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Keith Kemp

They are afraid of the power (7) has because (7) ask good and insightful questions

Aram James

Hi Dan,
Excellent investigative piece of work, re the ongoing problems at the SF crime lab. Here is a short piece I wrote recently on a related topic ( see link below). Oh, by the way--keep working on -- "that reputation." Don't back off!!


Maria O'Connor

yep gascon and godown a couple of real winners more like BS artist

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Allegations still cannot hinder someone from doing his/her duty, especially when it concerns solving a drug case. Drugs make our communities unsafe and these drive people to do destructive things such as burglary and murder. If it is proven that Madden tampered with the evidence or that her finding are not reliable, then it would be best to remove her from the case or have another expert look into it to remove biases.

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it could severely limit the line of questioning during the interview.

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