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What a human turd.


wow thanks for bringing this to our attention.. It's terrible... !!


"...it gives us an inside look at the world of graffiti and street art, and the people behind it." What does this sentence mean? One disturbed girl writing racist crap in a city isn't really an insight into anyone beyond HER...

uninformed Journo

Agree with this person ^^^

Steve White

She should get a big fine and do a hell of a lot of graffiti removal, but let's get a grip people, this is not, or should not, be any worse a crime than other graffiti. There is no violence or anything even close to it.


human garbage!


Execute her.

David Elliott Lewis

An interesting news story, a very difficult case and one emotionally disturbed tagger. This girl is suffering from some major mental health issues. I don't approve of her hate speech nor do I believe she has the right to write racist or hateful messages on public property. I think she needs a lot of psychological help and should be sentenced to graffiti clean up. I don't think prison will help her, however.


Graffiti is NOT street "art" - it's vandalism, pure and simple.

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Rob Anderson

This young woman is just putting into practice the official "progressive" ideology of San Francisco:

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Rob Anderson

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All By Myself

It is art. Just like modernism, post modernism, impressionism, or any number of art forms it has evolved and will forever have its place in art history. Gangs may co-opt it for there own purposes, and some people may do ugly racist destructive graffiti but this is not what graffiti is. What about the hundreds maybe thousands of legal beautiful murals created as pieces of graffiti art that are spread throughout the whole city of San Francisco. Artists like Dan Plasma, Giant, Twick, Reyes and Banksy. I guarantee everyone who is reading this and lives in SF has had there life beautified by one of these artists, even if you choose not to know there name. There art ranges from beautiful tigers and designs in the mission, to murals with Mexican pride influence in the haight, and Tattoo style characters from legends of old. Every time a young child sees one of these talented artists at work and grabs a spraycan and a black book thats one less kid carrying a gun or a crack pipe. To create beautiful, positive and powerful art to promote thought is what most graffiti is about, so you should differentiate in your mind between racist, hate provoking vandalism and graffiti art. If you say Graffiti is not art, you might as well say nothing is art, because how is art defined but as something people create that others believe to be beautiful.

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