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I have seen an improvement in speed but, only smtemioes. I have noticed that when I have a lot of tabs open(say 10 or so) then, my computer slows down dramatically. Not sure why. Wouldn't mind some insight.


Hey Steve,Just found your blog. I was an old Cap fan from back in the day, and have just started genittg back into comics lately. I've been thinking of reacquaiting myself with the Cap title, especially after seeing some of your great work (I think the cover of #4 is outstanding).I'm also in the Toronto area, so perhaps I'll try and slide by to my very first Con.


Hello Mr. Epting,A spanish fan that it s eager to his first coetonvinn in the USA and would be a pleasure to meet you in NY and try to obtain a sketch or buy an original art page (by the way, will you sell art in the con?)


Gottsiehtes on April 16, 2011 Since 1945 it is established that nucelar energie – whether bombs, depleted uranium munitions or nucelar power plants – caused and causes global climate change to the point of collaps, ozone holes, drought, water shortage, desertification, snowballing and worsening nature catastrophes. People get cancer and all humanity mutates into monsters and dies.All the responsibles KNOW that but continue to destroy us all by nucelar technology! They CAN change to harmless energy but they don’t WANT!


MegansucksPhelan on May 2, 2011 There's evidence that sugsegt Osama's been dead for years, all you have to do is see his latest videos that were obviously CGI. This is definitely a ploy to keep Obama's ass in the White-House. Looks like we can forget Ron Paul being elected. Please don't fall for this people, trust your hearts.Obama 2012: Mission Accomplished.THUMBS UP! Copy and paste this, over and over, and over.


@daniel such a plugin etsixs, it is called . It removes no-follow of commenters after a certain number of comments, default is 10.As I often say, I like to see the blogosphere as a huge conversation among many people. I truly admire the way Seth Godin has set his blog so feedback comes only by trackback. I interpret this like: do you want to follow the discussion? Don't spend a minute on a comment, spend twenty on a post.That is worthy feedback, and is a very horizontal way of talking, blogger to blogger instead of blogger to visitor, but certainly doesn't work form most blogs (it won't work to mine, for sure).I like the naive view that what counts on comments, like in any conversation, is good impression you make, human to human, and I would like to believe that google should follow and not the other way around.I think every commenter deserves a link and I would like to open do-follow comments on my blog soon.Enough of philosophy! Some practical stuff.I am using Akismet, but it hasn't been necessary since . Not a single spam comment appeared since then, I am very happy with it.The linklove plugin I commented above seems also nice.I heard about some blogs that do-follow the commenter web site, but no-follow any link within the comment. Seems practical. Nevertheless, I think that a good commenter should be awarded a link and not a recurrent one.A last thing that I haven't tested, but seems a good path to go:Spam is always automatic, because man-hour to handcrafted spam would be too expensive and is shortsightened, so What about changing the name o the file that handles comments (comments.php in wordpress) to some customized name.All the full-of-links spam I got, never even reached my tracking systems and I assume this is because the page was never loaded, a bot probably just connected direclty to comments.php.I want to concept-proof this idea, but I really didn't had the time yet And for the last, I won't stop commenting if you turn to no-follow, because I comment for humans (even though I dream of the day search bots will be able to follow us on this)[OMG, another huge comment, I hope anyone will read it ]


Thanks for bringing this to my attinteon, Claire. It's unbelievable who would ever have thought living in this country would come to feel like living in a police state. This type of rules making punishes the innocent and allows the guilty to continue on their merry way through obfuscation and forgery. Thank heavens I just got a new passport and won't have to deal with this for awhile. I can only hope it goes away quickly


