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Noyes sux

Noyes: Get it straight. There are several gift accounts, some designated for patients that are spent on patients, some for hard working nurses that are spent on nurses.

Don't be a silly little puppet or pawn for those who liked the comfy lazy sleepy status quo. You should look into these insider LHH blog posters and their thinly veiled agendas. Yes, of course, it is nicer not to admit too many folks, , and easier to not serve the entire SF population, sit back and admit only elderly white folks who in their minds are low maintenance instead of the 'difficult' patients of color who also are truly the downtrodden and in need. These folks want to make sure that LHH is mired in the past, as only an old folks home for easy to care and homogenous population instead of a state of the art rehab and skilled nursing facility, that will serve the entire SF community. It is the usual 'not in my backyard' mentality. Those hateful posters that conspire to put ridiculous racist propositions on the ballot to limit the kind of San franciscans that can benefit from the care at LHH need to be called out for what they are . Those blog posters such as 'Robert' and others should also be investigated as to who they are and how they are motivated. You should in fact look into how the previous administrations, so beloved by some of the folks here performed when they were in charge, how many state violations of standards of care occurred on their watch before this new group came. Anyway, Dan, you will find who the truly incompetent are/were.


There are so many problems at LHH. The current highly paid leadership staff are trying to make it better, but they use such heavy-handed techniques and spend so much time demonizing and trying to get rid of anyone who dissents that they lose the cooperation of the working staff. This is not the performance of an organization with an effective Administrator or Communications Director. After many years of being left to it's own devices by DPH the patients and their advocates filed lawsuits and complaints with the FED DOJ. LHH had to change or be closed. Separately from this Dr. Katz and the then CEO of SFGH Gene O'Connell decided that LHH would be a good place to put patients with severe behavioral problems that could not be discharged to the community. This was a bad decision with bad outcomes and was rescinded after vulnerable patients were assaulted and much protesting by medical and other staff members including Drs. Kerr and Rivero. After this the old timer staff at LHH never trusted Katz or DPH leadership again. Rather then try to repair this rift, DPH leadership continued to as they do to this day marginalizing and discrediting dissenters. Unfortunately the patients at LHH get lost in all this political posturing. Leadership at DPH tolerates no dissent so Kerr and Rivero, among others are out. This is their parting shot. Unfortunately DPH only recruits the hospital CEO's from within their own system and this is a big reason why we see such leadership incompetence and potential malfeasance. One wonders if there is something to keep secret when an organization is so riddled with cronyism and shows such a lack of cooperation with the local media investigating a story.
LHH is a community resource that the taxpayers have chosen to invest over $400M in. Surely the patients at the new world class LHH deserve leadership staff recruited from the best and brightest not just the most expedient picks from within that will tow the line.


Bravo SFRN, from one insider to another you said it perfectly! Lets get skilled management who know the skill in rolling out new regulations and changes with a cooperative staff. Paternalistic mentality is for dictator regimes. Nepotism and cronyism have reigned far too long. Whats wrong with transparency and cooperation? Eliminating the barriers between staff and management would serve patients, reduce harm, and maybe, just maybe the folks at the bottom of the food chain who actually do the patient care can contribute and offer suggestions on improved ways to function. They may forgo a bar-b-que to see institutional change.

Gregory Mengel

Seemed like schlock ambush journalism to me. The video of the "confrontation" has approximately zero news content, though , judging from the comments here, it apparently did the job of getting folks all outraged and ready to jump to conclusions. I am sure there is more to this story. Mr. Slavin sat down for an interview, but all we got were a couple of sentences. I do not feel informed. I feel manipulated.


Mark Slavin should be fired! He's absolutely ridiculous!!


These patient accounts should be immediately audited. If there are descrepincies in the distribution of public money for indigent patients those responsible should be given a hearing and then immediately fired should they be guilty.
Mr Slavin is clearly shown committing an assault. He should be reported to the police and then be fired. If this had happened in a private company he would have already been shown the door.
Unacceptable behavior from a publicly paid city official.

Local yokel

Boy all this axe-grindin' is more exciting than wrestlin'.


I thought that creepy guy, Marc,was a patient who somehow made it into the town meeting. I think he has some serious issues. Glad he's in a hospital setting!


Dan Noyes is a piece of shit. The lady clearly didn't want to talk with him, either before or after the meeting, and he spoke to her like she was a 10 year old. Smug asshole.


