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The problem is that you codesnir yourself as a smoker not a non smoker . Don't know how long you've been addicted but it can be so hard to adjust to a non smoking attitude. I know so many people who have told me that its easy, just stop. Unfortunately some of us DON'T find it that easy. There is always an excuse to put off quitting. Try to look at your mental picture of yourself and see you without ciggies in different situations. Then think of ways you could cope/deal with things without the automatic reach for the packet.It may take a few weeks but give it a try. If you need support look at my profile and email me. I'm struggling too but finding i smoke less as i keep on with the above method. No longer terrified of being without and that is a good start.


###############################################When you realise how bad it relaly is for you inside and out My Father smoked every day, he was not a heavy' Smoker but because of this, i lost him to leukemia when i was only a 12 year old boy.His only symptoms where a stubborn cough for a little while and then out of nowhere ..Diagnosed with Cancer, year and a half later DEAD. WAKE UP! kill smoking before it kills you! and hurts those around you. Though your body has been trained to long for it and crave it, you must master your body with your will. And show it who's boss. And, if you ask him, may God help and Bless you, .(-:


I think whoever put these names into wtiring for us didn't want to make things easy. Best way I've seen it is 'cu hoo linn'.Part of the trouble too is local dialect. I was at Irish Festival in Dallas one year and showed someone a knife I copied from an old woodcut of Irish warriors. Somebody listening corrected my pronunciation of 'sgian'(skeen, basically), having spent several months recently in Ireland. Over the next two hours three other people corrected it too- all of them differently.


Think of your skin! Then your bad breath. Its ok going ousdite in summer, I know all the bars in Dublin got ousdite drinking areas when the ban came in here, but in the winter, in the cold!!, getting up putting a coat on to stand ousdite in the rain, while trying to cup your hands to stop the ciggie getting wet! Is it worth it?


Did you know there are over 60 cancer cause chacmiels in tobacco. Frightening. Each cig means another go at Russian roulette.Also as an asthma sufferer I look forward to enjoying a night out at last without worrying about having an attack.


Decide to really take a look into how it is afefcting your health. My mom died from it. I miss her every day. Her name was Trula. i would beg her to stop. Do u want someone you love to miss u like this?


I have to hurry and open Internet Explorer to see the awesome stuff(pix..etc..) that you post,because Foxfire seems to be shitoong me the dirty finger everytime I go to your site.No prob....Love the pics and quotes. It's so funny how I seem to be ALWAYS on your trail.Not intentionally of course....but I guess it's true.."Great minds think alike",because we both have the same favorite bloggers.I get so tickled sometimes,cuz I'm like"Ah-hA! I beat her here THIS time".lol I love your blog.Always something interesting to look at or read. I don't know if it just runs in MY family or is it a worldwide thing--->But I've always kept what we call "Hope Chests" where we keep our important/sentimental things. Have a great weekend! {{hugs}} T.

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