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It is so special that you were able to publish the actual picture of the bodyguard. If you make the request, maybe you can get the bodyguards to wear special uniforms or identifying hats, maybe even carry signs!

The news, on a daily basis, carries stories about the crazys in our society. Those who agree to serve the public in high profile positions deserve to be protected.

Interesting to see your "documents" on a cloudy blue background. I don't think I've ever seen an official State memorandum on anything but plain white paper!

You didn't hesitate to throw out numbers re Protective Services Costs - How about a breakdown of what these services include?? I assume protection of elected officials, state buildings and property, visiting dignitaries, ?? You have shown nothing to demonstrate the State is overspending, going to need specifice for that. Until you have that information, you are just throwing bombs (or water balloons)!


The voters should have been told about the expense of bodyguards prior to the election, I for one would NOT have voted for him/her had I known this. The President and Vice President are the only ones who should be provided bodyguards at the expense of the people.
Sorry Charlie, the Governor,Lieutenant Governor, Controller, Secretary State, Superintendent of Education, Insurance Commissioner and all others should pay for their own security/bodyguards with their own money and not make it an expense to the people.


are you kidding? you wouldn't have voted for someone because of their security detail? Water is wet...perhaps you shouldn't have voted for someone for that reason as well


The latest game for politicians, show off your big ego with bodyguards... These jobs are no more dangerous than 30-40 years ago, who had bodyguards back then?

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