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Keith Kemp

This is why the city and County of San Francisco California is going broke.

I wonder why Gavin never attended any SFMTA Board Meetings ??

Q: Why does a city employee still get to keep their job when they have done bad things that deserve termination ??

A: ??


As a city employee, many of us agree there are those who need to go. We see it all day long. The reason you often don't see terminations as you would think is because often, the departments & city fail to document properly performance issues. There is a lack of documented oral & written warnings, etc. I use to work in law forms and conducted seminars in risk management & performance issues. There are legal requirements to be met in order to win a termination cause of an employee. In SF, many depts fail to even do the required evaluations for years.


Here's a crazy, many employees got 2 payroll direct deposits this week, same check, deposited twice. We tried to notify our dept. Payroll & got total lack of interest to rectify the problem.


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Lawsuits are filed every day but there are inexpensive ways on how to avoid these. First, try not to do anything that may result to a case filed against you. Second, if you know that you have done harm to others (verbally or physically) try to settle it out of court and do not be ashamed to apologize. In this case, they are are lawsuits against the city government. If only those in charge of the transit railways were responsible enough, this would not have happened but then again justice has to be served for us to continue having a safe city.

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There is a lack of documented oral & written warnings, etc.

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d Mathews

I was injured on airbart a week ago. I made my 4th phone call today. They are terrible drivers. I ride it to work everyday. I was meaning to complian a month ago and never did! Now im hurt.
I noticed after my message to supervisor, they have been driving better and even had someone watching them drive.
I will be video taping the driver next time!

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One of the settlements that caught my eye involved a parking control officer accused of stalking a woman.

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