I guess I should have read the article instead of just watching the video. I didn't realize what he was there to investigate.


Slavin's actions were appalling and very telling of how he conducts himself in general. He should be ashamed of himself and should be held accountable for his irresponsible actions. The patients have a right to have a voice and these doctors are trying to protect and defend them. This is not a matter of laziness on the part of the physicians, it is a matter of lying and deception on the part of the administration at Laguna Honda Hospital. The doctors should be reinstated and Slavin should be fired.


Slavin's actions are straight out of Comms 101 as taught by the "Church" of Scientology... just so you know what kind of sleaze you're dealing with.

Sherrie Matza

Oh, come on LHH! Your excuse that the gift fund has two purposes is quite bizarre. Do you really think you would get people to donate if you told them that the money was not going to patients? And, how do you separate the "two funds" so that expenditures for staff do not reduce expenditures for patients? And how do you explain that the doctors were told $100 was not available for tacos for the patients because the fund was bankrupt? And how do you explain that the staff functions do not have patients in attendance? Finally, why not come clean and say you welcome an audit -- after all, you must have known this exposure was going to occur.

I truly hope LHH turns into a "state of the art facility" for the most vulnerable, however, after a project that has seen the worst incompetence ever (not only did it take years longer than anticipated, and the cost overruns were horrendous, their original plan was scrapped and they had to settle for hundreds fewer beds and no assisted living facility), I have little faith.

Patrick Monette-Shaw

As I read Mivic Hirose’s memo to Laguna Honda staff posted above, I found myself wondering how she had missed understanding the chapter “What is a Lie?” in now-U.S. Senator Al Franken’s book “Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them.” Franken writes that lies create a worldview “designed to comfort the comfortable and further afflict the afflicted.” He notes that to fight those who fight with lies, “We have to fight them with the truth.” He notes that “We’ve got to be willing to throw their lies in their face.” Mivic, how could you have missed this chapter?

So here goes, here’s the truth: Although Mivic says that the ABC-TV Channel 7 investigation by Dan Noyes is a “distortion of facts,” she herself introduces distortion of facts (read: “distortion of the truth”) by claiming that the gift fund has two uses: “To provide amenities for residents and to provide support for staff.” What Ms. Hirose is distorting is that the LHH patient gift fund (notice how she cleverly removed the word “patient” from the name of the fund?) for decades has never included a provision that it could fund amenities for the staff, like the LHH logo-emblazoned pedometers that nurses can afford to buy themselves, or the “thank you gifts” Mivic is hell-bent on passing out to her nursing staff pet employees. Indeed, once Laguna Honda Hospital was caught with its hand in the patient gift fund cookie-jar, the hospital raced to revise the policy. On April 15, just barely a month ago, with a stroke of the pen the hospital suddenly added the staff support provision into the patient gift fund to help cover its tracks.

The most recent version of policy #45-01 had been dated December 2, 2004, where it went unchanged for nearly six years before LHH fiddled with, and completely re-wrote, the policy on April 15, 2010. And I mean completely rewrote it. The 2004 version was a three-page document, which stated in the “purpose” section that the purpose was “To ensure that LHH Gift Fund expenditures ‘add comfort, welfare, please and happiness’ to the residents.” The purpose section went on to state that the gift fund was a “restricted” fund, but was not intended to support the City’s obligation to operate the hospital (that excludes using the fund for staff operations) nor was it to fund routine City expenditures (e.g., staff development). Rather, the fund was established to benefit residents in general to enhance their quality of life.

In the sudden April 15 (now only two-pages) version of the same policy number, the original purpose is completely gone, and in its place the new “purpose” is to “ensure effective management” of the gift fund. In the December 2004 version, the “policy” section clearly states that the “LHH Gift Fund Management Committee shall have the responsibility to coordinate, plan, review and recommend the approval of projects [to be funded from Gift Fund revenues],” and the committee was specifically charged with reviewing and approving all expenditures over $500. In the April 2010 version, the Gift Fund Management Committee has been completely removed, such that there is now no oversight committee at all.

