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The detectives behaved strange, and it is also suspicious that they tried to make the victim sign the report he did nit write. I hope that this case will be properly investigated in the court and innocent people will not be convicted.

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Awesome! I love it all! It's so fun to see people I know pelosnarly in your images what beautiful work. I love the one of Amber jamming the ring on his finger and of Abby shouting about something haha! And I'm so glad the dance party was the best yet I knew they'd live up to it. :) This was soo well documented, Anda.

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He was even confronted by the President of Diablo Rugby and a Coach about the rumors he was spreading about their club. That's the Truth!

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In many cases, the DA only files or continues charges because it's a way to extort the abused citizen from not filing or dropping a lawsuit.

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I got my digital gellay of this collection yesterday. The story by Simon is definately worth reading as it appears to take place very early in his career, possibly before he left the Nightside for London Proper, and has a very nasty twist at the end. A must read I'd say.


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Concerning funding, all law encforement, media support and all Southern Ohio Crime Stopper board members are not compensated for their efforts. Currently, we are all volunteers. With the cuts in local law encforement, the community's response with tips is more important than ever. We are looking for ways to ensure that the tips will be seen and available to Law Enforcement to respond.


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I'm a little surrpised that you folks like the cactus shot so much - I'm tempted now to post another photo or two from that location. Duane, I've taken lots and lots of pictures of different parts of the Boneyard over the years, but I've never taken the tour, which I think is only offered twice a day, Mon-Fri. One of these days I'll get there. Perhaps I'll do it sooner than later. It's definitely not something you want to do once the temperature gets above 90!


Unique, as always! I found a cool firtuxe for the hallway that is right up your taste alley. It's rather 50's space-saucery looking with moons and stars on it. Found it at Lowes. And where those pumpkin pancakes I saw a couple entries back?? LOL!


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