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Thank you Dan! I hope things go well tomorrow for the entire Mirkarim family.
I look forward to your updates. Mary


Thank you, you are one of the few reporters doing the job right: investigative, interviewing the witness in person all the way whatever they may be; and best of all your Journalism is not on sale for S. Fco's corrupted elite.

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Yes Dan, it is good to see good reporters fulfilling the principles of their honorable profession.

It may sound trite but, good job. Thank you.

Warm regards, my best wishes are with you, and that in your journeys, "May the wind be on your back"

Terrrie Frye

Dan, you are doing a superb job. I saw you last night and should have said this to you then, but everyone was trying to talk to you at that time.

What I want to know is, how come more time is not being given to the fact that Mayor Lee was the ONLY ONE evacuated from City Hall during the "bomb threat," even leaving the Day Care kids inside? This is a major story as far as I am concerned, and leans to calling Lee's credibility in question.

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