The December 2004 version of the policy specified several various subaccounts, and noted that each subaccount was a restricted account. None of the listed subaccounts included a “staff support” subaccount. Now that their hands have been caught in the cookie jar, the sudden April 15 version now names three subaccounts for staff education (nurses, physicians and administrators). For decades, educational reimbursement was built into the nurse, physician, and management executive contracts with the City, in which the City set aside dedicated education funds for each of these three professions, but limit the use of City-funded educational expenses to tuition, professional licenses, and the like. Now the educational sub-funds of the patient gift fund are being used to provide meals to highly compensated staff (for instance, the average total salary for Department of Public Health’s 1,258 registered nurses in 2009 was $99,609; its 86 nurse managers averaged $152,280; its 31 clinical nurse specialists averaged $135,825; its 255 physicians averaged $91,165; and the 141 DPH employees represented by the Municipal Executive’s Association averaged $126,234), so it is hypocritical to suggest that these highly-paid staff need to have an “education fund” that appears to be fattening themselves up via catered luncheons. Can’t they pay for their own lunches out of their salaries like the rest of City employees do?

Mivic acknowledges that the gift fund has paid for meals for staff retreats, but fails to mention that the three management retreats held each fall to develop LHH’s budget submission for the next year involve approximately 50 of LHH’s hand-picked top management staff; she also doesn’t tell you about the “facilitator” fees paid to have motivational speakers attend the retreats, where managers sit around and build such things as towers out of paper and scotch tape, ostensibly to inspire them to get their creative management juices flowing.

Neither Hirose nor LHH’s minister of disinformation, Marc Slavin has mentioned that the April 2010 version of the gift fund policy suddenly re-written when California’s Licensing and Certification Division learned of this sorry state of affairs, has completely removed the “Authority” section of policy #45-01 that had been included in the December 2004 version. The Authority section referred to San Francisco Administrative Code Section 10.100-201, Public Health Gift Funds, which clearly states that the “LHH Gift Fund, [which is a public trust] is intended for the general benefit and comfort of patients of Laguna Honda Hospital.” This section of the City’s Administrative Code has not been revised since December 2000, and it provides no authority for use of these restricted funds for staff education or staff meals.

Heeding Senator Franken’s advice, in an effort to throw the truth in Mivic’s face I note that implicit in the “public trust” is an expectation that Section 10.100-201 does not permit her to distort the truth (lie) about the patient gift fund, or the policy’s revision history. Shame on her and her spin-doctor, Marc Slavin!

As far as the public trust goes, where is San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris in this mess? If it were an in-home healthcare caregiver who had bilked money out of an elderly home-bound, disabled woman, Harris would be “all over it” in prosecuting the caregiver for elder financial abuse, and the interrelated elder neglect caused by patients losing their quality of life by reducing their “comfort, welfare, please and happiness” — and the Chronicle and the Examiner would have made such news a front-page story (instead, both papers turn a blind eye to potential mismanagement of LHH’s patient gift fund). Why is the LHH patient gift fund held to a different standard by Kamala Harris? Why are LHH’s caregiver-administrators held to a different standard of potentially mismanaging funds intended to benefit its patients? Is Harris too busy running for State Attorney General that she can’t be bothered to look into potential white-collar mismanagement of restricted funds intended for patients?

While Slavin and Hirose try to spin-control that Dan Noyes’ investigation was a distortion of fact, it is the pair of them who are distorting the truth. And they think they can do that by simply re-writing Policy #45-01, without changing the San Francisco’s Administrative Code Section 10.100-201. I hope State Licensing and Certification slaps a citation, and a hefty monetary fine, on Laguna Honda. Maybe that will get Mivic to read, and possibly finally understand, Franken’s chapter, “What is a lie?”. As for Slavin, even if he read it, his history at Laguna Honda suggest that he’ll just keep presenting misinformation to the public, while he collects his $132,518 City salary. Is that what the City’s taxpayers now fund: City employees potentially incapable of telling the truth?

He once claimed to me that he was sent to a job at Laguna Honda to keep negative news out of the media until LHH held its ribbon-cutting ceremony for the replacement hospital. Now, almost single-handedly, he’s generating negative news all on his own! Bless his pointed little sneer.

And where is Gavin Newsom hiding in all of this ? Hopefully, the Janice Hahn campaign will make some campaign hay out of the fact that Marc “1375 Special Assistant XVI” Slavin is widely thought to report directly to Mayor Newsom, or possibly to former City Attorney Louise Renne (Slavin’s former boss when she was City Attorney), who established the LHH Foundation as a private 501(c)(3) non-profit under her sole control, since Slavin’s office at LHH is in space formerly used by the LHH Foundation.

