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Rod in SF

I live in San Francisco, and know ONE person who lives in Lake County whom I visited one time and I came away with the feeling that I had driven through the deep south in the 1960s.

Dan Noyes watcher

This is a story? Dan should be billed for every hour someone had to look into these frivilous allegations. Ringen made only 18 arrests in 7 years? Now there's a story, you can't drive to work everyday for 7 years without running into at least that many arrests. Dereliction comes to mind.


Seem's like any rual county.

I watched the ABC7 I team report and it seems like all the Deputies had other issues with the employer that did not come to life. Hmm always two sides to every story.

I do not live in Lake County but I have friends who live there and love it.

Dan Noyes watcher

Now we see what Rivero's quid pro quo was for releasing all that offical information to Dan Noyes during the dinius trial. Tried to post this comment on the main story but for some reason it didn't take. Ringen's response "Pretty much" means the same thing as not exactly. Bet we don't hear more about that will we dan?


I am glad most of your viewers are giving your story much merit. It goes to show you what Rivero will fabricate when he decides to run for Sheriff. He can't be further from the truth. Why does the story make it sound like all LCSO Deputies are bad? Why didn't you talk to others? What you have is three disgruntled employees capitalizing on the aftermath of the Dinius trial. Once again a story that prosecuted all members of the Sheriff's department for an off duty supervisors mistake.

Lake Countys Finest Housewife

Whether disgruntled or not there is a major problem within the forces of Lake County. Glad to see Mitchell responding to things after the fact! I will personally contact a friend of mine who is a Mexican Official to check into the claim of the term "Jose Doe" common parlance for discription.
If it wasn't for the Dinius trial and the stupidity of Hopkins to prosecute we would have never actually heard for ourselves the lies that actually came from LCSO on the stand. Mitchell on the other hand made himself scarce during this period and the transparentcy came a bit too late. There is one thing I will agree with Rivero on and that is that there is a Good Ole Boy Network here and it will come to a end eventually. I am a law abiding citizen and I appreciate the honest work done by those on the force. Furthermore, you can continue to point fingers all you want although it only serves to open more eyes on this issue and raises even questions. You guys are beginning to kill each other whether you realize it or not! Stay tuned cuz there is a hell of alot more to come. Thanks Dan appreciate your work on all in Lake County!


Racial profiling ? Try driving while late in Lake County. Speaking of an off duty officers mistake, has anyone been charged with the death of Lynn Thornton?
What's that smell, it's not the lake.

K. Ringen

Very good Rodney! 18 arrests in 7 years. As usual, you have decided to mislead the public, so let us set the record straight.
As you know, four (4) of those years, 11/02 through 11/06, I was in Sacramento as vice-president of PORAC. When in Lake County I was assigned to backgrounds. You don't make any arrests doing that now do you?
Then I came back full time to the S.O. and was assigned to the courts as the bailiff sgt. for one and a half (1 1/2) years. Don't make any real arrests there do you?
Then I was assigned to patrol for about one (1) year.
As you recall, my last six (6) to eight (8) months was assigned to the office. Don't make any arrests there either.
So, as a supervisor, I guess I made 18 arrests in one year.
How many arrests have you made in seven (7) years?
Nice try on shifting the argument with using the arrests stats, Rod.
The definition of Racial profiling
is, "the inappropriate reliance on race as a factor in deciding to stop or search an individual." Publish your traffic stops and pedestrian contacts broken down by race and get back to me. Then tell me there is no racial profiling.
Finally, regarding your "Jose Doe" comment, you know damn well that Sgt. Chwailkowski never said anything about "Jose Doe." What he did say in front of a REACH nurse and 12 other supervisors, was "what if Jose is down." That comment referred to his reluctance to call an air ambulance for any critically injured hispanic who may need REACH to fly them to an out of county hospital.
Nice try.

Dan Noise watcher

Ooops kip the horse is out of the barn, no use trying to the close the doors now.

Watching the Watcher

Thats the way to blame others Rod. You keep saying you don't know about whats going on in YOUR department...That really doesn't say much for you controlling you ranks. Theres another Sgt. in your ranks that is racist and a drug user, and after your found out about his "issues" you promoted him. Look in the mirror Rod, its all coming out, and you have nobody to blame but yourself. As for Rivero, I believe when this all came out originally, he wasn't running against you. Don't blame him for whistle blowing, its about time someone stepped up to put a stop to the crap. You are just mad because he wouldn't play your game, and he's not afraid of you like most who work for you, as of now he has my vote.


