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hahaha that was hilarious! more harm than good came of making such a big deal about this... kinda sad actually. I feel sorry for the officers who got in trouble for this. they certainly didn't deserve it

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Wow! I love this!*

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It was a hidden file on the "Cops Gone Wild" dvd, meant only for the two officers in the clip. Officer Hurley explains she often cooked for the Bayview Station, and that Officer Jimmy Lewis would jokingly complain about the absence of watermelon on the menu.

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There is a thin line between humor and humiliation I guess. It may be that the officers involved in this video were just making fun of themselves but when the video was spread, various reactions were brought up. With the help of cameras and other surveillance gadgets, we can now see what is going on and this give us an idea on how others behave when they think that no one will ever know of their actions.

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I feel sorry for the officers who got in trouble for this.


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This documentary was approved by the chief at the time, Heather Fong

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Good stuff as per usual, thanks. I do hope this kind of thing gets more exposure.

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Very informative. Excellent read as always! Just like your other posts lol!

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