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Kathy Gleason

Thank you for covering this issue Dan. I think there is only one way to find out if force feeding of these ducks is cruel. Let's have all of the chef's who serve foie gras, and the foie gras producers, go on a foie gras diet! Let's not allow them to eat anything but 30 lbs. of pasta pumped down their throats 3 times per day for 3 -4 weeks. Let's find a huge sumo wrestler to grab them around the neck and hold them down to pump the food down. And let's keep them confined in a pen. Let's see how they feel at the end of the diet. Do you think we could find any volunteers :)?

Dave Bernazani

Excellent coverage, Dan, thanks for having the courage to write about the truth about how cruelly these animals are treated, unlike many other journalists. The farming lobby is powerful, and I'm sure it's not easy to stand up to them. You bring integrity to your profession. Thank you again.



There was a segment on This American Life on naturally raised foie gras. The geese want to over eat on their own. Why is it so hard to believe. I think your reports are extremely biased on this subject.

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Thank you for covering this issue Dan.


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I enjoy the fact that the website is caelld Professionals against Foie Gras but no where on their board of advisers is a professional chef. but sure they have a PGA Golf pro and an engineer at lockheed martin one of the worlds largest producers of missles and war planes. Its good to know that these are the people telling the city of Philly that Foie is so bad. thanks douch bags maybe take a look at yourself before you judge what someone else eats!


Luis, I've seen that video. It looks humane to you, but it looks inamnhue to me. Since neither of us is a duck, I guess each of us will just have to have differing opinions.Cameron, I agree that government intervention probably isn't the best solution for things like this.As for going after foie or factory beef or chicken, it's really just a matter of strategy. I think we can both agree that people trying to get factory farming of beef or chicken would have an extremely difficult time. As we've seen, they HAVE been successful in some places at getting foie gras banned.There's no question that a successful attempt to change factory beef would have a far bigger impact than changing cruel foie gras farming. But if a a successful attempt to change factory beef is practically impossible right now, I can't blame them for going after something where they have a chance at succeeding. Especially if doing it spurs public debate which can include factory farming.And it's not like these people are opposing foie INSTEAD of factory farming, many have opposed both they have just had more success with foie so far.Either way, it's really just a debate over strategy.And Cameron, I think you're not clear on the concept of a straw man argument.

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