell everyone I know not to vote for him as well. And I hope that at every campaign stop he makes in California will be met with multiple questions about the Lake County trial and what he did to intervene. The electorate will not take his excuses lying down.


Millions watching? Pulease. could you self-inflate your importance and ego any further?

Who Neutered Jerry Brown?

OK Mr Jerry Brown
Whats the Problem? There are only a few reasons why YOU WOULD NOT FOLLOW THROUGH WITH YOUR PROMISE of "LOOKING INTO" this case. Either you are afraid and need to grow a pair, or you are "in bed" with the Good Old Boys or you are too busy. Which is IT? There is no getting around it, this case is dirtier than "watcher's" mother in church. (hi russ!).


There is alot going on behind the scenes that can not be divulged at present time. There are several different groups gathering up information that will be introduced in court that will be of great value and interest to the public as well as the citizens of Lake County...Patience. I know its frustrating but it will be worth it in the end...


Hey I'm one of the "child" supporters (well I'm actually 18). There needs to be some things set straight: 1) If you are going to quote one of our signs then quote is correctly. It actually said "Perdock is trustworthy" and "Russ is a wonderful dad." 2) The reason for the father signs is because of the fact that Dan Noyse continues to post quotes from the ex Mrs. Perdock saying that Russ is a horrible father who never cooked breakfast a day in his life. You should try Russ's pancakes, I have personally had them every time I stay the night with his daughter. They are wonderful! 3) There was only one relative among the supporters. 4) The reason we were there is because although Perdock has not been charged, the public is prosecuting him and we want to show everybody that there are a lot of people who DO believe in him. 5) NONE of the children there were forced into attending the protest. In fact some of the kids encouraged their parents to show up with them. Russ is an outstanding role model in our community and has influenced a lot of young people in a positive way, including my entire family and a majority of my friends. 6) Sober Sailors do support Perdock because his blood alcohol was 0.0. I know that Russ's time line is correct and that he had not been at Konocti because my brother was at his sons birthday party that night.
I have known the Perdock family for over 13 years. Russ's daughter is my best friend and he is like a 2nd father to me. Russ is the most honest and law abiding person I know.


pplelena sounds very similar to "I Was There" in saying I know the time line is correct because he says so.
Sober Sailors support the Navigational Laws and Safe Boating Laws the same laws pplelena, that Russ Perdock broke and then your Russ rammed his outlaw powerboat into the sailboat. It was the power, the force of what Perdock created on that night that killed Lynn.
Sailors from all over are coming together to support Bismarck Dinius.
It's a shame that the wrongman is having to pay for your Russ's thrills and excitement is that what you want to teach?


Sorry pplelena, not buying it! Just another ploy as a child to try and reach the minds made up...not working. Grammer, punctuation, Spelling are all to perfect for a 18 yr. old...try again! Sounds to close to Perdocks girlfriend! Or should I say Girlfriends!


So tell me, how many 18 yr olds are up at 12:50am blogging in support of good pancakes lmfao.

I Was There

Sorry Gina and Lynn,
But just because someone is supportive of Perdock does not make them all the same person.
Perhaps pplelena is just who she says she is. Why do you pick and choose what you want to believe?
Perdock's ex wife has many issues. I will just leave it at that. But the people who know her and her lies are outraged by her recent actions. The truth will come out and she has opened a huge can of worms that she will never be able to repair.
Kudos to pplelena for trying to make people see the truth. Unfortunately they have already made up their minds and choose to believe what they have been fed by dan noyes. The truth will come out, but the damage has already been done to Perdock and his family, and these people, even though they have been told the truth, will not apologize for their nasty remarks and their slander.
I know what kind of 18 year old has perfect grammar, she is and will be a very successful adult.
As far as what 18 year old would be up this late, notice what time your posts came through. I believe it shows the time of the posts 2 hours later than actually posted.

Also, Lynn sounds an awful lot like repeat2x on all of the other blogs. In fact, some of her posts are almost word for word.


No I am not the same person! And by condoning Dinius you are also approving of drunk driving, both on land and the sea! Lynn, you make it sound like Russ hit the sail boat on purpose, when this is not the case. If Dinius and Weber had not been so intoxicated and had the lights on in the sail boat then none of this would have happened.
As for the time, even if the blog is posted 2 hours after, what 18 year-old is not up at 12:50 AM durring the summer.

NSA ("National Security Administration")

Tammy, aka, Russ Perdock's Girlfriend, aka, I Was There, aka, pplelena, et cetera:

We've tracked your last few posts to the same computer in the same trailer park in which you reside.

By the way, when you post under separate names, try to pause a second and catch your breath between the posts. Otherwise, it becomes fairly obvious, even to neophytes, that the same person is posting under different names.

Russ Perdock is going down. Is he shaking in his boots with the newly released information about the supposedly long-lost 911 tapes?

I Was There

Hey dan,
Why don't you tell them that pplelena, Brianna, Summer, etc. isn't me? You can clear this up and help support the truth. Oh, that's right, you don't want them to know the truth, that would ruin your agenda. Whatever that agenda is actually all about.

Oh, and NSA, my guess would be that Perdock is glad the 911 tapes have reappeared, since he has nothing to hide. The more evidence to support the truth, the better.

*** Note from Dan Noyes: We can confirm when messages come from the same ip address. I cannot confirm if the person is posting from different computers or not. No agenda -- just an important story. Check out the new I-Team blog about the Innocence Project. ***


Hey - I Was There:

Why don't you just confirm that you're Perdock's girlfriend, and that he is a shameful, disgusting human being, who killed lovely Lynn Thornton.

Why do you claim Mr. Noyes has an agenda? All I've seen is that he has been reporting the facts. You may not like the facts. But that does not change the facts. Sometimes the truth hurts.

If the truth counted for anything with those in authority in Lake County, your boy would be on trial, not Mr. Dinius.


The trial was to start today, but at noon I find nothing in the media, it is all about Michael Jackson. I wonder if either side gave up. Jury selection alone likely would take a long time. Hard to imagine that hardly anybody in Lake County not knowing about the case or the Sheriff's Department.


If you can verify that the ip addresses are not the same, then why don't you and then make the truth known. The way you answered "I was there" makes it sound like you agree with everyone who thinks we're the same person.

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