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, But I've been listening in on your catrevsonion with interest. You see, I'm a grade 7 teacher and she had a very similar story to many others to whom we've talked, who have been teaching long enough to recognize the political forces that push true reform onto the back burner while excesses, pet pedagogical theories and fads swing the curriculum back and forth between extremes.I'm a bit shocked that everywhere I turn people are eager to discuss this subject with me. Who would have thought that Math Education would one day be the hot topic for casual catrevsonion in Winnipeg social circles!But I'm learning that this is everyone's issue; it does not belong behind closed doors among a small educational elite, where the WNCP catrevsonion has taken place until now. There is a remarkable amount of consensus about it, once the facts are known, across the post-secondary educational world, among parents and many (I won't say all) public school teachers. After all, the things we're saying are pretty straightforward. Common-sense things like Skills and understanding are not antithetical; they provide necessary scaffolding for each other ; Drilling doesn't kill' anything except weakness in the skill being drilled ; If a student moves on to tasks requiring high-level skills before having mastered prior skill levels, they will not succeed ; Standard algorithms are called that because they are standard', and leaving them out just impoverishes our students , and If teachers have a hard time teaching the basic procedures with understanding, the solution is not to remove that material from the curriculum it is to improve the way we train and equip teachers so that they are better prepared for this important task. In the end, the things we're asking are not rocket science; they're simple common sense, and the most important stakeholders appear to already understand them.


Robert Cahn, Victoria BCAs a retired crssaloom teacher (but still involved in math education as an author) I am totally aghast at the removal of basc math skills and drills from elementary (and secondary) education. I have seen firsthand the frustration of students who, for example, cannot do long division. In senior high school this is crucial for doing polynomial division. Students who do not understand the fraction algorithms will have trouble with algebra around Grade 9!The problem is partially caused by untrained teachers in both elementary and secondary schools struggling to teach mathematics, when they know little more than their students. Furthermore in other subjects teachers have moved away from traditional curricula, e.g. the teaching of English grammar and spelling, and spend endless time reviewing novels, as if this were the only form of English worth learning!Perhaps this group needs to connect with teachers of English, Science and Information Technology in order to ensure that future students are not TOTALLY de-skilled from the basics of each subject. Good luck! Reply from Alan Donald:Robert:You bring up a point that has been bothering me: How can students handle high school algebra if they are not fluent in arithmetic? Answer they can't, While I appreciate the frustration of parents forced to fill in the gaps left by the schools, what annoys me most is the oblivion of the WNCP creators to the requirements of later grades. Never mind polynomial division, a student who cannot divide 3/5 by 6/5 is going to be completely floored by (x-1)/x divided by 1/x.Alan Donald, Vancouver, BCReply from Robert Cahn:Thanks for your reply sadly it seems that even algebra might be too difficult for high school students of the future. Another area that seems to have disappear is the technique of proof students are given formulas and algorithms without proving them.Sometimes this is necessary, but mostly we should be proving the mathematics that we teach, as this is the foundation of what mathematics is!


Hi Barb. OK. I admit that I have taken too long to get back to you on this but I confess that I was unurse what you meant by professional ethos when it came up during the workshops. I felt stupid admitting it. But I've done some Googling and wrapped my head around what you are getting at I think. If this is just too simplistic, bear with me and let me know where I'm off base. You want students to leave your course knowing how to:1. Establish credibility (ethos) both as an individual writer and as the representative of an organization.2. Evaluate their audiences to make the most effective rhetorical choices.3. Write in both traditional and emerging formats.You plan to design your course so that students will be grappling with questions of ethos and rhetorical choices in every format you assign.Something like that???


My draft take-aways or learning otomuces for EnvS 484 History of Energy are:At the end of this course, students will be able to:•Explore and discuss the history of humanity’s relationship to energy•Build a timeline showing transitions in energy sources•Describe and discuss the current U.S. and world energy situation•Create and describe their own energy plan for the future of the U.S.•Create and deliver presentations that teach course material to other students•Learn to use and develop mastery of online learning technologies and softwareWould love comments, thoughts and suggestions to help refine these.


Good luck with your interviews! Just came back from one myeslf, and I had much more fun than I thought I would. I still shudder at memories of being an ABD and on the job market for teaching positions those interviews were NOT fun. But this one was, and I think it's because I'm finally in my element, being a librarian and being around them.


Weber and AcademiaVia Amanda at Household Opera (congratulations on the fellowship, Amanda!) comes a link to the innrteseitg perspective on Academic Calvinism offered at Crooked Timber, discussing the same Chronicle story on the Invisible Adjunct that's been making th


They're not screening them at any of the movie trehteas in Center City, which is kind of annoying. Though there does seem to be one theater in South Philly that looks get-to-able.


The takeaways for our INTR stdneut skills course may need some work of wording to be useful in documented places but here they are:1. Use of new study habits (using a planner, checking a course syllabus)2. Renewed motivation for learning (goal setting, plans for use of degree after graduation)3. Ownership of education (active learning, taking responsibility for outcomes, being proactive, seeking educational opportunities outside the classroom)


Let's see:Come vergine (or: Comme une virege)Il serpente al cuore freddoMi accec colla scienzaLa gallina fa le uovaIn punta di piedi va il caneUomo e bambino sotto la luna intrecciano il tessutoLa femme l'orange s'evanouitFond la neige satur eL'accumulatrice di filoLes tag res s' croulaient pendant que le chat Gli uccelli ansiosi in altoLe cisaillement des arbres grotesquesSotto la mammella della vaccaTazze di carta e guanti di gommaI think my favorites so far are A dog walks on tiptoe and The pruning of the misshapen trees.

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