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Most hunters do it for fun. They are cowards who enjoy causing and watching suffering. With all the money they spend on fancy guns, trucks, clothes, cameras, etc. the excuse that they do it to feed their families is nothing but a joke. Thanks for spotlighting this issue, and for showing the video. The more that video gets out, the more people will want to stop this abomination.


To correct misinformation given during testimony yesterday.
--Hounding allows an individual hunter to be selective. Hunters as a group are not selective. In other words, the pecentage of females harvested is similar in states that allow hounding and states that do not allow hounding or baiting. Check the kill data--OR and Washington, before and after their ban---the percentage of females harvested is the same!!!! California harvested a higher number of females than Oregon without hounds from 2008-2010.


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These people are sick. The hunters were yelling with delight and excitement as the hunted suffered. No person with any moral ethic would "cheer" at such a site or condone this kind of "hunting".

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We Should'nt use our rights for wrong works. We have our own rights for our safety not to harm other peoples. Anyways i like your post.....


shut up you tree huggers im a houndsman and it is the funnest time of your life. so before you bag on us go for yourself!!!!!!!

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It really does feel like some kind of alternate universe where you get to play with the Beatles or whatever other band you have in mind. You can still hear the drums, vocals and bass pretty clearly and although I don't really show it in the video, it's a cool feeling.

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Give the bear a gun and some dogs, or else take away the dogs and the gun.

Then, you can call it a sport.


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