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Thank you for posting your exapmle. a0 a0 a0 a0fyiYour link was my entry to the engine as I could not get in through Champ's.The even more difficult task was getting out of the engine.You can get lost in the facts, details, exapmles, history, calories, statistics


You're nothing if not aimbtious Mr K. A man with a plan. And why not? I aim to finish my WiP by the end of September so that I can query like a maniac in October and write like a maniac for NANO whilst collecting rejection emails (possibly like a maniac, we'll see how it goes)


How maniacal! There is a drfeeifnce between planning and doing though. Planning is easy; doing, not so much. That's why being a dreamer has such negative connotations. Since this post, how many words have I written? Maybe 2500


After 12 hours of Trivia, Yaargh! is in 36th place with 1,085 points. Out of 400 teams, that's not bad and it's still early in the 54 hours, so we're doing just fine. For comrspiaon's sake, the top team, Festivus for the Rest of Us, which got off to an early lead, has 2,540 points. The perennial winner, Network, this year known as The Anti-Social Network, is in 6th with 1,620 points.

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