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it's not quick enough Bismarck for all you and your family have gone through. Just sorry that we didn't get #2 for taking Lynn's life.
Thanks Dan.


The sheriff was totally at fault, as anyone who has boated knows. 40MPH in the dark, that is blatenly reckless. Then, to band together as "the law", and blame the victim to cover up the sheriff's fault, now they are ALL guilty. I hope he wins BIG. They should all loose their jobs right now.


Hopkins and Mitchell are running for re-election in Lake County. Some nerve that pair has.


You'd think the attorney would at least proof read the "claim." Looks to me like Dinius will be taking on even more debt after the dust clears from this one. Shoulda quit while he was ahead.

Hey Dan, how's that non-existant DOJ investigation panning out for the 3 stooges in your other report?

Kenyatta Carter

Hi Dan, my name is Kenyatta Carter and Victim's Of The System I started after this was done to me but on misdemenor I did not commit and in juvenile court in same court building. Alameda County District Attorney's Office for using a illegal tape recording that I had no knowlede of being tape by officer and assulted chained up not feed and falsified police report and testimony. 1-9 Judges in Hayward Superior Court Amador and 1-10 court appoined attorney's and 1-6 D.A.'s and 1-10 county workers and 1-20 Hayward P.D. Discrimanation, Assult,Fraud,Harrassment,1-5 False Arrest Unethnical Practices all the way. I have 200 or more pieces of evidence and I also filed a Federal concerning this case no. was C08-05349 on 11/25/2008. Retaliated on for internal affairs complaints and substained response on one issue and no response on numerous complaints. There is no attorney willing to take judges attorney's and D.A.'s or it's a conflict of interest, or they want 10,000 to 20,000 to file motion. You can't e-mail evidence or complaints for certain people and its hard when you have so much paperwork, you have to submit your evidence when you file federal and expensive. Our citizens need your help and put and end to this, I think an attorney should do a class action!!! I have evidence for sure and theirs thousands going through this in my community and State Wide this needs to stop. I want to start a petition and get this on ballot we need this to end, if you can't get justice in the justice house. Their are nowhere else to go and this is insane, these court officials took an oath t protect serve and to follow state law, thier fingers must have been crossed when they took that oath. Who will uphold what is so broken badly. 8/12/2009 retaliated on non-stop, can't even get a break to heal from the distess.

Puget Sound Ballast

Hey Watcher

Plaintive lawsuits are usually taken on a contingency bases, meaning if the plaintive does not win the case then the lawyer does not get paid. Which generally means that a lawyer is not going to waste his/her time on a case they do not think they can win, because they will not get paid if they lose.

However, the defendants in this case will have to pay their lawyers either way.

Kenyatta Carter

This is what I am being told and they haven't even looked at my evidence, so if you haven't seen anything how can you say they wasting there time. This is said soon as you say Judge, police and D.A be real not fake and some have conflict of interest, family members or friends etc.

Sasha J.

It's nice to see steps being taken to bring some measure of justice to those at fault in this fiasco.

Perdock and his enablers, Hopkins and Mitchell, are at long last going to be forced to take their seats in the defendants' chairs. Here's hoping they have to twist in the wind for a couple years before losing their jobs and going through bankruptcy.

Lisa Smith

Why don't they reinstate the Lake County deputy, Sergeant Beland who was fired over this case for trying to do the right thing ? The Sherrifs Department needs to be cleaned up !



Puget Sound, correct me if I'm wrong, but Dinius could be on the hook for the defendents attorney fees if it's found to be a frivelous suit.

And a lawyer hungry enough might risk it, or hope for an early settlement.

Kenyatta Carter

There are things bigger than just sueing, Dinius should not have been put in this situation to care if a laywer wants to risk a dollar. These lawyers only concern is having judge friends and D.A. friends etc. This has been going on for 20 years and still going on this will never stop until they make court trials be taped with no access to tapes by judges or anyone but the president are someone put in place by president to over see these things. Then with the police they should be made to be taped without control of stoping tapes or videos when they first get to the scene. There also should be someone put in place to watch them. Then while you are in jail there should be tape recording around the clock everywhere in the jail except the shower and toilet area while in use. This is a disgrace, the thing to me is not money, after all you been through I would just take the truth and an apolige and correctness in my case. If I went to jail like this man because of the police he deserve compensation, he should'nt have to fight for it. It should have been handed to him, why he out must been wronged. (Common Since) All these people are worried about is money millions lifes are being destroyed by police, judges and court appointed pretenders or public pretenders. Children are being molested and beaten by the people the court chose to do illegal business with at all means to protect coruption from police. I know first hand trying to copy 1000's of papers to send to Judicial Council.

Kenyatta Carter

Let's not forget Alameda County Sheriff's Department Dirty . The San Lorenzo Sheriff's Department deputy Mc Kaig beat my younger brother place him under false arrest saying my brother assaulted him. The same night I try and go and get my our vehicle out and the said their are no keys and then a man state to me Oh I am the father on deputy Mc Kaig and I am in charge here and I can do what ever I want and you can't do anything. I was in pure shock that it is two of them and his daddy is a Sgt. at the same station, once I seen this I was like okay something not write. I visited my brother got all the infornmation and filed and complaint for him and asked internal affairs to get him one in custody. After the complaint then my brother was released in 3 days with all charges dropped. They would have put 3 false charges on my brother if was'nt for me . Then on 8/12/2009 I am arrested for a false arrest by Sgt. Mc Kaig and they falsify all police report and get me charge on one count and I beat one. Refuse to let me represent myself before trial and I have the right to by law. Using a tape recording against me without notifying me I was being taped. Lord help everyone in our situation. Just know you not near alone it's just under the table. I will not stop for change forever until my daughter is safe because of police misconduct and judges and court- appointed attorney's I have been fighting for 3 years and continuing. I surpised I have had a heart attack yet!!!!!


The state bar should be looking at Jon soon.

Just a sailor

When can we expect to see the proper person charged for this death? A badge is not an excuse nor a licence to kill.

A; Quinn Welton

Perdock, Mitchell and DA Hopkins covered for the child porn in the LCSO and then tried to cover for it by killing the person who reported it. The death of Lynn Thornton is just one example of the Mitchell's mob mentality. It's time they are brought to justice. Now there is evidence that the child porn was in the LCSO from the beginning and Wiley, the juvenile defense attorney got caught twice with it in the courthouse where Dinius was tried.
Garzoli, one of Mitchell's "men" crashed a helicopter and was admonished and stayed in the office and apparently grew tired of watching child porn on the LCSO computers when he complained in a correspondence to another coworker. ABC7 should check and verify this information that just came in to view.

Moloch the Owl

These criminals of Justice should be spending the rest of their lives in the state pen. Or -- come to think of it, why burden the tax payers? Drown them like rats in the lake. Their floating bloated carcasses can serve as 'speed bumps' near Konocti harbor.


mitchell and hopkins must GO!!!


Well now I've seen everything, Lake County News is advertising for Rodney Mitchell. Can you believe that? Next they'll be endorsing Jon Hopkins.
Word around the town is that they are refusing space to the challenger. There politics stink.

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Lake County Manifest

Actually, these defendants will probably not have to pay. They are being covered by Lake County's liability insurance.

The complaint was filed in U.S. district court yesterday.


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