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MaryEllen Duke

I would say, the cheapest deals are the most expensive. They lure you with saving money but at the end you pay more money trying to repair what went wrong.
Best thing to do is check the American Board of Dentists, The American board of Physicians and also read Consumer reports to find out the best products before buying anything major. Also you can check the office of the General Attorney in your area to check for complaints of companies.


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Many people are going aboard for extensive dental work. I've heard of Mexico, India and Eastern Europe. For $ 47,000 you could have a nice vacation, take care of your teeth, AND put money in the bank.


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Thanks ladies! If it's just to acaiuqnt her with the dentist, I think we'll wait til she's 3. We've been brushing her teeth (when she lets us) so unless something looks suspicious, I think 3 is cool.

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The best homemade rmeedy would be to mix a bit of peroxide with baking soda. use more baking soda than peroxide to get it to a paste consistency. (like toothpaste) keep it in a closed container and use it before you use your regular toothpaste (preferably a whitening one for faster results) the baking soda already scrubs teeth so don't brush too hard because you can hurt your gums. and don't forget to floss regularly!!! (no sense in having healthy white teeth n nasty gums. lol)


If you carry EPIC Dental & Excess Medical now and do nothing, your cgvareoe will automatically continue it will just be called EPIC Benefits+. All HMOs, including Physicians Plus, include basic dental cgvareoe (cleanings, x-rays, preventative services .). The EPIC Benefits+ plan and the Dental Wisconsin Select Plan do not provide cgvareoe for these services because the plans are intended to wrap-around the dental benefits provided by your health insurance. The Dental Wisconsin PPO Plan does provide cgvareoe for these services and is designed for people who carry the Standard Plan (there are no dental benefits under the Standard Plan) or who do not like the dental benefits or providers offered by their health plan.


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I was introduced to Newman Family Dental over a year ago and can't imainge going any where else. The dentists and staff make you feel comfortable as a patient, and go out of there way to make sure your concerns are addressed. Their high tech equipment allows them to work more efficiently and ultimately saves me time in the chair! The Green Mountain Coffee in the lobby exudes their warm hospitality. I would highly recommend them to my family and friends.


I came across Newman Family Dental's wstbiee while searching for gentle dentist in my area. I immediately logged onto their site and was so impressed, that I made an appointment for Wednesday. Upon arriving I was treated with the greatest respect. I was seen right after I finished my paperwork and didn't have to sit around in the waiting area. They also answered all of my questions during and after my procedure. I've told many people I know about them and my great experience. Thank you Newman Family Dental for being there when I needed you.


My teenage son wnated Invisalign for his birthday and I was looking for a dentist in Dearborn that offered it and I found Newman Family Dental. We were introduced to Dr. Melissa and really liked her from the start. My son was so pleased with his experience in the office that I decided to bring our whole family there for dental care. We did not regret it! Newman Dental has even specialists right in the office for extractions and implants. Thank you Dr. Melissa for taking good care of my family's teeth!


I recently lost my inrcsanue and didn't know how I would be able to afford the root canal that I needed. Between the utility bills, mortgage and my children practically all of my money gets spent. I called Newman Family Dental and to my surprise, they offer very low cost payment plans. I just got back from getting my tooth fixed and I feel great. Thanks to Dr. Newman for his care and thanks to the entire staff.


I've been to many dentists over the years, but I am happy to say that I have been a petaint at Newman Family Dental for ten years and I love seeing Dr. Adler! He makes me feel so comfortable in the chair, even through more difficult procedures such as root canals and extractions. The staff is so welcoming and my hygienist Jennifer is so sweet! I would never go anywhere else for my dental care!

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