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Sellers or owners who rent homes are supposed to disclose it, but sometimes don't, and county officials who are supposed to ensure a proper cleanup are often dropping the ball.


Tomorrow on the news at 6, we explore why California has one of the loosest regulations on the amount of meth allowed to remain in a home after a meth lab cleanup.

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Currently, crystal methamphetamine use and distribution in New Jersey appears to be closely associated with members of the Filipino community. Filipino traffickers are importing large amounts of methamphetamine from Mexico and the Philippines. The methamphetamine is converted to “ice” in the Los Angeles area and then transported to the New York/New Jersey area via motor vehicle. The ice is also shipped through various mail and parcel services. Due to successful enforcement actions, the ice is now sent to states off the usual trafficking routes and then transported by car to the New Jersey area.

For help recovering from meth use in New Jersey, visit www.treatmentnj.net

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I'm a great lover of art but galleries and museums are most certainly not the new churches. Can you imagine the Tate Modern setting up soup kitchens for the homeless?

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