Rivero, Ringen and Lande. You are the fine example we want our sons and daughters to know and respect.

Lake Countys Finest Housewife

Think about the consequences before you mess with the public, open your mouth, or hang bragging rights up on your wall. Nice try at your come back on that one Rodney! Be sure to take the picture with you when your excused!


Lived for 25 years in guerneville (Sonoma County) Worked as a nursed at the jail in the late 70's...it was HORRIBLE the officers were abusive/violent (not all) Worked again at the jail in the early 90's to 2000...completely changed...just as the officers on the street did. Moved to Lake County 7 years ago...and yes it feels like Sonoma in the 70's....and the Sheriff office WILL NOT EFFECT CHANGE without a change in leadership! That;s just the way that goes.

A jean Albee

This story is true of all poice in Clearlake, and it goes beyond skin color. My son has the last name of Pedro, we are " white" and native american. My son does not have dark skin nor look native armerican nor "mexican, or spainish. Yet, the Clearlake PD upon a minor altercation with his ex girl friend, they arrested him and charged him with felony abuse, while we could prove other wise. During his lock up awaiting trsportation to Lake port, (the jail), the officers were making remarks like, You spicks like to hit our white women, and that he should go back home,( I assume they ment mexico.)
This minor argument ended up being felony charges and were based on his legal last name. I complained as have many in this county which alwasy went nowhere. Dont believe thee officers who claim an investigation is commencing . Asd it was said for almost 10 years with no charges ever filed or officers fired nor repremaneded. This goes back over 15 years, when all children who were dark skined who walked in groups were considered gangs and where harrassed by officers. Only One officer who spoke out was "asked to retire" . Now a decorated officer elsewhere. we Miss, and need more officers Like "Officer Bob"

Dan Noise watcher

OK, Ringen, pick any 22 month period you want and tell us how many people you arrested? Surely there was a time when you were on patrol. As I hear told, you were pretty much one of the "underperformers" for most of your career.

Also, unless the County is under some consent decree we're not aware of, there is no reason to to keep data for pedestrian and traffic stops by race. As a FORMER VICE PRESIDENT for PORAC, I'd have thought you'd be aware of that.


so another investigation into the sheriffs office and this one has a 22 yr. long association with yours Rodney Mitchell. Isn't Buckholtz connected to Garzoli being in laws and how is that a fair investigation I ask?
Aren't we still looking for that off-duty sheriff who killed Lynn Thornton and Mr. Hopkins can't seem to find vehicular manslaughter meaning in his CA law books.


I team should come and interview all deputies, especially the ones that have disabilities and are hispanic....rivero is not the only one there!!!!!! bunch of lies....Sgt. Chwailkowski is a great guy and so is Sheriff mitchell......shame one rivero and the other two circus monkeys......

iceman' s missing conscience

It was an attorney and Solano County Public Defender, Nick Falloy, on a ride along that accused Chwailkowski of roughing up a Mexican prisoner and slapping him in the back of the head. It was Mitchell who has the poster of the minority getting his bloody face ground into the pavement glorified outside his office. Mitchells response: "it remains there with my permission." Great guys? No, they are above the law out of control goons!!!

Kellie Risso

While on our way home from an event (15 miles) in which a prestigious Attorney was running for Superior Court Judge, we were followed all the way home from a Deputy, it was intimidating and wrong, literally all the way home, through the gates in the Hidden Valley Community. We filed a complaint with Grand Jury, nothing was done. this was wrong, and in your heart of hearts Rod you know this was wrong!

Kellie Risso

So my name is out there, it is the truth! I am not afraid! I have morals. I will be in the news soon enough for doing the right thing! Not retailiation but the law! I will be the Poster person and do PSA's so others may come forward, fraud is a illegal, and the greed hurts us all! By the way what ever happened to Officer Bill?


It's not just racial profiling, it's anyone who the GOB's don't like their looks or personality. Read the link about what the former Sheriff of the neighboring county thinks of Mitchell.


