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What a PUKE. I Hope he's getting his in prison.


What a dirtbag. I feel so sorry for his wife and kids. That's just tragic


Typical liberal. Crying for utopia while fuc*ing children.

mickel mouse

Let this be a lesson to you all...those who preach about god and religious faith are the ones you will find doing nasty shit to little kids and all while prasing the lord...its all horse shit.


No, the real "PUKES" and "dirtbags" are those who accuse Bernie of having done things he didn't do and who say they hope he's be tortured or worse in prison for things he didn't do.

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Four short words sum up what has lifted most successful individuals above the crowd: a little bit more.

Tony gomzales

To mickel mouse: this is what happens when those who declare themselves ministers violate that trust. Fools
like you use it as an excuse to insult good Godly people. Bernie was worse than the average pervert.

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The home was up for auction on the courthouse steps Friday


excuse me..despite the earnest reporting of the I team..Bernie Ward never touched any children..his..is a thought crime..And for those of you who hate him so much..ask yourself this: If your lender GMAC told you that your efforts at loan mod were successful..just sent the check..and you did..and they foeclosed anyway...Would you praise GMAC? for doing the right thing? In this instance, Bernie's wife an extremely well-regarded physician ..putting her kids through college and law school..made such a deal with GMAC...The harder story for the ITEAM..and one infinitely moe important is why the public is not demonstrating en masse at the corporate headquarters of all these lenders. The middle class has been turned against itself..and have become, as Mike Malloy says, SHEEPLE. aS FOR THE huge scoop that the Iteam endlessly praises itself for....a rebuffed smooch to a 16 year old who had no problems slugging that booze....shame on you.


hey Iteam..gonna do a little follow up story on the GMAC fraud in the BErnie house matter? too much trouble for you?

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Dan, your coverage of the ugly side of this businesss is excellent. The animal rights activist from Mercy for Animals who made the video is a hero in my book.

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