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Daniel Leal

Personally some one needs to put this woman's mind in its place... how would she like it if her daughter went to her boyfriends home and her boyfriends dad slept with her daughter....then how would hummer mom feel then...


If you know Christine as I do, you have seen her in action. She has a thirst for attention and the need to be apart of the 12-14yr old crowd. Her interview is a sign to us all that she is a danger to society. I feel we all know this from her and her husband's interview. We need to respect our instinct and keep her away from children.


This woman was most likely a victim of incest as a child. She was abused and now she has no idea of proper boundaries because her own boundaries were so violated as a kid. Her adult mentality is stuck in her teenage years. When someone acts this juvenile, they are in a state of arrested development. She's causing harm to teens, yes. But it's pretty obvious she herself was a victim of sexual abuse.


Victim of sexual abuse or not..She is a very sick woman and needs to stay in prison for a very long time.SHE IS A PEDOPHILE. SHE IS SICK...she should never be around her kids or anyones kids for that matter.I do not buy her tears and her husband is as sick as she is.This is America..What is wrong with people?Our kids aren't even safe.KEEP HER IN PRISON..FOREVER!


I am 43 years old, when I was 10 I was a victim of somthing like what the 14 year old boys went through. A neighbor, wife of a millitary man had me at her house because she was lonly. she had an excuse for what she did to me. It has turned my life upside down. This woman will not know what she has done to these boys. Boys, not men. she is a animal and she needs to be treated like one. lock her up like they would a man that did the same thing.


wow what a sick world we live in... so sad. wouldn't be suprised if God wanted break his promise and flood the world again.


I don't feel that she truly accepted responsibility for her actions. She has decided in her own mind that what happened was ok and the boys are just as much at fault as she is but nothing could be further from the truth! I was happy to hear that her husband did the right thing by telling the mother of boy #1 to go to the police when he saw the picture of his wife's breasts. I am struggling with the fact that he is my dentist (and my 4 kids and husband)I don't know if I should continue on as his patient or not? Any thoughts?

A mom

How sad that few understand how small a part the sex plays. This is about manipulation, control, mind games, and it twists the minds of young people. We cannot continue to excuse behavior because someone was victimized and then victimizes others.

Ruth Beauchan

I'm sorry this is ridiculous - money talks and she walks. You do not even want me to mention the leniency on the sentence. I can't believe she said "I didn't think I'd be in jail this long". She is in a state prison so she can have visits with her children. Hello what planet are we on. Do other sex offenders with children have a choice? I really don't think so. I believe the $$$ is what this is about. She is not a pedophile. Does that change the picture any? She is a sex offender and needs to be treated and regarded just like all the rest. "It's not like I forced them". They are minors - unable to consent to anything by law. She should know better. In watching these interviews she accepts NO responsibility and tosses it off like she had an extra marital affair. She needs some serious Psychotherapy because with this mild slap on the wrist - once she gets out everyone who has teens will need to lock their doors and put monitors on their kids.


How can she claims no responsibility for instigating sexual lust towards a minor. A 14 yr. old doesn’t know how to seduce a 40+ yr. unless the 40 yr. old lures, seduces, provokes sexual desire, etc. Instead a HUMDNGA mom, it should read HUMPIMP MOM, furnishing gifts and money for a covering up 67 counts from her religious husband. How about HUMSLUT MOM? He should be divorcing her ass, and keeping his kids away from that mental case. Stealing from their business profit/money to seduce two 14 yr. olds, I’m sure she misses cooking for her kids while she’s is locked up. When I know she purchases fast food for lunch and dinner and couldn’t care less about her family’s nutrition, why is she caring about it on national TV? Why don’t we ask her what she would do if her husband would be F_ _ _ing her fourteen yr. old son’s girlfriend, when her little boy grows up? And then what should our court system give Tim Hubbs? Five years? Yeah right, maybe she can’t handle the truth about her being a sick ass mom (predator/pedophile).


" I am struggling with the fact that he is my dentist (and my 4 kids and husband)I don't know if I should continue on as his patient or not? Any thoughts?
Signed, Concerned"
Yes, I have some thoughts. Dentists are a dime a dozen. For you to continue as his patient, exactly what kind of message do you think you are sending your children? You are saying that you are supporting him and his whacked out lack of morals and values. How old are your children? If they are too young for her liking now then they should be about the right age for her when she returns home. I don't mean to sound sarcastic, but let's keep it real here. This is no joke and should not be taken lightly. Personally if I were to open my mouth to Dr. Hubbs it would be to voice my opinion as to what a spineless, enabling, co-conspirator he realy is. To even question whether or not to continue bringing your family to his practice concerns me.


Just because she cannot be labeled a pedophile due to definition, a term most people recognize and find disgusting, and is instead labeled a ephebophile, doesn't change the fact that she is a sex offender of children and needs to be treated as such. I was horribly abused sexually as a child and did not go on to abuse as an adult and I get really frustrated when someone throws that in as an explanation for this kind of behavior. I am VERY disappointed that ABC7News gave this woman exactly what she wanted, attention. She deserves to be locked up and forgotten, not interviewed and featured on top-rated news channels blogs.