Thank you for this initiative i fully surpopt it. After spending 2 frustrating years trying to get my eldest daughter to understand basic math, she finally asked me for some outside help. After a mere 6 months at a learning centre, she is way ahead of her schoolmates in math skills, and went from hating math and having no self confidence, to excelling in math and is full of confidence again (she's in Grade 5). It was her lack of confidence in her math, which was causing all sorts of problems both at school, and here in the home. At the same time, my youngest daughter (Grade 4) is going backward in her math skills. After being taught simple math here in the home, she is now in a classroom where graphs, computer games and grids are taking the place of flash cards and multiplication tables. It looks as if we'll now have to try and budget to accommodate additional learning for her in the next school year.The article in Maclean's magazine last week was timely. I have always feared that the current math teaching methods in our public schools is creating a 2 tiered level of education for our kids. For those kids whose parents are able to tutor math themselves, or can send them to an outside learning centre, they will have a far greater advantage over the MAJORITY of kids whose families are unable to assist their kids in the same capacity. This is WRONG and simply UNFAIR as learning Math skills are a basic tenet of public education. How many more columns and articles need to be written before the Minister of Education starts LISTENING to the chorus of discontent with the current math curriculum being taught in our schools? The stats are in, and employers and educators alike are flabbergasted, dismayed and frustrated to find these future workers do NOT have the necessary skills required for the workforce. Bring back multiplication tables and long division. It's a basic skill required for our children's future.Tara HouleNorth Saanich, BC


Hi Dorothy,There's an interesting Social Security Death Index rorced for a James Bunch born in Kentucky 21 Oct 1920, died in Fallon, Nevada, Sep 1978. If you try to look him up in the Kentucky Birth Index, you'll find there are no James Bunches listed with that birthdate: The closest Bunch in the index is a Joseph H. Bunch born 23 Oct 1920 in Butler County, Kentucky; the closest JAMES Bunch is James F. Bunch born 21 Feb 1920 in Knox County, Kentucky to Laura Phipps (maiden name). From the locations you mentioned (Butte, Montana and Wallace, Idaho), I'm guessing your James must have been a miner, and if that's the case it wouldn't be at all unusual to find a miner in Nevada. If the James Bunch in Fallon is the James you're looking for, the revised birthdate may be an error, or a deliberate alteration. It might be worth your while to check him out. Good luck in your search!-Mark Bunch

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The first name James is on my possible frahets' (biological) side a lot. I saw a George Nelson in your post and as names get held on to a lot I was wondering if you know of a Nelson Bunch b. 1851, married to Rebecca Hembree 8/9/1894; father to James Bunch d. 10/4/1930 and married to Laura Phipps. JB was father to james finley bunch b.2/21/20 in evarts, ky. There's a James Bunch who was married to ellen stamper on 2 /8/1894.in the family somewhere I'm told. Do any of these names ring a bell.? James finley bunch was in butte, Mt. in 1950 and in wallace, idaho in 1951. I m really ruhing here, but hope I made some senser. Thanks


Well, when I taught caluulcs, I told my students to use Wolfram Alpha whenever they couldn't figure out how to do the problem by hand. I told them to try figuring out the steps on the website, then write the solution in their own words, then write with help from WA next to their answer. They seemed happy to do that, and they seemed to instinctively know that if WA did it for them, they weren't exactly on top of things.Homework was not a big part of the grade, though, and if it were I think there would have been more motivation to use WA as a way to fake-it. Not sure what I would have done in that case. I'm also not sure what to do in the cases where the students view the whole class as an obstacle (like remedial math classes), except to say that I can tell when you've done all your homework by computer (the steps are often overly detailed or technically awkward).


Not Sure Thanks for the insightful crtiqiue! Like many new tech tools, there's a novelty effect that needs to be followed-up with some good planning and pedagogy.The idea that this site could be used as an ultimate way to copy someone else's work (or something else's work) is very real. What Algebra I teacher wouldn't love to see the show steps results from ? On the other hand, could this kind of a search be used intentionally to help students understand the problems better? I'd love to hear what y'all think.


Dr. Championa0a0I see a huge problem with our colegle students using the solution manuals to copy their homework, but they are just copying the equations and steps down, not linking what they are seeing to the concepts of the topics covered in their classes. I haved tried to play devil's advocate with the students who are doing this, but to no avail. They don't want to hear comments from me, just finish their homework so they can leave and do things fun for the rest of the day!!

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Oh wow! I love the website!a0 It's the cosloet thing since Dt Dr Pepper Cherry!a0 I played around with it and lost track of time.a0 I got out some old text books and just started plugging in some equations.a0 Very cool site.a0 I can see all the good it could do in the classroom not only for the students but for us teachers too! (I keep looking for the Like it button on this thing ) =)


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