Thanks, Mr. Noyes; you've provided an invaluable service to San Francisco by exposing this story.


How is it any of the staff are still employed? I loathe people that prey on the elderly. Good work Channel 7 news.

Judith Terracina

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Holy Crap, I watched the video again. Notice the guy that enters the room and starts touching and patting the back of colleague. What is that the " cult touch" secret handshake? A bunch of freaks.


I work at the hospital and have seen how Mr. Slavin is with the residents, though he (thankfully) has very little contact with them. At the residents council meeting, he acts concerned, but speaks OVER the residents consistently. I could not attend these meetings anymore as it left me feeling frustrated and angry. Nothing that I saw from Mr. Slavin previously however prepared for the unbelievable display in the news story. Scary and aggressive, to say the least!


So why is Mivic Hirose standing in the background while her employee is clearly engaged in unacceptable behavior. Inappropriate touching is not acceptable and should be disciplined. But all too frequently management can act badly and ignore bad behavior and not be held accountable to standards the rest of the staff must adhere to. There are many victims of poor management not just the patients as this story reveals.


I think Dan is a professional idiot who just wanted some answers from that unprofessional communication director who obviously doesn't know how to handle situation professionally. Is that director a new graduate? Is this his first PR job? Poor guy, he should get more training before go on the field.

friend of a patient

You go Dan! KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELF twerp!!! Dan look further into the treatment of patients and incedent reports......I bet the twerp will really freak then!!!!


Unfortunately, this story is not true investigative journalism. If it had been, the disgruntled whistle-blower doctors' relationship and their mutual agendas would also have been equally scrutinized.
Laguna Honda Hospital is a skilled nursing facility. The fact that it has several hospitalists is a luxury,and very advantageous for the patients, yet many of the doctors resent that advanced practice nurses enjoy well deserved power and influence, and compensation. They do, in fact, perform the bulk of the patient care. It's really sad to see LHH portrayed in such a slanted negative light. It is a superior skilled nursing facility despite Mr. Noyes' biased reporting and disruptive style.


Jennifer, I was trying to figure out how to respond to your comment but then I realize that there is no way to reason with someone who sides with people who steal from poor, sick and dying people. Does LHH have a mental health component? You should check in for a neck up check up.

The insider

All you people comment on this like you know tge whole story when in fact, you don't. Why do you think Marc kept touching him? It was because he was disrupting Mivic wich he was not supposed to be doing. And when Marc realized he got mad when he touched him, why not keep doing it until he gets fed up and leave? He wouldn't of called the police because there was a sheriff in the room as the confrontation took place. He was just merley trying to control the situation which he obviously did not. All of you comment on Marc being a "pschopath" and "should be fired" because he was pushing the reporters buttons. And I only saw ONE person that recognized that maybe this whole thing wouldn't have happened if Dan wasn't a jerk to begin with. And it's funny how much stuff the patients get from the gift fund, such as the gift catalog for the holiday season. And they say that the patients have to wait a month to go on a trip. You have 7 floors and many wars on each, so how can 1100 residents all go out at the same time every week? Also you criticize Mivic for not talking to him and saying she should be fired? Have you ever thought there is a time and a place for everything and that was not the time nor the place for investigative reporting. Maybe you people should stop by the hospital and see these "horrible" living conditions the patients have. In addition have you thought that maybe it looks so bad is because they wanted it to look like that? Oh yeah Dan also left out the construction of a new hospital that will ensure patient privacy and comfort? Maybe you should stop by for a tour and judge for your self. If I'm correct the next tour is on June 5 at 11am and leaves from administration.


Dan Noyes is a fine example of a true investigative reporter. Laguna Honda's illegal and unethical activites needs to be exposed! Thank you, Dan, for standing up and fighting for the patients, who are incapable of doing this themselves. I am no longer going to contribute financially to Laguna Honda after this, and I urge everyone else to stop as well, until those responsible have all been legally punished. If this is the way they've conducted themselves, further inquiries should be made into the standard of care given to patients!! I'll bet this illegal money swindling is just the tip of the iceberg! Marc Slavin deserves to be fired!!! As an aside, he came across as a real wimp with a short-man's complex to boot. Hail to the whistle blowers, and to Dan. People like that are the real heros! Keep doing what you do, Dan!

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