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BorrowedQ: How many states in the U.S is it still legal to be tworhn in jail for not paying your debts?A: *My best answer so enter at your own risk on this one Six (6) states (Arkansas, Arizona, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, and Washington) allow debt collectors to seek arrest warrants for debtors in default if all other collection methods have failed.


Does the forum feature on this site have the atiliby like Yahoo groups to subscribe and route the messages to email clients such as Windows Mail, Thunderbird, Mac Mail etc? .when individual messages load into the email app which I find preferable to a web only forum that requires visiting a web site to read posts.. thanks Stan Kurtis


First off, happy birthday! How gerunoes of you to offer this on your birthday! I would love a ticket to Haven! I have been tossing the idea around since first hearing about it but I wasn't sure if I wanted to make the trip alone. I am a stay at home DIY mama of three children. I think Haven would allow me the skills to take my little blog to a new level with all of the sessions available! Thank you for the chance to possibly go to Haven in June! Warmly, Michelle


Eeeeeeekkkk!!! I would LOVE to win this! Chris (Just a Girl) is my long lost BFF and I am dying to meet her face to face! It's a lot out of our budget to buy a tiekct, fly to Salt Lake AND pay for a hotel. If even 1 of those things were helped out with, I could make it. AND I would get to see my brother and his family while I was there in ATL, that only happens every other year so it would be an extra treat!!!


Guess what? Today is my birthday too! Therefore, since we are floelw 11-11ers we should meet in person at Haven and determine who is younger! (Not who is older ) Let's see why else should I win? I have a whopping 4 followers and my blog and I could really benefit from a conference.Still not convinced? I'm married to a farmer. Everybody loves a farmer. Ok. The defense rests. Hope you have a great birthday!!


Oh, wow, a ticket to Haven? Sign me up! There are so many rsonaes that I'd love to go, but the one that sticks out is I would get all that wisdom and usable information at one time & in one place. Genius! {And, if I can be completely honest, it would be fun to hang with other like-minded peeps}


Hi chris I agree with your post entirly. I mean if plpoee are putting up stuff for others to read they obviously would be happy with feedback.Now i would like to know why you sensor the comments written to you?I know you do this because you didnt post my previous comment which was no comment ,I thought it was an amusing comment to make.I also saw in one of your previous posts(Defeating Procrastination-your comment on feb13) you thanked plpoee for thier insightfull comments saying you wouln't believe some of the comments others have made If someone goes to the trouble of posting a comment, as you clearly state in this article thats what you hope they'll do. Wouldn't it be only fair for you to publish thier comment even if you disagree with it? You can always refute it with a reponse or just not respond to it and let others make thier own decision on it.Let alone degrading those who went to the trouble.

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I rather enjoy levinag comments, and yes, I frequently get ideas for posts after reading the insightful (or not) comments of others. As a matter of fact I am working on a review of Flagship content right now, and I'll use this Comment seeding in the review. So much inspiration, so little time.I have been an email subscriber for a short while now, and I have found your blog to be an invaluable resource. I would like to incorporate your feed into my lens at Squidoo. (don't want to be a link whore, you know)Send me an email if you would like to participate.Thanks,SPS: what do you use for Notify of follow-up comments ?


I think you are completely off base. The eitnre point of the do follow community is that nofollow does NOT WORK to stop spamming in the first placed. So long as anyone is providing good and relevant content on my blog they can have any reasonable links they want so long as they are with in my comments policy.Sure on a thread that goes nuts with comments it is more work to police it but if you can't tell if it is spam odd are it has value to your blog, if so does it really matter that the poster wants link juice? Not to me! You want good links, post to my blog, provide value to the discussion and your in, don't and your out.By the way all comments in my blog UNDER 10 words get deleted. As do any with more then three links. Those rules are automated.Just my opinion but I think rel= nofollow has always been and will always be totally useless in actually combating spam.Jack


hi, Chris, how are you today?I'd be surprised if Akismet doesn't have a way of dtitceeng hundreds/thousands of comments on multiple blogs within a short space of time surely that would mess up the service' Darren reported on.Aside from that (& perhaps more useful) here's a couple of plugin ideas that would sit in between no follow' & do follow':1. A plugin that changes the wordpress moderation options FROM: approve/spam/delete/defer TO: approve/no follow/spam/delete/defer2. A plugin that automatically switches someone from no follow' to do follow' after 3 (or 5, 10, n) previously approved commentsA great bit about the second one is you could tell people about it on the thanks' page after they submit their first comment. A spammer may think oh great, all i need to do is submit 9 more comments but, by submitting 9 more half-hearted comments, they automatically flag themselves as spammers.Speak to you soon,daniel

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