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Tired of the Good Ol Boy's Network

He's A Victim all right... of his own arrogance and stupidity. Bet he never dreamed that this incident would be the one to open up "Pandora's Box". And since he was cussing out the Sailboat Crew right after he slammed into them, and while Lynn Thorton was dying... I guess he felt victimized from the moment of Impact! Asking why the F' they got in his way?....and on HIS Lake,. Now that's a Cop with Compassion! (NOT).

Sasha J.

The poster is brilliant!

Police Brutality: Lake County Style

Peter Swanson

This is unbelievable. I have some questions: Why is Perdock not on trial? Can B. Dinius sue the people that are doing this to him? Do the people out in Lake County who are doing this to B. Dinius realize how they are being perceived?


Good Work, Dan! This is a much bigger story than one boating incident.

Scott Thomas

Sure, he was having a "coke," and was on his way to get another "coke." This case just keep getting wilder.

Richard Thomas

When you read through the transcript of that interview of Perdock, it's obvious that he has something to hide.

It is so amazing that Perdock is not the one on trial.

Perdocks Momma

My son is an Idiot,,, And Im glad the Good People in Lake County will be protesting Friday AM at the Court House in Lakeport... Maybe they can make a man of him... I give up! Please accept my apology.

Get Corrupt Cops Out of Lake County!

To the Rest of the World... We, the Honest Citizens of this community are doing our part to let the Good Ol Boys know that WE WILL NOT TOLERATE Corruption in our current Injustice System! There are a few good Deputy's who support us in our effort to clean up their workplace. There will be a Protest at the Lake Co. Court House 6/12 @ 8am... And No Worries... 2 Recall Petitions to follow....


This cop should be booked and jailed for manslaughter. AS a sailor, it scares the crap out of me to know those power boat idiots can just wipe you out and at 5 kts vs. 40 there is NOTHING YOU CAN DO TO MANEUVER OUT OF THEIR WAY!!!!

Rot in jail you murderous lying pig of a cop!!!!!!!


So, what this means if they convict Dinius: There is now a easy, legal way to kill somone. Get them drunk, throw them in a sailboat so they can't get out of the way, then run them down in the dark. There are married men all over taking notes on this....


This is ridiculous. Had hopes today when we heard that the local DA was making an announcement but no job. I wonder if those good ol boys in Lake County would like to go for a sail with me soon? Maybe to take their minds off their situation as victims. I can solo home.


Dan are you going to tell us who changed Officer Beland's submitted reports?

Alice Quinn Welton

Peaceful protest against corrupt LCSO June 30th on courthouse steps, Lakeport, Ca.


We are getting angry about the delay. When are the real criminals going to be charged? Justice delayed in justice delayed!

lenny matthews

Change will manifest, finally! Our Sheriff and District Attorney are up for re-election in 2010. And three more years to go for our bail bond-Supervisor Rob Brown. These individuals have, under the color of their authority abused their positions and we deserve far better. This is the ipitomy of "the good ol boy network". I strongly suspect that Rod Mitchell our current sheriff will not be running again for office, and neither will Rob Brown. Jon Hopkins signed on for this one and it's sad to see. I thought he had more self respect than to allow his "friends" to corrupt his office and break the law! As it appears I was wrong. He too will go down hard.
Welcome to Lake County!


Can Perdock be charged in this case or has the stute of linitation expird.

bernadette lockwood

if he couldn't see the sail - why would he have seen the lights? Police officers are right to take care of their own - but adding insult to injury by putting an innocent man on trial for murder???

Nine Green  (Mr.)

John Langan DDA is a "hatchet man" for the L.C.D.A. He was the prosecuting attorney that used Rogelio Alfaro and Albert Seidel (meth addicts and meth dealers as prosecution witnesses against me in a violation of restraining order case). Some people will do anything for a pay check. I defended myself and won the case!!! I had high hopes for DA Hopkins, that things would change. Gary Luck, the former DA brought two case against me as retribution for protesting Sheriff "Rod" for not enforcing the law. Eventually, an illegal alien methamphetamine drug dealer orchestrated a home invasion robbery/attempted double murder and was sentenced to a misdemeanor charge (8 mo. 20 days) only!!! DDA Richard Hinchcliff plead them out to "sweet-heart" deals to silence the case. He didn't want my wife or I to testify because it would have made it very easy for me to sue the Sheriff's Dept. I hope it is true that Sheriff Rod is taking things more seriously if indeed he fired Beland and others over this case. If I'm not mistaken, Beland's wife works at Sutter Lakeside. Sheriff Mitchell is better off firing those involved than taking the heat for someone else's mistakes. I think he understands, no one will respect him for a cover-up and he could be recalled, not to mention the "FBI factor". Mitchell is a "political animal". If he would concentrate on enforcing the law and stop using his position to "promote" himself, he would be much more popular and have more self-satifaction that he did his duty. The officers should get their brown noses out of his rear end stop being so "beholden" to Rod. They should set him down and tell him, they are going to enforce THE LAW, not what Rod wants, but what is right and lawful. My problem started with Mitchell in 1994 when he arrested me for allegedly exhibiting speed (burning rubber) with 70 witnesses. He wanted me to plead guilty, but he wouldn't go to trial. He would not take the witness stand to be cross-examined, so the case was dismissed. Rod would never say why he disliked me so much, but his office is linked with the DA, so what Rod wanted, the DA would do for him. Eventually the Sheriff Office and DA's Office suffered a "credibility meltdown" with case dismissals and not guilty verdicts. They are rightfully afraid to be sued. Nothing would make me happier than to humiliate them with a multi-million $ settlement. The DA and the Sheriff know I take things very seriously and I won't let them bully me without a few scrapes and bruises. Fight back!

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nancypucket's Journal

Great recap, I can’t even believe you were able to write that.I got so much anxiety just watching that and I thought I was the only one who had unnatural rage/hate for Kelly, glad I’m not the only one, as I was getting concerned. These women show that you can age without maturing.

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