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Faith is the starting point of all accumulation of riches!Faith is the basis of all "miracles",And all mysteries which cannot be analyzed by the rules of science!

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Há algum tempo venho acompanhando as fotos incríveis de Corrie White, uma fotógrafa Canadense que faz um mega sucesso no Flickr e, ontem ela estava no site do MSN Brasil.

Com 61 anos Corrie fotografa, nas mais diversas cores, "coisas" que, apesar de parecerem monstros ou cogumelos nada mais são do que gotas.

Siiiiiim! Todas as fotos são tiradas por ela própria, muitas na cozinha de sua casa e mostram o exato momento em que as gotas caem em outros líquidos.

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In my opinion, most certifications (i.e. Microsoft, A+, etc.) are useless pieces of paper that, at most, show somebody spent some time scanning through books or sample tests and can regurgitate answers to questions that might appear on a "certification" exam.

Hands-on industry experience is far more valuable and useful in the real world. It proves (1) that you indeed possess sufficient knowledge of a given topic/technology, and, (2) if you are confronted with a problem or situation in which you lack expertise, you are resourceful enough to obtain (whether it be via colleagues, reading manuals, conducting web research, calling vendor support, etc.) the information necessary to arrive at an effective solution.


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This is an outrages irresponsibility on the part of the municipal authorities. They spend a fortune to install the cameras but can not afford to employ someone to maintain them?

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Skyler, glad to hear it. We’ll go through each component of the application in a different blog post this summer

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