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Damon Casatico

Dan, This is why I love you! Nice job!


Thanks for alerting us all to this story. However, your reporting has had a ton of holes. You should be more careful. An award? No way. You should be thanks for your efforts, but you reported things we now know are not true. and plenty that was true, thank you.




I think Mr Slavin did a remarkable job to not knock you on your ass. What right have you got to derail a town hall meeting? We learned nothing from your theatrics other than you're a bully and unprofessional. I wonder why your "story" wasn't run by any other news agency? This isn't journalism, it's sensationalism. But hey, it sells better than the truth. The way I read it, the issues at LH have been going on for decades. The current admin began the clean up by ousting the real problems. How come you don't report that?

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Skyler, glad to hear it. We’ll go through each component of the application in a different blog post this summer

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Geoffrey Rush

Here's the report by independent investigators into evidence we uncovered of misspending and mismanagement at San Jose Evergreen Community College District. It finds former chancellor Rosa Perez may have broken state laws by hiring and promoting a woman with whom she had a personal and financial relationship.


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above other systems dont work great for me to keep up with cmeomnts I have made@Jen yeah I learn so much by thinking about what influences my own behaviour@Alan, thank you @natnit I had to look that up and I am still not sure what it means @Rusty, Liz and Darren are organising their own get-togethers, but it is true they are rare and tend to be conferences rather than meet-ups@john, I will write up my comment policy. Short answer: I do delete spam using akismet or offensive cmeomnts manually. Some cmeomnts get caught in the spam filter by mistake, most of which I catch but some obviously I don't. Those cmeomnts you refer to on the procrastination post were absolutely horrible filth or nasty attacks (mainly myself but some about bloggers in general). I see disagreeing and downright offensive as two different things. I delete the latter while encouraging the former.


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