"I didn't recall posting that picture. I asked members of staff about it and the general consensus is that it has been there for anywhere from 3 to 5 years." "If I recalled posting it, I would admit it to you or anyone else. Either way, it remains there with my approval."
Yeah Rod you have my vote, NOT!! Are you willing to run your reelection on the fact that you can't even remember what is on the wall outside your office or if you put it there???
Never , ever, ever, admit you're are wrong, that should be your slogan. Pathetic!!

R. Miller

I accept the Sheriff's view about the poster and I find the discussion of it frivolous. People are trying to piece together isolated incidents, horseplay, braggadocio, unprofessional conduct, and innocuous bravado as a climate of poor leadership and discrimination. It appears to be a stretch, but not beyond possibility.

As to point 2, I suspect there were questions asked and everyone denied wrongdoing, hence the finding. It won't be resolved by any investigation without physical evidence or conflicting testimony.

To point 3 it would be clearly inappropriate to refer to an unidentified black as Leroy Doe, so why is it acceptable to use Jose Doe? But for that matter why are John and Jane used? I suppose it's meant to humanize the unidentified but apparently in this case it was done for contrary reasons.

As to point 6 the absence of visual evidence of injury may mean the heresay boasting was exaggerated. The intentionally reckless driving to shake up the suspects may have happened nonetheless. Even if it was horseplay which caused no injury, it's unacceptably unprofessional.

Some of these allegations can't be proven for lack of evidence. I think the officers have the same presumption of innocence as perpetrators. But the allegations are serious enough to warrant investigation, admonition, training, and supervisory oversight. The Sheriff is a leader and is responsible for everything his subordinates do or fail to do. He is a public servant answerable to the citizens. He is also a politician, answerable to voters.

I knew Lande as his teacher for two years when he was a cadet in Army ROTC. He is a brilliant, passionate idealist and a man of unimpeachable character. If he says he heard a racial slur or witnessed improper conduct, I would believe him. He may have a different point of view in matters of values, experience and judgment than some people, but his assessment of clearly illegal conduct according to law and regulation should be taken seriously.

The Sheriff's arrest statistics are sophistry. The questions raised concerned racial profiling and mistreatment which would not necessarily be observed in arrest statistics. The stats don't dismiss the charge. On the other hand, they don't add fuel to the fire.

I'm familiar with Good Ole Boy networks and have suffered from them when I was on the outside. There are few ways around it or to correct it. Objectivity in hiring and promotion is always a thorny issue, e.g. New Haven fire fighters. Interpersonal relationships color our judgment in ways we may not even perceive so the biased may not consider themselves as such.The Sheriff's ethical statement on the department website specifically says he does not behave this way. Those statements should be evaluated against his personal and leadership conduct. He talks the talk, but...

Rivero really sounds to me like a man with an axe to grind. He may be justified or not in his feelings. If the Sheriff were found to have fallen short of his duties, responsibilities or ethics, the voters should take that into account but should not, by default, conclude his opponent will do better. Maybe the county needs and deserves a fresh face. Perhaps the Sheriff should be hired, not elected.


Vote for Frank Rivero Sheriff of Lake County. For a cleaner county.

iceman' s missing conscience

Mr. Miller,

I found your posting mostly accurate and rational. Yet, your summary acceptance of the sheriff’s poster and your rationalization of the serious criminal misconduct alleged, including assault under color of authority belies your intelligence and reason.

You say you, “accept the Sheriff’s [sic] view about the poster” thereby condoning his glorification of excessive force and violence. Posting a picture outside his office of a man’s bloody face being ground into the pavement by a PEACE OFFICER sends the wrong message to the sheriff’s subordinates.

It’s also difficult to reconcile your praise of Officer Lande, with your near dismissal of his and the other officer’s allegations. The “isolated incidents” you brush off as horseplay and innocuous bravado, are actually very serious federal civil rights violations.

You attack Rivero as a man with an “axe to grind” although he did not say anything different then your friend Officer Lande. It appears that you have prejudged Rivero much like his co-workers did when they called him a “Wetback.” I would describe him as indignant and defiant to his own detriment toward those who have committed injustices against the people he is sworn to protect.

As for hiring the next sheriff, the California Constitution requires that the sheriff be elected.

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