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To get perspective, the police in oakland are completely emasculated when dealing with thugs, punks, and excons. If you watch the police, they are AFRAID of doing anything to the excons. But get a group of white intellectuals on streets, and the cops start breaking heads.


All I know is the sherrif's deputies story doesn't make any sense. What exactly did they order Dan to do that he supposedly didn't comply with warranted him getting beaten, which they did not deny. It seems that the sherriff response is that he deserved it rather than saying that their actions were warranted for the situation. Dan has been a good contributing member of the San Leandro community. I was really happy to see that he wants to revive the Bal Theatre and the surrounding area. He's also a good and honest computer repairman whose done nice work for mine and my family's computers. This looks very bad on the Sherrif's office.

In the know

THe average person, having no contact with the criminal justice system, has no idea that DAs often support the police, even when the police are in the wrong. In many cases, the DA only files or continues charges because it's a way to extort the abused citizen from not filing or dropping a lawsuit. Sad but true.


HAHAHA! I, unlike most of the people who watched this proposterous segment took time to obtain a copy of the Sheriff's report and READ it. I would like to point out some simple things that DAN NOYES (propbably a racist like the accuser) failed to report!
1) Why is it that Dan Noyes failed to provide the public with the informantion that DAN DILLMAN called the black officers "Niggers"?
2) Why is it that the police report has a statement from a witness stating the officers DID identify themselves to multiple people including Dan Dillman?
3) Why is it that the officer's tried to de-escalate the situation by leaving and Dan Dillman followed them outside? Now who is harassing who?
4) Why is it that (if they really never identified themselves) did nobody call 911 until the beating occurred? interesting observation
5) Why is it that according to the police report, there is a video interview conducted afterwards with Dan Dillman and in that interview Dan Dillman says at least one of the officers did identify themselves? Again racist Dan Noyes failed to report that?
6) Why was it that the first part of the segment seemed to be an advertisement for Dan Dillmans business? Is channel 7 promoting racist businesses run by racist people?
7) Why is it that Dan Noyes chose to obtain Dan Dillmans medical info regarding his injuries, but failed to contact the medical staff which could have brought light to Dan Dillmans racial remarks made in the hospital?

Funny how channel 7 FAILED to report all these things? I encourage all of you who believed this story to actually purchase a copy of this police report so that you realize (like me) Dan Dillman is a racist, and Dan Noyes chose to hide that fact when supposedly "investigating" this incident!

DAN NOYES should be FIRED for his blatent act of hiding DAN DILLMAN's racist remarks! And Channel 7 should air an apology for slander against the officers!


The sheriff appears less than credible by adjudicating his deputies as truthful before the conclusion of the IA investigation. That the deputies insisted Khan sign a the statement of the deputies' version of events was perhaps later to be used as a witness statement since they knew their actions were improper, excessive and illegal.

The comment posted by 'Ryan' alleging that Dillman used a racist term is extremely suspect. Specifically, if someone was as liberal with the use of such a word, then it doesn't seem logical how in a stressful moment Dillman's young daughter refers to the two black deputies as "African-American" in her call to 911. It seems reasonable that most people under stress - and, yes, seeing one's father being brutally attacked qualifies as a stressful moment- would say "two black men". Rather her use of "African-American" reflects an environment that stresses respect and tolerance, completely opposing the cop-deifying statement by 'Ryan'.

Good luck to Mr. Dillman in having the charges dismissed. Shame on the deputies for bringing dishonor to the community and to fellow officers.


In regards to Ryan's comment, did you even read the two letters in this post? Sadly, police officers are also capable of filing false reports. If the officers were lying, what makes you think that they're going to have a change of heart and decide to come clean? It takes a lot for one to admit their mistakes, especially when their job (not to mention the whole department's reputation) is on the line. Also, while it is easy to assume that other people are racist, it only makes you look like a judgmental fool.

In the know

The guy who is alleging racism misrepresents the facts. There was a 911 call made, in which the caller, Wife or daughter I am not sure, was quoted as saying she was not sure these men were really deputies. It looks like a hell of a lot of misconduct really. The DA, who always jumps whenever there is an angry black person, (her budget depends on Ketih Carson, County Supervisor, who inserted himself in the Oscar Grant case and demanded an unfounded prosecution, and O'Malley obeyed her marching orders) has done what both law enforcement and reactionary blacks want.
It's important for people to also understand, the DA can not get in ANY legal trouble for a false prosecution. They have absolute immunity. It's a bum case, O'Malley knows it, just does not care. The cops really ought to be fired, bottom line it, but the Sheriff is going to defend them instead. What a hypocrite.

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If the officers were lying, what makes you think that they're going to have a change of heart and decide to come clean?

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At this time it is most disgusting to have my tv programs interrupted by the news broadcasters to bring me news regarding the republican party and what their primaries are doing. this kind of information can be reported on the regular news times, where it belongs.

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I think the cops sheriffs were lying.


Hm. It was strange to know.

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Hello! In this situation I want to take Dilman's side. The detectives behaved strange, and it is also suspicious that they tried to make the victim sign the report he did nit write. I hope that this case will be properly investigated in the court and innocent people will not be convicted.

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