Am I the only one who saw the huge amount of eye makeup she had on? Just like a teenager! Also do you realize her daughters are still attending the same school as one of the boys? They are also victims.If he truly cares about his family he should move so those poor girls could get a fresh start with a new life!
One more thing, back in 08 when we were at a rally for no on 8 (my daughter is gay) she has the nerve to call her a pervert! Oh may is she distorted!


Dear Flabergasted, You are right. I shouldn't be struggling with the idea of what to do as far as keeping Hubbs as my dentist....I have already made an appointment with an upstanding member of the dental community. Thanks for setting me straight!


I feel sorry for her teenaged daughter. She will always have trust issues with relationships since her mother did this to her. Having sexual relations with her daughter's first boyfriend is deplorable and cruel. The psychological implications for this girl are going to haunt her for her entire life. Dr. Hubbs must be insecure and delusional to say he loves his wife. Be a real parent to your kids - spend your $ on counseling, leave Livermore and try to give these kids some normalcy. Nice to know your patient's money went to help support your wife's crime.

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Truly feel bad for her children--as another poster stated, there was a fundamental breach of trust that can't be repaired. They're left to deal with all the gossip and fall out that their mother's actions have caused. I have no idea if the husband is that snowballed by his wife's manipulations, or he feels he played some role in contributing to her actions -- but his greater responsibility is for the emotional welfare of his kids.

Technically she is not a pedophile, but she does have a strong fetish for young adolescents, as well as probably having a need to 'relive' that part of her life. The texts make it clear that she was re-living the role of a giddy teenager.


This woman to repeat deserves = time as a man would get if he committed statutory rape on a teen girl. Since this case was pleabargained & my guess is that the boys parents were advised by the prosecutor on this & hopefully agreed with the prosecutor's decision to pleabargain, then 5 years it is, though she deserved more jail time.

Let's hope that the 2 boys don't turn out gay because of sex abuse. Though this was a straight sex abuse case, it must be said that boys who are sex abuse victims are more likely in their adulthood to engage in homosexual activities vs. those who weren't. No, not every1 who turns out gay & lesbian were victims of childhood or this case teen sex abuse & maybe there are biological reasons for homosexuality & lesbianism, but it's a fact that some people believe that childhood sex abuse damaged their sexuality & caused them to turn out homosexual & lesbian in adulthood. I've never heard straights blame sex abuse for turning out straight, yet some homosexuals & lesbians believe childhood sex abuse caused their adult homosexuality.


....I have already made an appointment with an upstanding member of the dental community. Thanks for setting me straight!

Posted by: Concerned | May 04, 2011 at 10:05 AM

Dear Concerned,
Good job! Way to go girl! Now you can smile big! I think you have made the right decision. I would explain to my family why we were no longer choosing to use Dr. Hubbs as your dentist. With every action there is a reaction. I have yet to talk to one person that is reacting well to The Hubbs interviews! Unbelievable!
Continue to make wise choices and congratulations on your new dentist!


Dear Flabergasted and Concerned: Just because Dr. Hubbs is chosing to stay with his mentally ill wife doesn't mean he is a morally unfit or a bad dentist. Do you know anything about mental illness? Do you turn your back on a family member who is mentally ill...? He is doing the best he can considering the horrible situation. He had nothing to do with his wife's behavior nor did he know what she was doing....shame on you for reacting to this Man's family this way. I do agree that the Woman should stay in prision and be under psychiatric care for a very long time

Sickened by the Hubbs

Why is Hubbs supporting his wife? I think there is more to this story then we know. She admitted to fooling around with her daughter's bf while in bed with her 2 daughters. How gross is that? I doubt he is as innocent as you think and he is trying to make it seem. I wouldn't want him sticking his fingers in my mouth. I'm surprised he's even still in practice here.

Sickened by the Hubbs

Also didn't Dr. Hubbs have an obligation as a mandated reporter of child abuse? Noyes has texts proving Hubbs was aware of his wifes affair with the underage boy well before the boys mom went to the police. Shouldn't he lose his license to practice because of that? If child care providers, nurses, teachers etc. are mandated reporters of abuse why is he not one also?


Dr. Hubbs was the one to report his wifes behavior to police...didn't you watch the video? Watch it again.

Sickened by the Hubbs

Upset: Maybe you should watch it again. Dan shows Hubbs is lying, his text shows he knew much earlier than he admits that his wife had a teen boy toy. He went to the boys mom and she reported it not your friend Tim. Be upset all you want. It's not going to change the fact that there is something seriously disturbing going on @ the house of Hubbs even now that Chrissy has been busted.

Sick of the Huubs

Dr Hubbs did not report this crime. The boys mom went to LPD after finding the picture. She found the pic because Dr Hubbs let her know he was suspicious that he couldn't find his wife so she looked at the boys email. Christine "the convicted sex offender" was disappearing for hours all the time and even her kids couldn't get in contact with her. Yes she is a predator. I wish all the other boys would have the guts to come forward then maybe you "defenders of the Hubbs" would open your eyes.

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