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Irnaian :What happened in 22nd of Bahman was noitng but a dictatorship paying its agents some with money and some with Sandis to put on a pathetic show. If no one else knows I know very well because I live here. 5 days to the 22nd of Bahman all the major roads to Tehran were blocked and no civilian car was allowed to come to Tehran. What you saw in the state media that day was the total number of government agents supporters Basijies Pasdars (Jire khoran) and other servants on the governments payroll. Now the funny thing is that even to get enough number of them they had to ship these agents from all over the country to Tehran as the number of Tehran natives willing to participate in pro government demonstrations was next to zero. By the governments own estimate the number of people participating was around 1.5 million max now in a city like Tehran with 18 million population, you tell me how pathetic is that. It is funny that even considering all the length that the government went into in order to fill the streets they still did not succeed and in the end has to force the public sector workers(teachers, bank employees local office workers) to participate by designating them particular seats in busses and making sure of their presence I say this as it happened to one of my friends who works in Shar- Daari, when the hefazat Etelaat (VEVAK) of his office informed him of his designated seat in the bus and insisting that he has to go or otherwise. You see pal as far as we know the IRI is not the only dictatorship coming up with this sort of pathetic shows. We all remember similar demos and greeting shows in favour of one Saddam Hussein, the Shah, and we all know what happened to him.


In my opinion, Slavin and the POV she renstrepes is disappointed that there was no Neda event that could be pointed to as an example of the brutality of the Iranian government: if it bleeds it leads, and the Iranian leadership was crafty enough or principled enough not to shed the blood of its citizens for Slavin to gloat over.Pittsburgh during the G 20 was a police state. Roads, bridges, businesses, city government were closed/blocked with police, military, dogs. Several churches and fields on the immediate perimeter of the convention center were ringed with razor wire and loaded with weapons and armored vehicles. Dr. Leverett is correct, Obama's gestures to Iran were weak at best, were disingenuous at least, were arguably a gotcha strategy: read the papers Michele Flournoy drafted, framing the game changing strategy that was DESIGNED to fail and to put the onus for that failure on Iran's leadership. www dot cnas.org/node/18Slavin used to be a credible resource; she is no longer; she recites Likud talking points. Her complaints about Iran's internal affairs really have no bearing on US foreign policy: Iran's internal conflicts are Iran's affair to solve; they are really not related to the nuclear issue; that is a red herring that Slavin should know Israeli leaders announce regularly that the issue is not nukes, the issue is the regime it must change. Slavin disrespects her audience when she insists on one hand that nukes are a problem, then slip in Hezbollah Hamas ahh, there's the rub.I'd like to see a crisp chronology of Israel's demonization campaign against Iran: it started in 1992 with Ephraim Sneh's report to Knesset, and came to the US via AIPAC in 1995 (Ahmadinejad was a prof. of civil engineering in 1992; not president until 2005).


Posted on Hola Julio,Me pillaste, eso no lo hecho pquroe no me he tomado con esto. Averiguare9 si encuentro la forma pero quize1s pueda ir por grupo de clientes y definir reglas para ellos no se cuando tenga algo claro te cuento. Bueno si tu encuentras la solucif3n igual sereda genial que la comentare1s aqued.Boris D.


Julio Herrera Posted on Boris, una consulta, tengo la neeiscdad de NO mostrar el precio al publico a menos que este logueado, ya he visto algunos foros en ingles pero no me convencen mucho las soluciones planteadas (todas son muy diferentes), tienes alguna idea de como solucionar esto???, saludos y gracias.


My greatest fear was of masvsie killings of demonstrators and a blood bath. IRR was very prepared and willing to do it. My own friends had told me not to expect a big turnout. Mothers were not going to let their children go to their deaths. Thankfully we did not get a bloodbath. I am glad we did not get Tinneman Square. It would have possibly put back the anti IRR movement by years. Instead the pro democracy movement chose to live to fight another day. You don't go around announcing you huge demonstrations months ahead and expect the government not to be ready for them. So of course the IRR was ready. People did the right thing and did not play into the IRR hands. The time to hit IRR is when they are off guard and least expect it. We are in this for a long haul. The IRR carried the day yesterday. But all it takes is one slip; one mistake and they are done for. As we speak the US Senate is tightening the noose around the neck of IRR.The diaspora is not that different from those in Iran. We are the same people. When I talk to people who just got here they feel the same as I do. The one thing we have achieved is to get more Iranians specially in diaspora to support tougher sanctions on IRR. Organizations which were up to now neutral like NIAC are being voicing stronger opposition to IRR. The only people who support the IRR as their basiji cronies and the old left wing ex Mojahed/Fadayi members right here in the US, ex-commie Toudehi previously funded by Russia.


Not only is commenting the right thing to do', the abliity to engage in conversation has changed peoples' expectations. While bloggers crave comments, people expect to be able to add their input, instantly. They also expect almost instantaneous response. Comments have become a substitute for screaming at the TV'. Though usually, the exchange is more polite. Why bother screaming at some news anchor when you can invest some time in dialog with a blogger that has a viewpoint counter to your own? I always check the sites of those people that leave comments, and I try to comment on their blog as well. What I've noticed is that the more I comment, the more comments I receive. >>I continue to post to my blog without expecting anything in returnThat's an important point. It's easy to get discouraged when you write a post or three every day, and receive no comments. Don't let it get to you. I wrote for 8 months on a certain blog before I received the first comment, then it was like a floodgate had been opened.


It is amazing to decrsibe a movement as democratic who do not recognize the vote of the majority. Moreover Mrs Slavin did never reason on basis of facts, whereas Mr Leverett quoted facts and number which she just refused without any argument.She just focused her saying on the events of Ashura, but did she miss that even Mr Mousavi and the reformists refuse the events on Ashura which majority took place by the opposition outside the Islamic Republic? The people in Iran want peace and economical prosperity, so many voters saw these in Mr Mousavi, but he brought the nation sanctions, pressures, terror (caused through his movement and the reaction of the state) and lack of credibility for investors in the world, and people know it well.The problem in the West is that they do not define the green movement, who is the green movement? Does they really think the green movement in Iran accept the MKO and monarchists groups as their comrade? How can a policy based on a movement who is not unite and its strong part reject any US interfere and criticize Ahmadjinejad's swap deal and proclaim never to give up uranium enrichment?

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