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Mega Shark came out LAST YEAR! 2009 see IMDb There may be other films w the same title; however this shark aatctk is definitely from the one that just came out :) @Nathan Mega Shark was all over the news last year I mean, c'mon, it stars Debbie Gobson and Lorenzo Lamas ;) At the end of the year, it was ranked above Avatar in the 10 most-viewed trailers of 2009, and was the most downloaded trailer of the year as well.Anyway, it's gloriously ridiculous, and if you want to watch it, I think it's now streaming on NetFlix and such.,Hope that helps =)


Hey @Derek and @Nathan Mega Shark CAME OUT LAST YEAR 2009! (see IMDb) That's why it was in the news so much.***It stars Debbie (er, Deborah) Gibson, and drumroll Lorenzo Lamas. Not jonkig! Plus of course, Mega Shark.Apparently it was the 9th most-viewed trailer of 2009, and the most downloaded trailer of the year. It's pretty magnificent, in a fishy sort of way ;)Hope that helps explain the gloriousness that is MSVGO.


The movie actually shows the shark at varniyg sizes, GREATLY varniyg sizes. In this scene it is about twice the size of a plane.. In another scene it is about a quarter of the length of the Golden Gate bridge, and can fit its entire mouth around it. That means that in the bridge scene, the shark would actually be about 300 metres long, whereas in this scene it is about 100 metres long (very roughly, but you get the point).


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Интересно, прикольно, супер


no actually, It is a faliry old movie (2004) my brother is a huge sci-fi nerd and he was watching this movie last year around christmas time, this scence was on whe i walked in and on top of it all there is no reason in hell that a shark would want to take down a plane


Simple, effective, exeellcnt advice. It reminds me of one of my favorite quotes from Walt Disney:“Around here, however, we don’t look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things… and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”–Walt Disney


Will you be driving beewetn destinations? If so, that will allow you to see a lot of the off-the-beaten-path things that the train routes just don't get you to (not to mention delays on the trains, even the German ones). However, if you drive I would strongly suggest bringing your own GPS or renting one that covers those countries. We live in Germany (just north of Frankfurt) and the one other thing that we've learned to plan for is road construction. I feel like so many of the western European highways/Autobahns are filled with time-consuming construction (France, Austria and Italy have outrageous tolls too, FYI). A little extra time and a good GPS are worth the investment -and allow you to see things that aren't on the rail lines! Even with all of these red flags I still would choose car over rail travel any day -it's just good to be prepared!Another thing, travel boards can be good go-to's to evaluate major attractions/cities you're thinking of visiting. The Design*Sponge city guides are also really helpful (and free!).


Enjoy your adventure! :)I live in Rome and have viitsed both Cinque Terre and Lakes Como, Lake Garda, Lake Maggiore and they are wonderful. I hope you are lucky enough to enjoy sunny days but September is normally a nice month, not too hot.Please, drop me a line in case you need any information, I would be delighted to help! :) x

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